Thursday , January 27 2022
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Snowden: Any Cell Phone Can Be Hacked | NBC News

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden tells Brian Williams that any country will a significantly well-funded intelligence organization can hack an individual’s cell phone.
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Snowden: Any Cell Phone Can Be Hacked | NBC News


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  1. So where are Hillary Clinton’s emails?

  2. I want to contact you but I think it was wrong to publish American secrets

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    I am spying on my husbands phone currently and it's so secure and untraceable.

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  6. Ha. Not mine sucker,

    Please dont hurt me.


  8. Edward Snowden is nothing more than a actor,

  9. My Bitcoin was sold at a high rate after been bought without funds with the help of dreem_hackerr on IG

  10. Not surprise at all 👍 Snowden is one the best at all the time 😎👊💯

  11. why is it Russians always lol. probably comes from inside the us

  12. Any smartphone can be hacked but it is wheather our information is important to the hacker or not. For example i prefer telegram to whatsap because if russian base technology know about me, as a civillian it does not matter or affect my life. But if whatsap or google linked stuffs, the information can affects my life because my friends, my boss, my government can interfere with the desicion i would make or steal my resourse for their own benefit.

  13. Uhm…… is there anything remotely surprising here??? If you were surprised you’ed be naive.

  14. This looks exactly like a tech conversation between me and my grandfather.

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  16. I hope thet get very bored wirh my boring life, maybe to the point of having no interest in my doings. 🤔😳

  17. That's right only if you connect to their network

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