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Siegfried and Roy greet fans at their Las Vegas ‘Secret Garden’

Legendary entertainers Siegfried and Roy discuss with ABC News’ Deborah Roberts about their “very emotional” visits with fans today in Las Vegas.

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  1. If I see George Stephanopoulos one more time I'm never watching ABC News again

  2. I lived down the street from them in Vegas lol

  3. Caging wild animals…🤨

  4. Love these two 💋 best act in Vegas ever ‼️ saw there shows many times my heart hurts for there accident 😢😢 blessing

  5. Ukrainegate's a bust… time for stupid pet tricks 🤣

  6. I think it's great that they still do public appearances, despite health issues. For those people who don't like animals in captivity, you know not what you speak! Institutionalized animals could never go back into the wild, or they would die! Seriously, get a life!!

  7. I thought he had died too, but just mauled. You can see he’s got stroke-like deficits on the left side of his body. Good for them staying active and greeting fans and doing magic. I’ll bet he doesn’t get very close to the tigers anymore! 🐅

  8. These animals are being abused. Period.

  9. Help me paradise God's son's bless américain i need money 🔯🇩🇿🅿💲✌💒😍💍😈😈👅👅🔞🔞🆔🆔👮👮🈹🈹⚓⚓🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽🗽

  10. Have these 2 idiots not learned to not keep wild animals in captivity?

  11. Mantacore was actually quite homophobic! He couldn't help himself! He got spooked when the gay man approached him with the chair and snapping whip and decided he'd had enough of this overt homosexual display and put his paw down!

  12. Dear ABC News,
    Thank you kindly for posting.
    Can we dedicate the song "Secret Garden" by Mr. Bruce Springsteen to, respectively, "Siegfried and Roy" as a tribute?
    Love 💕
    From Michigan
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌾🕊

  13. I thought one of them was dead what is going on ?😯

  14. I thought the tiger ate one of them.

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