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Sheriff: Calif. boat fire 'worst case scenario' | USA TODAY

Sheriff: Southern California dive boat fire was ‘the worst case scenario’
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At least four people were killed and dozens remained missing after a dive boat fire in southern California. Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said, “You couldn’t ask for a worse situation.”

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  1. I'm a big time fisherman and I feel so bad about what happened. Hope they make more emergency exits in the bunk areas on the boats🤞

  2. If you’re reading this, you’re awesome 🙂

  3. Anyone onboard know the Clintons?

  4. Those goddamn clintons are responsible for this

  5. Seems kinda ironic that the boat caught on fire on the water. I know it's possible but it's just funny😂😂

  6. drugs, alcohol, prostitutes you know how it ends. Now how epstein case going on?

  7. Did Chief Hopper get transferred to California

  8. WTF were 40 people doing on ⛵! Sounds deliberately set!

  9. They probably panicked. when they heard the explosion. and were trapped. like sardines in a can

  10. other than the crew i am sure there are no surviviors

  11. Bob is getting more & more heinous.

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