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Simple & Easy Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight FAST


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  1. Hips fat reducing exercise plz

  2. I only can do flutter kick😊

  3. Ligaments tear for me can I do

  4. Thank you for sharing this video it helps a lot for me😘😘😘

  5. Vocês deveria colocar pessoas com alto pesso por um mês para ver o que acontece com o corpo deles .
    Quem gostou da um link 😮😮☺☺😊

  6. Mam flutter kick se kya hota hai

  7. I will try this start from tomorrow 😊😊

  8. its really working I do it twice a day I sweat a lot thank you

  9. Realy fastly weight loss this exercise…when do the exercise

  10. Madom..iam frm Kerala am a umblical herniya patient.can I try this exercise? Ps reply

  11. Hye.. Thadi kootan ulla exercise onnu parayamo.. Ethra kazichalum natholi pole aanu… 😪

  12. When this exercise want to do mam

  13. It's not a practical video..
    Those exercises can be done by the person who is into fitness since long time

    But if the person need to lose weight this is not practical because they cant handle their body..

  14. Im fat and trying this video today and OMG my breath..and sweat…and i give up for climbing and jump. Only 15 second.. Tomorrow will try again.. Thanks a lot for this video

  15. Feeling tired now……….. In my head 😂😂😂😂

    Thank you for sharing…. Gonna follow this religiously…. I so wanna slim down in time for Diwali!…. Need all the support

  16. This is great!! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely try this in my next workout!! Please check out my 30 day ABS challenge. I'm very happy with the results.

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