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Social media vs. reality: Millennials' not friending people in real life?

Sports reporter Mike Gunzelman on a new poll on the number of millennials who say they have no friends.


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  1. Neuralink app store will be the best

  2. All you need in life is babes and mind uploading

  3. When you have 75% blck babies and 35% of white babies born out of wedlock, the poverty and crime rise as they are lucky to have ONE functional parent (mother) who is often having another boyfriend and other siblings… Technology is great but it can be abused.

  4. Fox the white nationalist Network


  6. Millennials have no friends because most are idiots!!?

  7. I am so glad to see a story on this. The timing is perfect. Social media is also a gossip forum. I really believe that social media is where we are breaking down as a country. Being a baby boomer, as a child we played with our friends outside. As we grew older our social events were gatherings of like minded people. If we saw someone in need of help, our first reaction was to help. By contrast, what I see, is no real friends in the sense of ride or die kind of friend, rather a yea, I have them friended on (Twitter Facebook etc) they’ve been posting some really weird stuff lately. Or I liked that video they posted this morning. If someone needs help today, rather than getting assistance, you can be sure their will be video of it from 12 different angles. Someone may even come stick their phone right into your face to get that real feeling of pain on video. IN MY OPINION, THIS IS ONE OF THE TRIGGERS FOR TODAYS VIOLENCE

  8. Millenials should all watch the movie "Holes" and start learning respect. This friend/unfriend, like and cancel culture is of their doing. It's dark and honestly not very smart. All generations have to grow up, time for Millenials to do just that.

  9. Weird people. That's probably why all the shootings. Don't know how to communicate with humans.

  10. I quit Facebook because I felt like it is a magnet for narcissists, but also because I was getting sick of being censored all the time. It's just a big waste of time for both of those reasons.

  11. I’m ok with these idiots not having real friends. Less reproduction and less mass shootings.

  12. Education, in the West, has taught kids to be scared of opposing viewpoints. They feel safer with virtual "relationships", which won't question their indoctrination.

  13. so sad to see how these young kids are having their lives ruined by university professors brainwashing. truly sickening!

  14. The Millennial "Real World" Is Their Computer Screen,–Sad, But True!!–Say It Ain't So…Joe (AKA: Millenials)!!??

  15. As a driving instructor i can definitely say there is a major divide in personalities. Either they are serious introverts or serious extraverts – there is no middle ground. The introverts outnumber them 3 to 1 usually. I am teaching more 25 year olds living at home. I ask them what do they like to do? 100% answer all the time – plat video games. They are specifically not learning to drive as an excuse not to get a job and enter the real world. In 20 years society will be split amongst what i believe are abnormals and normals. And sadly many people who would otherwise be normal are turning abnormal because it's so convenient and easy to be lazy.

  16. I put lipstick and a dress on my computer and call her Betty

  17. Millenials are to lazy to get out of their parents basement to meet people.

  18. One half of the population is constantly told my MSM and libs everyday that they are hated and they owe everyone everything. I'm sure that kind of puts a damper on things for them.

  19. Millennials, Boohoo, but word of advice, I wouldn’t talk to people like you tend to on social media, if so you will complain of black eyes and head aches🤕

  20. The democrats hateful rhetoric has terrorized the millennial generation into thinking that there is a murderous rapist around every corner.

  21. They just don’t talk face to face anymore.

  22. Why don't the the incels swap their guns for women?

  23. Well good morning ladies, and a fine day to you too!

  24. Actually diversity breeds social isolation.

  25. Interesting truth. The younger generation grew up this way ( semi-disconnected from reality) and have real trouble with face to face interaction. The best advice is to stay off social media.

  26. If you're 34 or under you're a millennial

  27. Social media makes people seem little more than numbers, and seeing someone as the same as everyone else is not a way to make friends.

  28. yes millenials can be annoying but can you blame them? YOU raised them. Either hold their feet to the fire or stfu about it. I blame the parents.

  29. Millenials are dumbed down on purpose and bad thing is they’re happy to be that way

  30. "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.."
    Which is something that hasn't been taught/learned.

  31. "I stare at my phone all day. Why don't I have any friends?"

  32. What's their problem with millennials?🤔🤔
    Jealous much??!!

  33. This is not a surprise. Nor is it news.

  34. Nobody wants to be friends with an indoctrinated fascist that isn't even smart enough to know they are an indoctrinated fascist.

  35. I don't need moochers, SJWs and stoners in my life. I don't friend millennials.

  36. Check phones for messages?
    Boy friend porting sms?

  37. Degree of disease?🤔
    What's the disease?
    Millennials 🤗. Psycho generation.

    Face to face interaction. Too fast too furious. Too early.

    Lift up the height of the legs more. View missing. Fox business Paid enough to wear cloths?

  38. They don't know what bathroom to use . They don't know if they should sit or stand to pee . Al they know is . Orange man bad.

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