Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Senate votes on coronavirus stimulus package | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

After days of negotiations, the U.S. Senate will vote on a nearly $2 trillion stimulus package to provide relief to Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Watch live: Senate votes on coronavirus stimulus package | NBC News (Live Stream)


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  1. Come on they are not going to give us any more money right now they are just pretending so we the people don't kick them all out and it is not right that they are going to hurt more people that think they might do something. I pray that Jesus comes back and takes over and then we will have no more worries.

  2. What a joke Democrats talking to dumasscrats and get nothing done.
    Go to the Paint The Trump channel and watch it to the end and joe Biden talking about voting fraud of 2020 election. Nancy think she own the money for ice cream

  3. Interesting how all democrats voted no lol

  4. Good job Colorado Senate you made my life. Ok from your speech on Wednesday let me. Know that in. Not alone in this fight. God Bless

  5. How does canada do it. 2000 a month need to check out

  6. WTF are they just talking and not walking! All of them should lose wages!!

  7. Hopefully we come to A conclusion today.They been working on different packages for a while now Americans need help now.

  8. So overpaid they loose touch with reality and the real world.

  9. The Republican Party are not worried. They are sitting pretty on our backs. They get money from Americans and Lobbyist. Their are not being kicked from their homes. That We payed for. You know the big gated communities they live in are safe. For now!

  10. If the Republicans don’t want to be voted for, just don’t run next term. Not helping the Americans is not going to the Republican voted back in. It’s time for Corporate American to take a pay cut.

  11. Well..there is one thing they are good at..its called wasting time!

  12. I haven't got my first stimulus check from the first time and nobody knows where it's at! I can't believe we had crooks running our country all these years and they are still in office this is fact the only positive thing to happen to this country in 20 if not 30 years is the Election of President Trump!

  13. Audio went out and I'm not surprised.

  14. It's time for our old money hoarding Congress to step down because We The People do not want you in office you have free loaded long enough!

  15. TERM LIMITS…!!! Get these corrupt "career politicians" out!!!!

  16. Someting stinks here they are going to do way to little to late.You can see it in there faces.

  17. How far is 1 trillion going to go.

  18. Did he just say only 105 million for states,really?


  20. love Schummer he kept looking at mcconnell and had the chairwomen bang the gavel love it how republican don't even recognize when he is speaking

  21. $10 a day. Thanks congress.

  22. OK if you don’t want to pay people that are unemployed then people that have been employed during a pandemic I do understand the republican viewpoint but then that means those going back to work deserve compensation for their first three checks and those who were forced to work during pandemic including me deserve compensation for consistency putting our health at risk

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