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SPILLING THE TEA ☕ Q&A & Answering Your Assumptions About Me! // Fashion Mumblr

SPILLING THE TEA ☕ Q&A & Answering Your Assumptions About Me!
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  1. High maintenance is ok..I am too in some ways…but life is a maintenance !

  2. You are such a lovely person Josie!!! Keep on shining beautiful girl! 💕

  3. this is the most interesting assumptions video I've seen – thanks for a lovely video! Xx

  4. YOU'RE A GREAT VIDEO VLOGGER…..far better than you think….Thanks for all of them….

  5. Oh yes PLEASE, I agree with other viewers, DO a video on the Secret, I to believe in it but find it hard to think positive all the time and allow that ugly negativity to win… PS love watching your videos and find them very inspiring 👍🙋🏻❤️❤️

  6. Puppies 🐶 you are an inspiration! Thank you for being so honest

  7. So cool to hear you did charity work in Tanzania. I’m 19 and I went there last year on an aid trip and am going back this summer. Where did you go? It is such an amazing country!

  8. Plz do more like this! It's so nice to get a sense of what life is like for someone else 🙂

  9. Where did you get ur phonecase from so cute😍

  10. 27 years old ??? I thought you were +48 😳

  11. This was a fun video and I enjoyed hearing a little about you. There where no surprises here, you are as real as it gets! That’s why people come back to your channel ~ there’s no fake selling. You work hard to create great content that matters to your viewers. Keep up the good work and don’t change 🥰👍🏻😁💕💐 we all admire you!

  12. I come from Chiswick, haven't been back in 20 years now, there was a pang of nostalgia! Whereabouts in Chiswick? (if I'm allowed that question)

  13. PUPPIES!!! Thank you for sharing! Its so interesting people have assumptions about people!! Loved your responses to all them! Honest and loving! Cheers!

  14. Puppies! You may have a great life, but you've worked hard for it!! You have the determination and energy that most of us wish we had! Always enjoy your videos! I love the quote you said, about not blowing out someone else's candle to make your own brighter! Awesome!😍

  15. I’d love to see a video on the secret 😊

  16. Fat doesn't make you fat silly, sugar does! 😛

  17. MI6 is better for you since it's the international division.

  18. Wow she's so intriguing!she is into conspiracy theories!i love her

  19. I'm not sure how much I believe that "The Secret" is amazing because positive thinking and its physical and mental benefits have been proven long before the book came out. But I love that you bring positivity to your life and videos, and if that's where you learned about positivity then that's great.

  20. You, darling, are 27 and will be 28 in November this year if you were born in 1991! I just turned 28 in March.

  21. let’s not act like there’s not people/influencers who don’t buy followers, it’s quite sad, pathetic, and desperate but there are people who do it and if that’s not something you do why get so defensive about it just say no I don’t and keep it moving, you look like you were gonna burst an aneurism or something over a simple thing, relax

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