Severe floods hit southern Ukraine after dam burst

Thousands of Ukrainians were forced to evacuate amid rising floods after a large dam collapsed. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #abcnews #worldnewstonight #russia #ukraine #flooding

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I hope that they are going to use atombombs sooner or later and the whole civilization will be wiped off overnight. Planet of the apes. Starting with number one terrorist state the united states

  2. Countries of genetic pros-tes and thieves, what else can she offer.

  3. How the world is just standing by this war and watching this mentally I'll person destroy a country and killing countless innocent people is beyond crazy the world needs to come together and blow tf out of the Kremlin his people dont even want this war

  4. These Ukrainian terrorist need to be stopped

  5. Russian desperation and now this 💩. 🖕 Putin. They're the type to use tactical nukes to mask defeat in an offensive war to be sure.

  6. That's why it was done. Ukraine is recovering ground but what's it worth.

  7. Oh well, what the hell do they expect?

  8. Nobody watches you George with your fake news abc channel.
    Except for a few zombies.

  9. Free free palestine

  10. Lmao!! Great counter offensive ukraine!!! They cant get tanks through that water!

  11. So many Orc trolls

  12. No one is going to win this war, except the fat cat military industrial complex

  13. This gives me PTSD remembering about Katrina.

  14. Russia has stepped up to a new level of desperation. It’s time to end this. We have to get into the fight before it’s too late.

  15. Korea is truly an idiot country. I ask President Biden, please eat Korea as American soil. I want to have American citizenship. I have never been happy while living in Korea. Please take Korea, I will sell Korea. Even if I am criticized, I hope that Korea will perish and become American territory. I sincerely ask the US government. I can't live in

  16. Kiya duniya shanti se jee nahi waar kiyu

  17. God bless to all people in rashiya and ukraine

  18. This man called putin and his Generation will never live in pace. Very Evil 😈 man