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Sleep Hypnosis for Weight Loss 8 Hour Subliminal

Reprogram your subconscious mind for weight loss while you sleep during this 8 hour sleep hypnosis track.

Instructions and AUDIBLE suggestions for relaxation and sleep begin the track. At the 11 minute mark SUBLIMINAL suggestions for losing weight, eating healthy, being in control, eating less, loving yourself, exercising, etc continue out to the full 8 hours.

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While you sleep powerful suggestions for weight loss are delivered sub-audibly / subliminally directly into your subconscious mind. This is where the software that runs your life exists.

SUBLIMINAL means the spoken suggestions are just beneath the music. You may the voice as a sort of whisper when the music dips. Your subconscious mind easily registers the powerful suggestions for healthy change even though it’s quiet and even though you’re sleeping.

Like working out in a gym, it’s NOT a “one and done” process. It’s a lifetime of staying in the right mental and emotional state through mental practice like using this weight loss hypnosis track

Keep listening and flooding your mind while you sleep to this 8 hour sleep hypnosis weight loss track EACH NIGHT until you feel in control and your body shifts to your ideal weight then switch to a maintenance regimen of listening but less often.

During the day I recommend listening to one of my shorter tracks on successful weight loss like this one:

Daily Weight Loss Hypnosis BOOSTER: https://youtu.be/LyNlysg5uU4


“As you maintain this healthy balance the old weight melts away
As you maintain balance your weight becomes permanently healthy
Your body is trim and slim.
As you eat less you smile more.
As you eat less you feel more full.
As you eat less you feel full of pride and accomplishment.
You smile
As you eat less your body reshapes into slim, trim and strong
You smile
As I eat less, I relax more
As I relax more, I eat less
As I eat less I feel fuller
Everything slows down when you eat.
Slowing down while eating means you enjoy the healthy food more.
You eat 1/3 slower
As you eat slower now you eat 1/3 less than before.
You feel fuller and more satisfied eating less food than before.
I love rewarding myself with regular, light and healthy meals.
You drink pure, clean water that fills and fuels your health and excitement for living.
You are in control
You choose and you decide
What is good for you
You have full awareness when eating or bringing something to your mouth
It’s like you have a small gap,
or space
or moment of clarity to decide what you really want to do in the moment.
A moment of personal freedom where you choose “yes” or “no”
I don’t actually need or want that thing.
I say no
I say no to sugar
I say no to junk food
I say yes to health
I say yes to life
I say yes to my healthy body”

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I’m Peter McLaughlin, CHt a Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach practicing since 2006.
www.blueskyhypnosis.com – Life Coaching

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Video Credit: www.videoblocks.com
Photo Credit: Pixabay
Music Credit: Zen Flow Music – licensed from:
Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com

Disclaimer: This video is for information and educational purposes only not as a substitute for qualified medical or psychological intervention or assistance. Do not drive or operate potentially dangerous equipment while listening.


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  1. This actually works, and I was really not expecting it to. I think it might be working a little too well tbh. I started listening 6 days ago and I've dropped 8 pounds; likely a lot of water weight/bloating, but still. These last couple days I've had a hard time reaching 1000 calories in a day, never mind the 1200-1400 I should be eating. I'm a junk food fiend, yet when I drove a friend to McDonald's I had zero desire to buy anything. I caved yesterday and had some Crispers. Instead of eating the whole bag plus supper, I stopped at half a bag and was not looking for more food; I managed to end that day at 1400 calories without being hungry.

    I'm sitting here now and I can feel my stomach wants food, but I just have no interest in feeding it. I'd rather struggle to eat than struggle to not binge, so I'll be continuing to listen to this every night and hope it continues to have this effect. Thank you for this BlueSky, you're literally a life saver!

  2. Idk why but i think this is making my head hurt….

  3. I'm commenting to see if anyone else experienced what I did or if the maker may be able to explain. But I found I kept having bad dreams through this about my son getting into situations where I had to save him eg he went under a train and I had to pull him off the track before it started moving and another where he had climbed on the side of the balcony and I managed to get him down before he fell. I had a few more of these types of dreams throughout and in the end I turned off the hypnosis and I slept fine after that. It was very strange. I haven't experienced that before with sleep hypnosis. I'd love to hear if anyone else had this to.

  4. I hear whispers through the sound???? Anyway trying this out here we go.

  5. I want to lose weight but I may not do sports from the doctors because I have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Can I listen safety without wanting to start sporting again…? Because I want to work on my body and do sport, but the doctors forbidden me to do any sport exept yoga or stretching routines and walking

  6. Hello !! I am going to write this comment for myself and update it every single day as I've been listening to this every night.
    if you are listening to this too, let's do it together and share our progress!!
    Day 1 – The first morning I woke up after listening to this, I had dropped 2 pounds for a day. I believe this is bloating I had, as I usually drop quite a lot of weight for a single night sometimes but not as much as this so I was very surprised because I had eaten junk food.
    Day 2 – I am slowly losing my appetite for junk food. It's like I mostly don't even think about eating it all whereas per usual it's a habit of mine to eat a snack every night before sleeping. I feel a bit lighter, not as heavy.
    Day 3 – I've had more progress. I set my mind to not eating anything unhealthy and I've done a very good job except for a snack I sneaked in ! Haha.
    Day 4 – I feel much lighter than before, if anything it's easier for me to run because I've lost 2 pounds more. Of course I try to balance this audio with a healthier diet, so it's been working much quicker.
    Day 5 –
    Day 6 –
    Day 7 –
    Day 8 –
    Day 9 –
    Day 10 –

  7. Thank you BlueSky Hypnosis!

  8. God bless me with your riches

  9. I'm the biggest skeptic. No pun intended as I need to lose around 80 lbs but I have arthritis and have lots of pain, I need two total knee replacements and two elbows replacements so being super active isn't going to happen for me but if it helps me eat less or better I'll do my own youtube video of how well it worked.

