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Several injured as suspect opens fire inside church at wedding | ABC News

The gunman walked into the wedding and opened fire injuring three, including the bishop and the bride.

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  1. When you hear about all this coming up upon the church (God's people).
    It's time to get Right Church 💒and let's go home.
    God said the first place the devil gonna start with is, the church.

  2. This is truly disgusting I send my sympathy to the victims and families.

  3. Look up Dale Halloway, surprisingly he's a black man! If he had been a white man, ABC would have mentioned it of course and his photo would have been plastered all over the news shot and it would be called a hate crime. Not trying to be a jerk, but just stating the truth. The race thins is what gets ratings, so it's conveniently not mentioned! Either way and not matter what… this is a disgusting crime especially because it occurred in a house of God that used to be held sacred by most of society, but no more. No place is sacred anymore. No one has respect for life anymore. Our country is so screwed up, it's terrible. Also, can't that newscaster afford a tie? And button up our shirt man, no one wants to see your chest. You are a newscaster, not auditioning for Magic Mike. And cut your hair! ABC, have you no standards anymore?

  4. niggaz be ok it was head shot. niggaz aint got no brain

  5. That's my uncle and they said his name wrong thanks for not getting that right atleast its Choate (chu-oat ) my family is very shaken up thanks for prayers

  6. Wow..So are we suppose to hire security services for any open events to protect guests & ourselves now??

  7. Must have been a black shooter, or else it would have been on every channel across the world.

  8. I hope the suspect gets a long jail time.

  9. Hmm. This is a first for me. New hampshire in the news. Dont hear much from them. Glad no one died.

  10. Dude I think someone was pregnant with the groom baby lol

  11. What charger? That should be attempted murder x3

  12. Your 'god' didn't protect you from the bullets in church? Aww. He clearly doesn't care about you or exist. Pray harder idiots.

  13. Ban all guns. Problem solved. Thank you, Next.

  14. Jeez what a nightmare

  15. Jumped from a balcony to tackle?? Not only a hero but clearly part ninja. Wow. What an incredible man.

  16. This is my Church ,i was getting ready to leave the house for the funeral when i get the news ,it's just sad 😥.

  17. "Should anyone here present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your piece… level, firmly, and fire indiscriminately at all attendees."

  18. This is why we need more guns. Another example of why gun control does not work.

  19. I'm still shocked there are Black folk in New Hampshire.

    Guess I'm the only one that believes the shooting is racially motivated.

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