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Senate conducts oversight of the TSA

Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation Committee holds hearing on “Protecting the Nation’s Transportation Systems: Oversight of the TSA.” Acting deputy TSA Admin Patricia Cogswell testifies.

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  1. Speaking of under or overpay most of you in the government has wasted more money on vacations, travel, alcoholic beverages, unnecessary investigations, an are either not qualified to do the jobs we the taxpayers' whos money you are wasting elected you to do, and as I have seen for the past 3years overpaying you and not caring about Americans safety. You are more concerned with defying our duly elected President who we also elected, insulting We The People who you ALL swore to protect and you dare complain about security cost, I would rather pay your salaries to the border patrol, ice, police, first responders, fireman , and Dr.s who put their life and families lives on the line daily and the security you people get. let you get the pay of a security guard who can't even make a living on to provide for his /her family. We the people should get to be informed monthly on your agendas and approve or disapprove on if we don't like it or didn't give you Permission to waste our hard earned money on!


  3. TSA; created by two moms protecting school busing routes. Then one day, here moms, here is two billion dollars. Go and TSA all the airports and control all transportation in the USA.
    What a joke!

  4. TSA: protecting our borders, one airport at a time. What a joke! The TSA and Homeland Security are inefficient and have done nothing to protect our country. Their position of authority was used to suppress USA citizens. In fact, the TSA and Homeland Security dropped the ball and let twenty-five million illegal aliens criminals into our country.


  5. the TSA doesent provide any value at all to americans. it provides ZERO value. Nobody feels safer because of TSA in fact they are more scared and reminded about terroism and bombs when they go through the check point. Just remove that crap because the odds of you being victim of a terrorist attack is literally 0.00001%. Forget about it.

  6. Well…after seeing the FEMALE in charge…I know understand why it is such a mess…women do NOT make good leaders..

  7. The TSA is a minority hiring / welfare joke

  8. When do we get oversight of the Senate?

  9. So part of the fees we pay on airline tickets goes to pay down the deficit? Well, isn’t government corrupt?

  10. I thought Ivanka Trump was the only one who talked like this. Maybe they have the same schooling.

  11. Go eat a hoagie Mr. Tester! You are truly an idiot.

  12. There is really no difference between pre check and not. I traveled extensively this summer and received pre check passes, but there is no ease of process through TSA, still have to take off shoes and do buckets for separate things. Only improvement is you can put your phone inside your purse. This is not an effective hearing.

  13. Well, they have stopped Americans… not sure 🤔 I would say they stopped any Terrorists.🤭 Did you know you have polyps??? 😱😱😱

  14. If you are pre checked, there all still problems because TSA does not properly instruct at the line. And shoes still go in a separate bin as well as laptops. You still have to put things in separate bins. This woman is uninformed.

  15. But there is a choice whether you get the real ID. The real ID is expensive, therefore there will still be problems at the gate.

  16. Senate conducts oversight? I laughed when I saw this. The Senate cannot oversight crap. Any government program is just another created bureaucracy full of corruption and thief.

  17. What did Ilhan Omar's husband say when he caught her cheating on him?……I'm gonna tell mommy.

  18. It's about time! This is the worst bureaucratic agency in the Government, which has wasted millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars. Privatize Airport Security Now!

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