  10. I’m just trying to look good after this quarantine and see what everyone this of the new me especially my bf but also again while listening to this I’m doing crunches 😂😂

  11. I am about to try it today and I really hope it’s not a scam. I’ll give you another reply in a week to give you my response.

  12. Reads the title……Looks over at the bag of Taki’s and box of cereal on my night stand

  13. I'm gonna try this tonight. A friend of mine is asking if this will increase penis size ?

  14. I must be strange but this music makes me want to eat donuts

  15. I have listened to this two nights in a row now and last night I kept waking up I’m not sure if it’s because I know there’s music playing and I usually sleep in silence! When I woke I found i couldn’t hear the music for a few seconds then i heard it, really strange? I will continue listening every night and hope my mind gets used to it and sleeps through! 🙂

  16. I'm gonna try this for one week.

  17. I really want to do this, but I am very scared of being jarred out of my rest with an advert. Once this starts, is it safe to let go without interruptions via youtube of any kind until the eight hours have actually passed? What does it do at the end? Does it wake me up, or can I just wake up when I am ready to wake up? Thank you!

  18. Will this still work if im up and drawing while i listen to it?

  19. Everytime I listen (listened 2 times), I immediately fall asleep. I think after 5 minutes.. Do I have to stay awake during a period of time, for example the first 10 minutes? And do I have to repeat this until I feel there is change? Sorry I'm from Belgium and my English is not perfect. But thank you in advance for your answer!

  20. I have been listening to the rain version for over 3 weeks. The first time I listened to the other one I woke up feeling sexy and full of energy. Since then I’ve been more consistent with my workouts and increasing the days I workout. Even when I feel like I don’t want to workout I just say to my self follow the plan not the mood and get on with it. I also stopped eating after 6pm which I wasn’t being able to. My overall diet was already fairly healthy with exception of a cake or ice cream when I’m bored or stressed. I’m not sure how much I changed that behaviour. My weight haven’t magically dropped but I have more energy and I’m working out consistently. So I’m happy with it! I want more energy above everything else. Also, I usually have issues sleeping and don’t get 7h sleep, these videos help me sleep more than 7h. The rain version stop helping me sleep more than 7h so I switched to this one and it worked. I’ll keep using both as my mood for music or rain changes. Thank you for doing both versions.

  21. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💋🦄🥰😘🙃🤗😊🥶

  22. I listened to this last night and started the squat challenge today and all day I had the urge to do more exercise …. hopefully this carries on … 😍🥰

  23. Your voice sounds so familiar to me. Do you have another site on YouTube?

  24. i needed this, thank you 🙏🏼

  25. I continue to watch this vid as I lay in bed eating crackers and pop tarts 😭

  26. Is this music cat safe..is it fine to listen to it if your cats sleep with you

  27. Has anyone else's bathroom breaks increased at night since listening to this? I used to never wake up to use the bathroom during the night. Now I feel like my mother. I'm awake at least 2 if not 3 times a night. Bonus is I'm not starving in the morning, but rather crave water. Day 2 no breakfast, but not hungry either. Onto night 3.

  28. I’m sick in my bed and using this music to relax, with a big headache due the strong cough I’m having…trying not to speak so my throat doesn’t dry and start coughing again, controlling my breathing so I don’t cough again. 😢

  29. Monitoring my progress.
    Will update tomorrow.

    Day 1 – fall asleep easily, had a very long dream that i cannot remember, ate less. Weight is 60.9 kilos
    Day 2 – deep sleep and i always not able to remember my long dream. Vague dream. Ate less. Weight is 59.2kilos
    Day 3 – dreamed im on a diet, haha
    I crave for salty food
    Day 4 – nothing much
    Day 5 – not checking my weight but i feel great
    Day 6 – Craving for sweets so i ate ice cream 🙁
    Day 7 – tried the other version of hypnosis, and i had a nightmare where im being hunted by unknown creatures, so instead of me being killed, i kill them. there was also a point where i keep hearing voices in my dream then it turns out it is the subliminal whispering in the video. I woke up with bodyaches. It is kind of creepy and scary.

  30. I’m gonna do a 30 day weight loss and my overall feelings every day. At the end, I’ll do a full reflection on the changes I’ve noticed and such.

    Day 1: I feel fairly normal. I ate much healthier but I can’t tell if this is me trying to feel skinny or if the video is truly working. We’ll see 🙂
    Day 2: I can’t tell if it’s working yet because I just ate 2 brownies haha.
    Day 3: I have felt more motivated to work out and I did a 2 hour cardio and run 🙂
    Day 4: Today I felt skinny (weird I know) and ate healthy snacks. Every night before bed I do 50 crunches and I’ve come up with a thing where if I’m ever frustrated, I do 10 burpees. Since I’m at home all the time because of quarantine there’s no judgement.
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:
    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:
    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:
    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30:

  31. Hooray it's working night three

  32. I did this for 1 week and i've lost 10 ponds and i've also been eating less and i've been going on 5 miles runs every day

  33. Taking candle footage and doing a meditation video on weight loss… Not at all stolen from Michael Sealey.

  34. Can I still listen to this even tho I ain't sleeping or on a nap?

  35. i mean i want to lose weight but all these comments are straight up ED and i ain’t going back to that😌 guys, even if you are not very hungry your body still needs energy and food!❤️

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