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SPRING FASHION HAUL 🌸 ASOS, Tory Burch, Reiss // #FashionMumblrSpringEdit

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I’m Wearing:
Headband –
Dress –


Hairclips –
Broderie Trousers –
Blue Porcelain Dress –
Long Shirt Dress –
(shirt dress styled with bow shoes – and basket bag by Polene)
Zimmerman Dupe Skirt –
Matching Top –
Tiered Dress –
White Jeans –
Broderie Anglais Blouse –
Mint Dress –
Star Print Dress –
Cream Smart Trousers –
Blazer –

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  1. I really do like you and respect your content but please try to stop with or lower the frequent fast fashion hauls 🙁 out of the people I’m subscribed to you seem to post the most and they’re almost always from places like topshop, Zara, H&M, ASOS, etc. that aren’t exclusively the problem of such frequent buying but are definitely the culprit. I know those are the videos that do really well as those places are popular but there’s just too much to be said about adding to the promoting of this behaviour.

  2. Interesting that hair clips are making a comeback from the 90’s I wonder if butterfly clips will make a comeback as well

  3. Oh! Love the blue and white dress.
    The Tory Birch dress however, is trying to be two things at once and succeeding at neither. The top is a shirt dress style (slightly on the masculine side), while the bottom has the drop waist (which is too low) with the feminine lacy skirt part that clashes stylistically with the slightly stiffer cuffed sleeves and collar.
    The white holiday duo; very very nice (the lacy eyelet look is so you!).
    OMG, the white Reiss jeans!! and with that smashing white lacy top! That's my favorite outfit here. (I went and looked at Reiss jeans. Way out of my league price wise. Never mind. They are gorgeous!).
    The long mint-white dress with the birds … it doesn't look as if it fits properly but I'm not sure why. Nor does it do anything for you. It's high Victoriana! (Not the game).
    Oh… the cream-white suit is very rich indeed. I'm in agreement with everyone here that it's stunning on you. BUT also think it's very expensive and IF YOU WON'T GET A LOT OF WEAR out of it (preferring dresses for events), I too would take it back. Better than anyone else, YOU know your style. (But it is stunning! Sorry. We are all 'at you' with this one!)
    Great job, Josie.

  4. I LOVE THE HAIRBAND!!!! (I've always liked my hair away from my face). It's a very 'classic' look and it suits you.

  5. That Reiss dress you’re wearing makes my mouth water and heart sing. It’s just perfect. The print is so, so beautiful.

  6. The Blue porcelain dress Josie, where is that from, tried to click on the link and some of the clothes are not taking you to where it’s from. Thx. Luv. Karen. Xxxx. You look amazing in all those clothes. 👌👌👌👌

  7. What would you wear under the delicate white sand 2 piece?

  8. I like your clothes rack, so stylish

  9. I’ve watched all of the videos and loved them!!! ❤️

  10. In my opinion, the trouser set is going really strong, I really love my new set… I agree the price is really high for one jacket but that cream colour ensemble suited you perfectly! Hope you keep it for special occasions, I wore my navy trouser suit with white stripes to a wedding 😉

  11. The white sand set is beautiful!!! Definitely for holidays but you could wear the skirt with summer light sweater(short sleeves) or spaghetti string tops 😉

  12. I can understand why you want to return the blazer – I would do the same – but nevertheless it suits you rather beautifully and the colour would work with so many articles of your clothing. I think I like the creamy pants the most and you will get so much joy out of them.

  13. Yammering on, apparently just wants to hear herself talk for 4 minutes before we see something. Turn off the volume and fast forward if you're here to see clothes, not a yammering woman carrying on and on and on.

  14. Wow amaizing colors …..everything you buy is beautiful ….love your style

  15. Absolutely beautiful collection! The white skirt, Ted Baker dress!

  16. watched the whole spring edit:)))

  17. The Reiss suit looks AMAZING on you!

  18. The Ted Baker dress is a little too loose for you.

  19. I love the sheer tops but in America normal people cant show their bras in public and at work so we would have to wear a camisole.

  20. Love the all white out fit the top and skirt

  21. BTW- I found all the wedding looks on your other channel, thanks for that as well!

  22. I definitely need those Reiss pants. Another great video, thanks!

  23. Love the Tiered dress.. So absolutely adorable on you.

  24. I loved this edit!! I really loved every single video you created for this season, thank you for your hard work Josie!

  25. Everything is pink,it’s not interesting

  26. Hi Josie. I wanted to thank you for your amazing content. As a South African woman of colour, you and I do not have much in common aesthetically, but your wardrobe and styling ideas are nonetheless so inspirational and have in many ways allowed me to think about what I wear more delicately and intellectually, so thank you so much!

  27. I agree about the blazer…Yes!! Great pieces! Great style! 🤩💕🛍

  28. I love the flower reiss dress you’re wearing. But sadly i cannot spend €274,21 on a dress. Wich i had that budget.. 😔

  29. First what a lovely video. I really love your content. But what blouse are you wearing with the cream pantalon? It's so beautiful. Well, all your clothes are. Thank you for inspiring me:)

  30. What is the lipstick you are wearing?

  31. Josie, Yes, I enjoyed the entire series of Spring Fashion Edit 🌷🐝🌹 🌻🐞… The Reiss Blazer is "pricey" but, Girlfriend you didn't look like "a boss"… You looked like "The BOSS" Big Time!!!
    Strong/Sexy… Powerful/Pretty… Feminine w/Fire You looked HOT!!! Does "The Secret" align with any of this!?!?

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