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Some CEOs suggest dropping degree requirements in hiring

Strategic Wealth Partners President and CEO Mark Tepper and FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell share their thoughts on the future of hiring. #FOXBusiness

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  1. that's so they can hire all the illegals that's coming across the border

  2. You can hire someone who will ask you how to do the job, or you can hire someone who can figure it out and do it better than you! The former wasted years pursuing the degree, the later has been growing and achieving.

  3. Let’s see. Employers say need to a 4-year degree to answer phones. Easy money from lenders that intend to enslave you. College administrators jack tuition into the stratosphere and build climbing gyms and line their pockets.

  4. College degrees should be really hard to get and our silly politicians are trying to make it easier for every idiot to get one.

  5. They are doing this not for ’fairness’ They are doing it because a four year degree from a public university is worthless and not an indicator of even basic literacy.

  6. On the Job training will teach you more in 6 months than 4 years of college, especially in the IT industry!

  7. Just abolish most social sciences fake degrees

  8. so my 4 year degree is now useless?

  9. As someone who works at a mid size university in a non academic roll I have come to the conclusion that colleges themselves have cheapened the value of a college degree. The concept of how to think has been pushed aside by liberal and biased educators in favor of what to think. I heard this quote several years ago " If you know your teachers political affiliation and views then that is a teacher who failed you as a teacher". That is the number one problem in our education system at all levels, teachers with a personal political and social agenda. Two good examples of what's wrong with our education system was brought to our attention just in the past 7 day's, both involved teachers, one a college professor and not sure about the other. Both were recorded on video belittling all cop's, making assumptions and accusations based on the actions of a few cop's, using stereotypes and generalizations without any hard facts and evidence to justify their arguments and one teacher went the extra mile and used numerous racial slurs against the cop that pulled her over. We now have classrooms filled with teachers who are racist, politically biased, have a disdain for America, and shut down anyone who challenges them. I could go on forever about the damage colleges are doing to this country and the younger generation, the media is on the same team as educators. Even law schools have dived into the same cesspool.

  10. College is a scam. Look at AOC. She got a degree. Right.

  11. Nice lets go change these polocies

  12. He forgot to mention the difference between "have", "'ve" and "of".

  13. A degree is not so much of a hurdle, anybody can get one. But then they will then ask for 5 years minimum experience for an entry level job which is stupid. Companies need to give more opportunities to green horns.

  14. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  15. What if they can't perform the job….

  16. NEVER HAPPEN..College is BIG BIG BUSINESS.. They sell virtually worthless diplomas for thousands of dollars and keep professors employed in subjects few would ever register for except they are required courses..STEM degrees are the ones that should require degrees for employment..Other subjects just have internships..

  17. when your competition is not competition, you can't take a job

  18. And yet Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college. Hmmm. 🤔

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