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Siddle reveals dressing room reaction to Smith blow

Peter Siddle gives an update on Steve Smith on the morning of day five at Lord’s, coming out to bat to face Jofra Archer after Smith had retired hurt, his own misfortune with catches dropped of his bowling, and Australia’s approach to the final day


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  1. Guys get your game up.. there were many errors during 3rd test … including reviews. ICC umpires are hopeless.

  2. I love how triggered everyone is getting about archer doing whats he doing,yet australian bowlers have been using the very same tactics for years…

  3. Steve Smith important batsman brilliant innings 2 centuries and 1 half century in 3 innings

  4. When mitch starc returns for the third test england will be crying for mercy
    England are lucky for the draw
    Now its time for the aussies to releash the swing monster
    And we will see what happens

  5. Bouncers are part of the game. But it's very doubtful that Smith would have been struck in the head if he hadn't been hit in the forearm earlier and been in tremendous pain.

    Archer's giggling response was disgraceful. The memory of Phil Hughes is still fresh. It's not "just a game" when people get killed. Archer should apologize, but he won't. And I hope that the Aussies are above retaliation, but I doubt it. This series could become very nasty if cool heads don't prevail.

  6. This bloke is a real tryer. Underrated and well-suited to swinging on English wickets.

  7. Tit for tat. Good to see jofra hitting smith but couldn't injured him completely.

  8. This is the same Commentator who asked MSD question about his retirement after India's 2016 T20 World Cup exit.

  9. Starc is waiting for archer to bat trust me 😂 by the end of this series somebody is goona get hurt

  10. Aussies have ti take revenge by breaking the head of Jofra

  11. I think he is the guy trolled by Dhoni in a pressmeet if I am not wrong!!

  12. Aus ..pace attack will give..same treatment to eng ..batsmen..especially archer..will injure..
    Common aus..

  13. when i see the anchor i remember of dhoni

  14. Stop to bowl away from the batsman and start to deliver some hurting deliveries to the bodies. English are bowling like this intensely. So start to bowl deadly..👊👊

  15. If and if Mitchell Johnson would be in aus team then he would have shown how to bowl bouncers at 150 kph

  16. After seeing reporter's face I remember………..

  17. Fast bowlers job shake up the batsmen archer did his job up to the aussie quicks to do the same this coming from a west indian get out there shake them up!

  18. If jhonson was playing this ashes i swear he will have destroyed the ego of archer for that incident

  19. If aus hit the bouncher than that's okay but why can't Eng bowler hit that too😕 common guys be fare. This why its called Ashes

  20. I think he is the same #reporter who asked dhoni abt his retirement

  21. Please give jofra nigga his own medicine

  22. You know he thinks you know you know! Just you know you know but you know you know 😝😛

  23. In the same way India won the 2011 World Cup for Sachin, Australia need to win this match for Steve Smith

  24. Peter Siddle is so underrated.He can bowl long spells with accurate line and length.

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