Sources say Trump left ‘furious’ over mid-term projections

Sources said former President Donald Trump was “furious” after projections for the midterm elections showed that at least 14 of his chosen candidates were likely to lose. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #midtermelections #election #abcnews #abcnews #worldnewstanight

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. FTX Democrat Laundering Money Machine.

  2. So did all those Trump candidates have their elections stolen as well?

  3. Good, ignore him and will implode

  4. People vote – it's that simple! If you won, it's easy to know why. If you lost, it's easy to know why. When Republicans win, they're fawning all over each other celebrating themselves, not the voters. It's all about them and it's all about power, it ain't about the voters or any policies that help them. Republicans love it when they win and they sure hate it when they lose. Reducing support for Trump is the only way to get rid of him. Take away the things he craves and matter most to him – attention and adulation – and he won't know what to do with himself.

  5. The press consistently called out the lies almost like a plan. Why can’t they allow the reader to decide on the lie. The subtitle is so boring.

  6. Is there any American who knows what Trumpism or Trumpery is ??? It's Donald Trump or Donald Duck. If that's not clear the fat old fogey in the suit with the "red neck" tie who can't help himself for the want of helping himself.

  7. Oh my goodness, they are still so afraid the man is gonna run in 2024 that they’re using snippets and creating their own theories just so they can discredit the guy, give it up already and deal with the moron you’ve got in the oval office as we speak

    ( *and Dirty Depends )👎❗❗

  9. Re: DeSantis: Why does a woman who smiles and grooms like a top model, marry a guy who looks like a thumb?

  10. that's lies and bullshit …

  11. Trump crazy unbelievable he is a lunatic beyond crazy can’t control himself he can hold himself he’s not human

  12. Biden has been very smart tactically;bringing student debit relief,Supporting abortion rights,and highlighting that 10,000,000 new jobs have been created in the past 2 years.He is very appealing to the younger voters and this was his winning card in this big game of high stakes.The GOP did nothing to attract the younger voters.

  13. When isn't Dotard fuming?? A normal person would have a stroke, this loser is 🦇 💩 LOCO time to lock him up in a padded room, when he croaks donate his abnormal brain to a mental illness study. Afterwards his family can put it in a mud hole on the back nine at the S hole mar Lago.

  14. I hope he was so mad that he picked up the BenGay instead of the Preparation H.

  15. Are these Reporters forgetting that they are talking about This Country's own GOP Domestic terrorist? Jan 6 insurrectionist? They have not paid for all the deaths, pain and hate they have caused. Trump did not put a weapon to their heads and made them do ANYTHING. They were glad that he made it possible for them to come out of the closet and not having to pretend that they are human beings.

  16. Where the maga lovers??? Very quiet, sad the ship is sinking…… more lol!

  17. Fattest big tit loser lol so much losing

  18. Trump the stupid coward idiot os good for nothing.

  19. Forget about trump the sissy, he is history.

  20. Fake news covering for cheating democrats again…..

  21. The Criminal Con is ALWAYS fuming about something! Nothing unusual for a Toddler!

  22. Donnie Chumps no golden touch – touch of dust yes – LOL!

  23. I am giddy with joy Trumpty Dumpty is fuming. He deserves everything that is happening to him!

  24. I prefers an ex presdident who does not deny his losses.

  25. Sources………they know how low the IQ is of their viewers

  26. Wilbur my dog felt the same.