Thursday , September 16 2021
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Some Health Care Workers Choosing Not To Get Covid Vaccine

Across the country, about 1 in 4 health care workers still aren’t vaccinated against Covid-19. NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez speaks with a group of them in North Carolina to find out why. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Some Health Care Workers Choosing Not To Get Covid Vaccine


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  1. I remember when Kamala Harris said she wasn't getting the vaccine when Trump was president.

  2. They are the Frontline death toll bringers.

  3. Some! …More like "Most" are refusing it.

  4. They might as well go ahead and mandate religion while they're at it lol.

  5. the reporter is braindead.

  6. The CDC never lies what they say is medical doctrine.

  7. In the meantime we thank these four brain surgeons for treating people suffering from COVID because they haven't been vaccinated. Unbelievable…and the odds are one of these four will contract this virus. And very likely Trumpers all.

  8. As the saying goes, there is no vaccine for stupidity.

  9. If you get covid, you will likely have far worse long term effects than those you fear from the vaccine. And worse you might die.

    Unfortunately many wont come to this reasoning until they are infected.

  10. Ummmm……from what I've heard the CDC has no power to do squat. The FDA hasn't even approved of the shots.

  11. How many of them eat McDonald's on a daily basis though LOL.

  12. That mayor is a real tool! If the CDC says it's safe well then it must be safe. Why would they lie? $$$$$$

  13. I'd rather get a vaccine that has been proven by medical professionals to be safe than get a virus that has been proven by medical professionals to be unsafe.
    But I guess it really comes down to who people trust and I'd trust professionals over random people with their nonfactual opinions

  14. 14 years … this nurse doesn't want a Covid vaccine unless its been tested for 14 years?!

  15. Americans need to unite as a nation to fight this enemy. United we stand. Divided we fall. Those are the facts

  16. Him: When did everybody get a medical degree?
    Us: When did the cdc become our mama

  17. What makes this MRNA a vaccine in the first place? If you go by the 2018 standards for a vaccine, what makes this MRNA a vaccine? They stripped away all liability, so it can now be called whatever…

  18. LOL "12 to 14 years before it comes to human"?! Well, how long those lipsticks and makeup have been tested before you decided to pay for it and put them on? You need to provide us these women's credential before showing us this interview. What's their religious and political background. It's obvious that the women have well-rehearsed what to say.

  19. Quite sad. Our education system is failing.

  20. Compromise is the process in which neither person gets what they want.

  21. Sounds like heart-centered, highly intuitive, intelligent (mentally and emotionally), fully present/mindful, wise, authentic, courageous, honest, and assertive women with healthy boundaries—qualities that this world needs more of in order to create balance and harmony within our individual and Collective Consciousness. The COVID-19 virus is a Cosmic blessing in disguise that's been slowing down interconnected Life—to somehow disrupt the energizer bunny on crack, super busy lifestyle of DOING DOING AND DOING (overly logical mind centered), rather than BEING at times (Heart-centered). It has been continually mutating, and humanity has been doing its best to catch up with its unpredictable pace and state of mysterious existence (that also has a Divine Purpose, like all other parts of Life). However COMMA until we go DEEP within—noticing, recognizing, acknowledging, honoring, unconditionally embracing, transmuting, healing, and integrating into WHOLE self/Self the male and female energies within—we will continue to co-create (as a NOT awake Collective) various DIS-EASES and other forms of DOWNFALLS within our world. The ultimate SOLUTION is within our inner world; and our outer world will gradually, eventually, and even rapidly (at times) MIRROR whatever changes and transformations take place (negative or positive, the choice is ours).

  22. We have been told so many differing OPINIONS about covid, masks, and vaccines that we are confused and they expect us to trust what they are saying now. A saying that appears to be applicable is "Thou Dost Protest too much. Whether you are vaccinated or not, you still can transmit so why not just let the cards fall where they may and let us live our lives as we see fit. Stop with the gestapo tactics.

  23. Honestly, I can respect their reasons for not getting vaccinated since at least the are making sound arguments, but who knows if they are others who oppose it and at least are giving a smarter answer. It still is sad that medicine has been used as another political battleground to sow even more division.

  24. And Pfizer is set to 'persuade' the FDA to give approval of the Pfizer covid-19 vaccine as early as next year – waiving the normal vaccine approval time which is 5 to 7 years. Thus they are seeking 2 years rather than a minimum of 5 years. Or did the governments lie about covid-19 and give the vaccine companies information as early as 2017?

  25. Smart women! We need more people like this!

  26. I mean…is it real?…is this interview real? Is my butt looking fat? But, is it real?
    Is it really?????
    These women are pathetic.

  27. You'd be surprised how many "healthcare" workers have NO science background! Being a nurse does not equate to being broadly educated. Rather, they are limited in their curricula, and thus should be ignored. These are Trumpers, plain and simple. Let them eat cake, so to speak.

  28. this is called "But I heard…." syndrome….. But I heard on Fox news it hasn't been tested. But I heard it still doesnt protect you. But I heard…..

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