Thursday , January 21 2021
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Senate Receives Impeachment Managers, Roberts & Senators Sworn In | NBC News (Live Stream)

The impeachment managers formally present the articles of impeachment in the Senate chamber. Later, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is sworn in, then will himself swear in all 100 Senators.
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Senate Receives Impeachment Managers, Roberts & Senators Sworn In | NBC News (Live Stream)


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  1. The end of democracy! Unintelligent, uneducated, bonkers people defining their futures with their vote, with the death of education a dictator inevitably emerges.

  2. There are more important issues to tackle and tons of work to be done, and everyone just pontificates on Impeachment! Pelosi you're a real joke! You haven't got the power either! GTFO!

  3. On one hand Trump Lawyers say the Democrats didn't supply all paperwork they could. Trump stated he has all the Information needed to Convict Him, and won't give it up. To Trump his people are sheep!

  4. the wisleblower is from PORXIMA CENTAUrI thus…an ALIEN..thus all the milky way knows that trump is lying

  5. creepy people those democrats

  6. When American arms manufacturers became addicted to endless defense contracts with huge mark-ups for bribing political action figures, all we got was a #MAGA hat and promises to build a tall beautiful wall

  7. 트럼프탄핵된다…………………제발

  8. There isn't anywhere near enough active coverage on YouTube, with only 24 hours before the trial.

  9. If Schiff smacks his lips any louder you'd think he can taste himself.

  10. I really admire the way, traditions, customs and legislative business are conducted in a special manner.

  11. utter witch hunt……. it just looks like it….. no substance…… just a vile attempt to dump the president… I doubt people will vote democrat for a very long time…if this is the way they 'play cricket'

  12. Dems are using impeachment ONLY to avoid talking about the real issues that affect most folks

  13. The NBC/MSNBC "News" duo is so inept. Glad they posted this in entirety, but knowing their extreme bias, it is so un-American, given we're supposed to have a "Fair Press," most certainly which we do not. They should lose their license with the FCC to broadcast, because it isn't THEIR airwaves, it's "We the People's." With the likes of Chuck Todd, Eugene Robinson, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, etc. it's reprehensible for them to be producing such a biased, prejudiced product. Unfortunately for them, FoxNews reigns supreme in "REAL NEWS," as during the Obama Administration/Regime, they at least asked important questions and investigated. They also have had in depth investigations during the George W. Bush and Donald Trump Presidencies, of conservative Presidents, while NBC/MSNBC has stuck to their "Get Trump" narrative, while only asking Obama what his daughters named their new dog. Softball questions, and they both were UNINTERESTED in questioning the "mighty Obama," I guess because they all agreed with his policies, while despising Donald Trump's policies. Benghazi, ObamaCare, Fast and Furious, illegal Executive Orders against the Constitution, questions about why he traveled to Pakistan in 1981 when ANY American was barred from traveling to a country on the "Terror Watch List." No one from Media asked him–they were uninterested in investigating, because they were FOR him….when Obama claimed "foreign origin status," at Columbia University, Harvard, and in his early days BEFORE he began running for Office. So, any "News" outlet that was so blatantly up Mr. Obama's rectal cavity, could NEVER be even-handed with any news or achievements of Donald Trump……….The Founding Fathers pre-supposed that "a free Press" would naturally be hostile to the powerful, the establishment…….but, with MSNBC/NBC, and CNN, PBS, ABC, CBS, NYTimes, Washington Post, etc., they are ALL IN THE TANK WITH the establishment, WITH the bureaucracy, WITH the Obamas, Clintons. I thought the "Free Press" was supposed to be even-handed, be equally curious as to wrong-doing, investigate "the smoke where fires are burning," but they do NOT, unless the rumor is a Republican or Trump–it never is curious in the least at any Clinton or Obama, or "Deep State" crimes against the American people and our Constitution, the rule of law. These "News" Organizations should all lose their licenses for producing and promulgating phony facts and narratives, especially the framing of Donald John Trump.

  14. These brauds is so dumb it’s hysterical

  15. nbc is a joke. I cannot wait for Nov " 20 when Pres. Donald Trump wins with a landslide victory against these swamp rats. There will be no impeachment .

  16. We all know whose side Mitch is on! What a dirty snake!

  17. I know someone is watching this to get out of cleaning. Check out these Clorox Glass Wipes

  18. Who was the missing senator?


  20. Every time I see Schiff the only thing i can think of is Stewwy from Mad Tv and Fox's series on the 5.

  21. I love how their literal first order of business is to secure their paychecks
    That's sarcasm btw

  22. The Democrats last hoorah, pushed by the BBC and other disgracefull fake news champions.

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  25. Donny boy got caught with pants down and his cheeks spread.

  26. A Full Culmination and Compilation of thee Inevitable.

  27. Can You Actually Believe That There's Some Lemmings Out There That Think That This Trial Is For Real……..Ignorant Dumb F****……..

  28. Maybe Trump Is a Witch?

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