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Siegfried & Roy: Behind the Magic l 20/20 l PART 5

‘Siegfried and Roy’ tiger becomes confused onstage, Roy Horn falls: Part 5

On the night of Oct. 3, 2003, the ‘Siegfried and Roy’ show went horribly wrong when Roy Horn’s tiger, Mantecore, became confused. After a failed attempt to refocus the tiger, Horn fell underneath him.


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  1. When you have a “little white tiger lie” it never ends well.

  2. Before I watch Part 1. Is this the ending or did they do us dirty AGAIN ? I ain't getting tricked again🤣 fool me once shame on me fool me a 12th time it's a God damn shame.

  3. Poor animals, they have to be part of this tasteless crap…

  4. ONCE AGAIN…..Anyone expecting them to upload the END of this story…you will be disappointed. They do this with EVERY story they upload because they're idiots and think you will now go to their website to see the end. Little do they understand….90% of people watch this on their SMART TVS AND CAN'T GO TO THE WEBSITE. But they don't care. Dont fall for these Prt 1, Prt 2 videos in the future… You'll just end up irritated.

  5. Exploiting animals, no thanks.

  6. Still no talk about nyc banning words! You're so lame! I sub to all news channels for a well rounded view point. But you're failing so hard! Come on!

  7. They will always have that wild animal instinct and you can never trust an animal like that even though they are born in captivity, you can never trust them.

  8. Tigers are truly the most dangerous cat on the planet.

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