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Some Navy SEALs speak out about pardon of Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagher | ABC News

The Navy SEAL team members reportedly told investigators they complained about Gallagher but said they were ignored.

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  1. Only in America will some idiot have sympathy for ISIS a group that killed hundreds if not tens of thousands of innocent people.

  2. U🐀S🐀A
    Out of Mexico !
    Trump loony 🤪

  3. Not suprising AT ALL. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  4. This is how USA bully’s countries … No justice for all people USA 🇺🇸 killed

  5. Would love to see the bastard hung for those vile acts. Brutally murders a fucking kid who at the end of the day was just following orders.

  6. Scorched earth, the muslim blacks did it in constantinople. .

  7. LOCK HIM UP! psycho killer, he LIKES it, he's SICK. sad

  8. The whole war in Iraq was illegal so why worry about this? The number of useless unjustified wars started by America with innocent people killed makes this not news.
    What about Hiroshima? It was WW2 (a more justified war) but the number of innocents killed was staggering.

  9. And some wonder why countries vow their lives to retaliate against the USA.
    We are not executioners– we need to be protectors.


  11. trumptard pardons criminals because HE is a criminal, FAT TONY??


  13. Imagine how many more of these war criminals are in our battlefields

  14. The president did the right thing.

  15. Somethings are left unsaid until judgement day.

  16. Seems he is a sick bullying bastard lets hope karma strikes him

  17. Obama pardoned a convicted domestic terrorist . What's worse ?

  18. If i go to war again i want Eddie watching my back a true patriot and thank you Mr Trump for backing us up.

  19. A teenage boy is alive before the camera turns off, suddenly he's dead with this asshole posing with his corpse, what does Trump think happened? This is clearly a murder

  20. A serial killer who shot at 12-year-old kids, women, and civilians and who stabbed to death someone who is wounded and not a current threat. Trump's kinda hero.

  21. Ret. seal Jessie Ventura sued seal chris kyle for defamation after kyle raosted him in his book, and punching him in the face..we still dont know who was telling the truth.

    SEAL brandon webb and SEAL chris osman went after each other in court and made threats to each other. Still dont know who was in the wrong.

    Seal Eric Greitens had multiple seals go after him for embellishing is trident in politics.

    2 SEALs who were on the bin laden raid claimed that Robert O'Neill did not shoot bin laden and said he exaggerated his part in the op.

    Not saying i know what went down in the Eddie Gallagher case, but as you can see,,, SEALs do go after each other.

  22. Insane. This is a desensitised psychopath that should be put behind bars for the rest of his life and not walk the streets amongst other regular people.

  23. That guy is not a good person. I'm not one to talk about our military but when something's not right it isn't. His actions after trump stepped in further confirms this

  24. Retired child murderer 🤬 It even pisses me off seeing this piece of deranged 💩 in uniform in this piece.
    Any SEAL, retired or active, supporting Crazed45 or this insane “Navy SEALs made up the story due to not wanting to do hard work” narrative doesn’t deserve to be in uniform either, much less wearing the trident. Defending a weak, ball-less criminal thug -45 or Gallagher-is a laughable joke.

  25. Jail him the American public is now endanger with a sick man on the streets.

  26. What we should be questioning, is what made Gallagher want to kill civilians? It’s one of the most stressful jobs in the world if you think about it.

  27. This man is an animal, the Trump is too.

  28. What's wrong with america??? Now they pardon criminals and psychopath? Smh how long is this going to keep happening, "America" died when that racist moron became president.

  29. Soooi,NCIS needs to check thier own……

  30. Sometimes, I sure do hope that Hell exist

  31. Gallagher is dishonorable and corrupt, just like his President. No thanks for your service.

  32. LOL.  President Trump has his back.  U fucking leftist ABC.  THey don't make REAL MEN like Gallagher!!  The other pussie seals are snowflakes.  What pussies!!!

  33. You have to be morally corrupt to posed with a dead body.

  34. The original crime is the war to begin with (ie invading iraq)

  35. Donald Trump doesn't play the fiddle, does he? History can't repeat itself, can it? Let's hope not… To do something trivial and irresponsible in the midst of an emergency; legend has it that while a fire destroyed the city of Rome, the emperor Nero played his violin, thus revealing his total lack of concern for his people and his empire. I wonder if Charlie Daniels is a Republican? I am not sure if the devil still lives in Georgia or not. LOL

  36. #TRUMP Maby now you'll acknowledge the horrific slaughter of the men of the USS LIBERTY by Israel…… I won't hold my breath…..

  37. His wife most be like sm

  38. Hmmm, I wonder what Trump has in mind for Eddie, " I have a favor to ask of you, though."

  39. What sort of individual saws the head off another person with a knife !!?? In normal societies we call them psychopaths. Didn't Jeffrey Dammar get life in prison for the same thing !!!

  40. BULLSHIT. years after the fact this emerges.

  41. No way did six Navy SEALS make this up. Eddie may have been a good guy at one time, he’s nothing but a war criminal now. And if you can’t see the dotard in chief for what he truly is, then you live in a bubble.

  42. And stop calling him an ISIS teenage fighter ! What proof is there ? He’s 12 ! Does that excuse a grown man stabbing him ? Is this justice ! Probably a kid defending his country and family ! What the fuck is the US army doing in Iraq anyways ! Did they not say “ no weapons of mass destruction” ! Why are they still occupying Iraq ?

  43. He’s a coward ! Plain and simple ! Killing an unarmed kid …. he will get what’s coming to him

  44. Sounds like a dem talking point !

  45. Great soldier ! Thank you Mr President ! That’s war !

  46. You don’t want to believe that do you I had a bad experience in the Navy hospital in San Diego Harbor horrible experience finally killed me myself and I’m not Arian

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