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SPLURGE VS SAVE // Where to Spend – Spring Fashion // #FashionMumblrSpringEdit

SPLURGE VS SAVE // Where to Spend – Spring Fashion!
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Skirts –
Reiss skirt:
Tory Burch skirt:
ASOS satin skirt:

Jewellery –
Mango earrings:
Chloé version:
Topshop necklace:

Shoes –
Tory Burch mules:
Valentino Rockstud heels:
Chloé sandals:

Workwear –
Reiss blazer:

Coats –
Reiss Spring coat:

Jeans –
River Island snake jeans:

Handbags –
Chloé Tess handbag:
Aspinal bag:
Mulberry Bayswater:

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  1. I like that you say that a splurge for one person would be a saving for another person. Always good to hear realistic advice 🙂

  2. Can you do a video on high quality vegan piece? Would love to see what you find!

  3. I recommend to buy knits fron Uniqlo! Which is saving but the quality is really good.

  4. Hi! You seem very down to earth and I agree with everything you said. I feel connected to your videos. You are the only blogger that I subscribed to. I love Chloe as well, it is not in your face expensive but very classy. Classy doesn't mean rich. Rich is not necessarily classy. I agree with you that shoes or a bag makes the outfit. But ultimately, if you feel confident in yourself as a person, you will look good. Have a fabulous day!

  5. At 3:50 with your puppy loyally watching you film – so cute!

  6. Those Chloe sandals omg! I need 😍

  7. Great tips but as I am for 90% wearing jeans and simple T shirts I splurge on them.And I can;t find good fitting jeans at zara or hm.It really depends on someones body type also.For me it s Replay jeans,they love my body.

  8. You can only wear cheap underwear if you are small busted!

  9. Like Emily Beisel's post, I didn't really buy pale clothing "BJ" (before Josie!) – however Josie you have definitely inspired me to change my colour spectrum and have been loving all the cream and rose gold/pinkish additions to my wardrobe, thank you xx

  10. I splurged on swimwear a couple of years ago and honestly the shape of them is so unflattering. My fault of course but just goes to show that just because you pay heaps doesn't mean it's going to be the perfect piece

  11. I would splurge on a pair of sunglasses with uv protection. Also a remedy for aging skin around the eyes.

  12. My splurge is probably your save but I do believe in buying good quality underwear. As a girl with bigger boobs, I can no longer stand bras with too much lace or glitter or rhinestones. Now I stick to comfortable bras in beige and black. They may be a bit more expensive than my "pretty" ones but I feel so much better in them.

  13. Hi, great video! I've seen your video on the mulberry zipped. From your experience, do you find the leather the type to slouch overtime or may lose its shape? I am looking for a workbag but I love a more structured aesthetic. I'm torn between mulberry small zipped or givency small antigona

  14. I really like the video and I agree with many points but a word of caution for example when it comes to saving on jeans: we are talking about veeeeery different price points (save to max with Primark, H&M, River Island, Topshop, up to Levi's and then up again to reformation, citizens of humanity and even higher up). From your channel we all know you don't wear a lot of denim so it might seen like saving but for many spending 90 euros on jeans is already a splurge… And you can feel and see (after 1st wash) the difference between Primark/H&M jeans and Levi's.

  15. I love the look of satin. But i got one of my new satin shirts stained by literally just sneezing on it. I took it to the drycleaners and it still isnt out. I think im gonna avoid buying more sating things, they just don’t last for me

  16. Hi Josie do you have a video talking about where you got you're clothing rail from, thank you, Jade

  17. You are such a positive person! I totally admire that in you and your styling tips are always on point!

  18. Your skin looks so muddy as if you have stains of curry on your skin. Why ruining your skin with that fake 'tan' curry like?

  19. What a fantastic video, helps clarify a lot, this wasn't a topic of conversation when I was growing up, so I just lurched from fashion crisis to crisis. Since starting to watch your channel about three years ago I've realised my personal style and focussed my purchases. All your content and friendly delivery is much appreciated, Josie 🙂

  20. I really enjoy your posts but that background music this time was really distracting, and not in a good way.

  21. I like to splurge on good quality jewelry that isn’t going to tarnish in a few years. I also think that people who wear glasses everyday may want to think about investing in a more expensive pair since it becomes part of their image.

