Sunday , January 23 2022
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Special Report: Two Mass Shootings In 13 Hours Leave 29 People Dead | NBC News

In the span of 13 hours, two separate mass shootings have hit El Paso, Texas and Dayton Ohio, leaving 29 people dead in the aftermath.

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Special Report: Two Mass Shootings In 13 Hours Leave 29 People Dead | NBC News


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  1. it's hard to feel sorry for them now because it happens so regularly in the US

  2. More shooting hoaxes and lies people.  Whats really going on behind closed doors?

  3. It feels like it's fake did yall payed actors

    How much did they payed you

  4. Why nobody not call it Terrorist

  5. thx for shopping at Walmart, pls come again.

  6. My God……what is happening to the world?

  7. The media and celebrities like Mark Walburg have so much influence. Why don’t you denounce this White nationalist behavior?

  8. We have to teach the evolving diversity of our society

  9. Only in America and dumb people still wonder why because all the gun issues. I wonder why other countries don't have this problem hmmmmm

  10. This is all planned to take weapons away from Americans !! Be prepared

  11. One in Dayton a Leftist extremist and the El Paso a rightist extremist. Notice how the media treats both!

  12. Government's (deep state) plot to ban guns in the US? brainwash an individual..send him out on a killing spree..shoot him after the job is done and start questioning his motive…a diversion from espteins case?…its an ugly world.

  13. This too will soon be forgotten by the Democrats. Then we can talk about important agenda like slave reparations!!!!!😂

  14. Why do people do this for God's sake?! Just murdering your fellow human beigns for no reason stricking forever pain and sadness in the lives of their families and loved ones

  15. ha ha ha a time to rejoice commences…….
    as if the native Americans didn't when they attacked settlers out in the plains.

  16. The war in Afghanistan,Palestine,Iraq,Syria,Yemen,Ukraine,Kashmir… that's ongoing isn't that affect the children and affects their mind illness which then they take arms in hand or what they are saying in USA that all these mass shooters are sick mind illness not terrorist …

  17. Now what was that stuff in the news ? Ebstien what s his name ? Ohh water under the bridge ! Come on 3000 people in wall Mart at one time ! Perhaps 200 or 3 hundered if that ! Let's c isle 1, 2 and 3 closed, no sales person at the sports department , the electronic department can t find a soul ? Hmm 3000 peeps maybe are just window shopping at " wall Mart " don't u ! Lol. The line would b aporx . at the minimum 3000 peeps x let's say 2.5 feet between each ?.hmm 6000 feet ish like over a mile long standing in line ?.!! What noncence !

  18. These crimes are committed by what we call "lesser narcissists". They have no emotion for others and act in a self-centered, foolish, and cowardly manner due to the low levels of activity in brain called the amygdala. Therefore, they fear no consequences.

  19. Maybe if people were more kind to each other and stop treating the "weakest" like trash then these shootings wouldn't occur..

  20. the police can not protect you until they arrive. this why im always armed and ready.

  21. They say, "You reap what you sow", America is having a taste of her own medicine. If you make a mess in other helpless & weak nations, God will do the same to you one way or the other.

  22. America what you sow in a child's heart is what you will reap violent video games is the cause of this also children think it's okay to play these video games and then go out and try it wake up America you will learn one day I blame the parents of all these children out here acting like idiots for letting them play violent killing games that's okay you ignore my words and our children will continue to act like they act they play video games that show killing they take guns to school what do you expect. I think it's time that a lot of you parents LED your children to the Lord.

  23. The government should take every opportunity to study these killers: their DNA, their brain chemistry. Look for a fatal mutation or DNA anomaly. No normal person would even think of doing this. They are defective humans. It is just a matter of finding the defect or mutated gene. They should even try an exorcism to measure that result. Do everything possible to detect and find the flaw so a test can be developed for all people, so these incredibly dangerous humans can be found early.

  24. It is sad to see this happen again. One day people are going to have to wake up and do something about this. Yes, a gun was involved but how is it you get people that don't need a gun using it. Maybe you should look back at all the troubled pasts of all these gunmen and you will probably notice they all have certain things in common like having a troubled family life….one parent home…bullied in school…low self esteem from being bullied and some others I didn't list. This all starts in the home and how you raise your kids. In an era of parents that would rather give their kid an Ipad or video game and don't interact with their kids is just sad. Kids love attention and when they don't get it then it just leads to social problems later on. Come on America, together you can change this just by the way you interact with your kids to build their self esteem so they can be a vital success to society.

  25. When will the congress and senate realize that the problem is mental health, and allow the medical information bureau to give mental health information to the FBI. This would stop mental people from passing background checks

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