Tuesday , March 9 2021
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Sen Paul: Impeachment is a partisan exercise designed to further divide US

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., speaks on the Senate floor regarding the upcoming impeachment trial. #FoxBusiness

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  1. We want justice 4 the fake russian collusion u lock up citizens for the capital incident but dont lock up your own

  2. The Left want civil war, how is this so hard to understand?

  3. Thank you Rand Paul, for having the morality and ethical ability to do the "right thing" in supporting President Trump!

  4. Yeah, it's a load of bollocks; and the Trump's need their Secret Service protection…I'm Mohammed "Hard-case" Bruce Lee.

  5. Chronicle of the coup:
    1.fake news, fake news, fake news
    2.the fake impeachment that the Senate overturned
    3.fake news, fake sociology, fake news, fake sociology, fake sociology
    4.fake debates
    5.fake elections, fake voting by mail, rigging, fake elections, fake news
    6. American protesters are killed, shooting, suppression of protests in Washington with the help of armed people of the National Guard. Order of the commander of the National Guard who betrayed America.
    7.president's shutdown on Twitter and communications
    8.the failure of the second fake impeachment of President Trump
    9.fake transfer of power and fake oath, fake news
    10. fake president in the White House. fake news
    President Donald Trump


  7. Republicans need to grow a backbone. Stop running scared of Trump. Impeach a former president? Mitch refused to impeach him while in office. Now they are saying he is a private citizen and can’t be impeached. The GOP is going to rue the day when they will regret these humiliating actions of protecting this inept, vindictive, unqualified and corrupt ex-president.

  8. Thank you, Senator Paul. Also, you did great in the Stephanopoulos interview on ABC.

  9. Sen. Paul, is correct — but wouldn't it be so much easier if Nancy Pelosi, just got a hold of a firearm and actually got her hands dirty…

    A hardcore gangster like Pelosi, would have no problem serving a life sentence at Pelican Bay…

  10. WTF is this. A trial without a judge. This is like a mob -hanging event on a public square. Vote Dem all out of office.

  11. Shame on mick pence , great senator rand Paul

  12. thank you Sen Paul well said

  13. Senator Paul is correct, as an American torn apart by misinformation and leftist propaganda I no longer believe that I know who I really am. Maybe I'll have to dig deep inside my heart to find myself or maybe I'll just hire a stylist to figure it out.

  14. And still the idiots voted for Biden.

  15. Biden issued 39 executive orders in his first week and somehow Trump was a Fascist

  16. Can’t wait until he is fully impeached. 🤘🏾

  17. Great job Rand! You, Cruz and Hawley! Keep fighting man! There’s millions counting on you! The Democrats hate for Trump is devilish and beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my 62 years on God’s green earth, God bless!


  19. Trump did nothing wrong, except for the insurgence and the cop that got murdered.

  20. Partisan vendetta. Hyper partisan.

  21. 🙌👏👏👏👏👏 Spot on Senator

  22. Impeachment drama of former president has done ierepairabke damages to America

  23. Paul needs to learn that ACCEPTABILITY COUNTS IN AMERICA! If he wants a career that sweeps accountability under the rug tell him to go back to being a MD!

  24. That last sentence was hilarious.

  25. now that they are in minority they want unity democrats should tell this hypocrites to go f…. themselves

  26. This shows how full of hate these people are for half of Americans. Probably more than that because we know Biden didn't win. We know our election was stolen.

  27. Democrats are pushing for a revolution

  28. Paul is so full of shite what a liar and loser.

  29. Y'all forgetting Trump literally incited a deadly riot and then bounced??

  30. Impeach Biden . He is a he current president.

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