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Should Netflix be worried about Apple's new $6B streaming service?

Apple has set aside $6 billion for original content ahead of its streaming launch. Strat Americas Managing Director Seth Schachner with more.

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  1. That’s not going to happen in my household!

  2. Netflix has lost 124,000 subs in Q2 because of those SJW shows, now Apple is gonna make the same mistake, no thanks.
    Nobody is dying not watching SJW propaganda tv shows.

  3. It’s time to boot up the Pirate Bay

  4. They will be streaming you while your streaming them 😂

  5. woke apple, woke netflix, woke disney. Hmmmm? None of the Above, No time for Shows in a Trump economy, work, work,work, just youtube/twitch.

  6. Netflix better wake up. They've been swinging way left-of-center lately.

  7. Oprah Winfrey? That's a reason right there not to sign up.

  8. Hahaha get woke go broke!! Apple will fall and i will Cheer!!

  9. Apple is one of the least liberal tech companies left. You all are using Google which owns Youtube and supporting them right now as you type, Google is an evil company that has broken antitrust laws and is as biased as it gets. Apple has been one of the most consistent and least SJW type companies amongst the tech companies. Their moat, hoard of cash, and ability to buy new businesses is great for any investor. Warren Buffet is a capitalist and he invests in Apple, thinking Apple is communist is laughable when you are on a platform run by Google which is actually evil.

  10. Ok… the moment they mentioned Oprah. I knew it's still going to be social justice, anti white/ RH- trait black American masculinity Templates… still a NWO agenda..

  11. Netflix should be worried about people fleeing in mass numbers because they want to spread propaganda with the Obama's and other traitors who need to be hanged.

  12. No. Android users dont usually use apple products or services. If I have a tv and this is a choice for a app to use I wouldn't use it. Too many services already exist.

  13. Apple streaming business🤔?
    What can Apple stream online video's? Green apples? Pink apples? Red apples? Big apples or small apples? Yellow apples?
    But Obama Netflix was showing apples, bananas, citric fruits, milk cans, butter cheese, cherrys, cups & saucers, plastic straws, chocolate cream, milk cream, hand shakes and rocking. Aren't Netflix media making good electronic money?

    Apple electronics via Mac book streaming 😂 🤣. So YouTube also uploads all viewer discrition comfortably. The psychos will enjoy their streaming and get likes to get paid. Stress relieving.

  14. Netflix is finally getting some serious COMPETITION!

  15. this will be a woke and or expensive. neither im interested in

  16. Will not be watching another liberal streaming …10.00 a month we hear them mouth off free in the news. No thank u…. keep Oprah please.

  17. They are all bad. Not interested

  18. Who cares I cut the cable when Netflix hired obama .

  19. Apple has been hijacked by backwards thinkers.


  20. If Apple sticks with this so called woke, p.c. culture with its original content it will fail.

  21. Apple is filled with leftist morons; so expect $10 for leftist propaganda.

  22. Apple TV apple plus ? … why does it have another name. FAIL. Apple streaming is a fail. iTunes is stupid. Don't forget they data grab for China.

  23. Apple is owned and controlled by the communists. I’m not buying anymore Apple. Forbidden fruit

  24. Crapple supports Chinese communist censorship, I’ll never buy anything from them again. They do not support America’s freedoms and values.

  25. they dont have a change aganst disney, amazon, netflix…, they come to late

  26. Apple = commies.

    Apple gets zero of my money.

  27. because we all are watching more tv LOL morons

  28. Original content or SJW's parroting crazy conspiracy theories about non Democrat voters content?

  29. No. Who's gonna pay 6 billion? Shop around for cheaper streaming services.

  30. Apple will never get a penny of my money!

  31. Should that be enough well yeah make it simple simply because it's the first time of function see how well it works out study better to

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