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Smith returns to the nets in positive sign for Aussies

Australia superstar Steve Smith was back in the nets on the third morning of the Headingley Test as he looks to prove his fitness for the remainder of the series


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  1. Warner
    M marsh
    For 4 th test match

  2. His zeal to perform is remarkable. Feel sorry for him when crowd boos. Hopefully the same crowd cheers him on soon..

  3. England don't deserve to win let alone make it this far…

  4. Welcome back Smith. ..and hit a good run to win fourth test match…

  5. Unfortunately he missed his 26th 100 due to concussion injury but that’s fine Smith I want you to go and hit more 100’s and go past Ponting, Kallis, Tendulkar literally everyone 😬

  6. The next time Smith faces an English Bowler, they should just take him out of his miseries.

  7. Australia will never win anything without Sand Paper in their pockets.

  8. Just one century , and he'll be no. 1 in tests again , leaving the kohli behind
    Kohli – 918 points
    Smith – 913 points

  9. Love u Australia and this man..hope you can do good in the 4th test match…

  10. Smith you are great join the team and seal the ashes.

  11. He is fine. Just walk it off.
    He survived his greatest hit in ball tampering scandal and this just a bouncer.

  12. I love you Steve you are my always hero

  13. Welcome back to Ground.. U r not only a cricketer also a fighter… I'm a great fan of ur batting, the way u play it show ur class of excellence… No matter how tough the situation is u r also there with ur bat… Best of luck…

  14. Welcome back Steve Smith😍😍😍😍…. We are exciting for another century's…..

  15. his body shape and posture is not good still a very fine player. not elegant as kohli but a indded a good player.

  16. When life knockouts you get up with double speed like steven unstoppable smith

  17. If Labuschagne n Smith will bat together in next match it's going to be awesome 🤘🏻🤟🏻

  18. I 💖 this man very much.WE ARE SRI LANKA🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Tera kya hoga kalia – Steve Smith
    😓😓😓 – England

  20. Please appointed Smith as Captain for Australia

  21. Captain Steve Smith always 💪🔥

  22. Waiting for cool smith vs egoistic kohli banter

  23. More then Australian we Indian r happy 😃

  24. Best in the businesses. More power to him

  25. I know this is tantamount to treason here but I can’t wait to see him back for you guys. But the man with the unpronounceable name has done a great job for you.

  26. England in huge shock after watching this video.

  27. Great to see the great Steve Smith in the nets… as a UK fan I hope he's back for the next test

  28. England supporter looking forward to seeing Smith playing and giving us all something to enjoy 👍🏼 top bloke

  29. What a great news, can’t wait to see Smith back and play for Australia… you are a Legend Smith.. love and respect from Pakistan

  30. Steve Smith Miss You Leeds Test match😓😓😔😔😔😓😔

  31. Aussies didn't miss Smith batting and bowling because Labuschange doing the same

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