  22. Ladies if your bigger busted PLEASE spend money on premium supportive well fitting bras. Your underwear is sooo important to the look of your outfits…. the structure has to be right. Love your channel Josie. xxx

  23. I love your videos and your pared-back vibe! I have to disagree about not spending good money on jeans, especially if they're worn often. The other thing to consider is that you are very slim and everything looks great on you! Those of us with harder to fit bodies benefit from the fit and quality of more expensive brands. Xoxo, Bibi

  24. What were the dupes for the Valentino Rock studs, please?

  25. I think the way you categorise the things to splurge on and save on is a little bit messy. Sometimes you are talKing about a general type of outfits, while at the other times u talk about one specific trend piece. I just find it a little bit confusing. But still love your style as usual❤️

  26. Great information, thank you for sharing

  27. I totally agree with your choices of splurge vs save. As an older woman in her mid 50s, things that I've splurged on years ago still have a place in my wardrobe until now. I find that muted colors and simple cuts will never go out of style and adding splashes of colors from accessories adds interest to it.

  28. Another lovely video. although best to try trends by thrifting them first – I'm always pleasantly surprised by how many on-trend pieces there are pre-loved. Better than supporting high street retailers who base their entire business model on women buying throw-away trend pieces. Fast fashion is heavy on our earth's limited resources like water, as well as not supporting us as women (there's so much exploitation of working women in the fashion industry).

  29. Great video! But expensive lace IS very different from Topshop lace, so here I have to disagree. What I do is that I buy more expensive lingerie only on sale…and the ones I wear everyday, I keep them simple so I don´t mind once it starts getting a little damaged. Completely agree with the jeans! Especially because jeans chemical treatments are bad for the environment whether the jeans are 30 euro or 300…(more expensive brands don´t make more efforts than cheap brands when garments are made in developing countries)

  30. Hi Josie I splurge on swimwear. Melissa Odabash and Heidi Klein are excellent. I would add Seafolly as well. You can get several summers out of premium swimwear provided you take care of it. I find the material and fit much much better than high street swimwear.

  31. Dexter spotting! 😍. Great point regarding hair, Josie!

  32. I'm so in love with the pink blazer!

  33. Great content as usual! As a curvy woman, I invest in seamless shapewear in nude and neutral colors. They provide essential support and ladylike refinement to your ensemble.

  34. Josie every time I watch your videos I want to redo my wardrobe entirely 😅 i love when you give your opinion and ideas and tips about fashion !
    ❤️ I am so glad I discovered your channel ! ( it has been already at least a year haha )

  35. Hey Josie! I’d really like to see a video about styling for petite girls! Loved this video 💕💕😍😍 xoxo Alix

  36. Completely agree re jeans! They are the cheapest thing I buy. All my jeans are from primark as they are £13, fit me perfectly and allow you to experiment with different styles! Especially black jeans which fade so quickly – primark colour lasts just as long as topshop so why pay more. Plus styled with a Ralph Lauren jumper and some lovely mules who would even know where they are from! X

  37. Loved this ❤️ definitely think river island has the best denim on the high street xx

  38. We love splurging on jewellery like gold diamonds and pearls. I own jewelleries passed on to me by my great grandparents and even my great great grandma…. and will be passing it on to my daughter. For us it’s something which is with you when your times are bad and many a time a single piece of gold jewellery has saved me when my time was rough.

  39. Love your recommendations so far since your style really builds up good basics especially for business attire. Though I would spend more on basic style jeans/denim than skirts since good jeans can really elevate your bum and overall body shape, also they're long lasting and timeless
    ❤️❤️❤️ you Josie!!!

  40. I was going to treat myself to a pochette metis after seeing your bag and freddy's but I couldn't bring myself to do it. 😔 to me underwear is more important. Not that I would go spend hundreds of dollars for one item

  41. you just adorable, classy, and beautiful lady, love from Algeria

  42. Love your videos. Are there any other coat retailers aside from Reiss that have good quality coats but aren't so expensive for people that have different currency?

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