Sen. Graham To Appeal Judge's Ruling Ordering Him To Testify In Georgia Election Probe

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham plans to appeal an order to testify in the 2020 Georgia election probe. Graham’s office put out a statement that argued the Constitution speech and debate clause precludes him from providing testimony. 

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  1. because the graham of the senate does not want to have to plead the fifth 🤣🤣🤣

  2. What a slimy wuss Graham is. Too scared to stiffen his spine and own up to his actions? Maybe he should'a thought about that before making the obviously wrong one. 🤨

  3. Pertaining to Lindsey Graham: the judge(s) need to consider Why these people are going to such extremes to EVADE ANSWERING QUESTIONS. The courts shouldn't concentrate on obscure laws to EXCUSE/SHIELD people like senators (especially) from appearing in court or ignoring subpoenas resulting from actions they knowingly and willing SET INTO MOTION. Rather concentrate on professional, moral and sworn oaths to protect and defend.

  4. Graham reminds me of a Bogart line, 'the cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter.'

  5. Lol good luck with that lady g

  6. Trump's crony backsteping his own rhetoric now faces challenges in what his constituents are believing!

  7. The people who make are laws don’t feel as if they have to obey them.

  8. Poor Lindsay….such a victim again….go home and garden Lady G…your roses miss you…

  9. term limits would be a good thing, soon.

  10. I wonder what Lindsey is afraid of

  11. Talk about a One Trick Pony- the GOP has one way of doing everything……deny, delay. You taught them well, DJT.

  12. His official job? He's not a Georgia politician? Overthrowing the will of the Georgia voters isn't part of his duties as congressmen

  13. So these are the type of jackasses the Americans want running your country.

  14. No doubt Graham is guilty, He doesn’t want to answer their questions. The state should issue a warrant to make sure he’ll never travel into Georgia again.

  15. Graham is a HOOLIGAN.

  16. Take the Fifth, Lindsay. Like a real man.

  17. He's going to stall till 2020 is overturned and Dump can pardon his innocence

  18. Who pays for these court cost and appeals?

  19. Binding, precedent. Not something that leads freedom. When I've spoken of precedent in the past, before reading the Bible besides Proverbs for comfort, this word precedent to me meant that which is referred to in the 2nd Commandment: Your children to the 3rd and 4th generation will suffer if you idol worship. However, I accepted Jesus at a young age, having been treated as a dispicable sinner by my mother since pre-kindergarten, I knew what forgiveness was because not all of life was bad though I lived with whining tyrant. I forgave myself, had a lesson no one could talk me out of, and because of blessings in my life I knew God still loved me even if my mother couldn't. Precedent to me is more of a disclosure or disclaimer of how awful people can be, not a law and certainly not a binding law.

  20. We support you Lindsey G!

  21. Everybody calm down. I can explain why Lindsey is trying to avoid testifying in the Georgia election probe. It's because he's GUILTY of subverting democracy.

  22. Good an thank you sir. Start with the president an party is the one that lie so many times to get Mr Trump from winning as the president again. An here go again lies .this is costing the American people money. An putting very important things to help the government. If you put the president an his

  23. Is your loyalty more important than your freedom, Senator?

  24. "Only the Mob take the fifth." Only lying Senators file endless lawsuits.

  25. To old to not know better.

  26. "i only need 11,000 votes" 🤬 He did this from the White House the weekend before Jan 6 😡 This is Trump the sitting President using his office to FIX AN ELECTION ???????? THIS IS WHEN Kevin McCarthy should have said NO Mr President you went too far but instead McCarthy and his band of traitors voted on Jan 6 to take away the votes of Penn and Az🤬🤬🤬 this is all a Truman Show⚒️

  27. Should have been arrested weeks ago 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. 'Pride is as loud a beggar as want, & a great deal more saucy.' Benjamin Franklin

  29. Why ya fightin it so hard, Lindsey?

  30. Graham will keep his mouth 👄 out of other states and mind his own business he lives in south Carolina not Georgia.

  31. Breaking the law is not part of his official job…–do–do–batman

  32. He invited

    He incited

    They rioted

    Then he denied it

    Even though he'd implied it

    Now he must be indicted

  33. Hiding his shame through legal wrangling. 💩

  34. Lindsey Graham is a weasel ! You probably couldn't trust anything he would say but he would probably plead the 5TH anyway !