Statue unveiled in Boston honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King

Hank Willis Thomas, the artist behind the “The Embrace” statue, joins ABC News Live to discuss the legacy of Dr. King Jr. and the meaning behind his new sculpture. #mlk #mlkday #martinlutherkingday #statue #monument #sculpture #abcnews #abcnlupdate

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I'm sorry but this just looks like a pair of black hands holding a giant penis it borders on being obscene. It in forces the believe that men think with their dicks.

  2. Is this a way to not honour a black Man? It doesnt even show who It Is? 🤷

  3. I can’t tell what it is? Is it turds?

  4. 😂😂😂😂 this is the dumbest most ugliest monument I’ve ever seen. Someone needs to stop that man from making anymore monuments.

  5. I looked over the website of Hank Thomas but saw paintings and only minimal sculptures thin and very 2D but all good material. But sculptures are 3D and every possible angle must be scrutized. Henry Moore is a prime example in this case. Since 1/2 the visitors see lewd angles I will bet that this will be replaced by with a new version by Thomas (and friends from Italy?) once the rest of the city complains enough. Why not? Back to the workshop. It's a touching concept of the embrace in the front.

  6. Without heads it could be anyone, never mind how it looks from other angles. DISGUSTANG

  7. I'm just not (I said not) seeing how this represents MLK, nor seeing how anyone anywhere would say that it honors anyone at all. Abstract I get, but in this case I'd say there's an "Intentional need for Exact Representation" by all means; otherwise, it's just an object, an abstract guess, a lump or an over-priced paper-weight that's blocking a view, more like a Secret Santa gift you'd give to a disgruntle co-worker. Did they say $10M for this? Take a survey and discover how many would suggest melting it down, immediately, … this evening if possible.

  8. I've seen dogshit that looks better !

  9. I like it. Many people dont like it but I do. Why wouldnt somebody like it – there was never in history a time where you can publicly dispaly a statue of a giant penis to be seen by everyday people and families walking by with kids. In my opinion it gives people something to laugh about and reaction of people looking at it really represents reaction of normal people towards woke concept. I like it. 🙂 We need more like this. I respect MLK and what he was standing for and I have to say Im glad this statute does not make people even think direction of MLK as that would be embarrassing and disrespectful towards MLK. Great work artist – you made people talk about your work – this is what real artist should intend to do and explain his own work right?

  10. Thats a really bad angle in thumbnail…

  11. Fine line between art and junk

  12. Why could they not just do a nice bust of Martin Luther king jr. And his wife?? This statue looks totally wierd, especially on other side views.

  13. It makes you think more deeply about what the hell it’s suppose to be. It doesn’t make you think of the great Martin Luther king at all. I sculpt and it’s because of crap like this taking over art that is the reason I dropped out of Art school and changed my major.

  14. That is the most gawd awful piece of sh….work I have ever seen. Does a lot of disservice to MLK.

  15. I am an Artist and if they change the color it may look better. Get rid of the centerpiece and keep the arms, put a body in the center with a head. Did I just change the statue…

  16. Dr. King preached empowerment, not entitlement. He worked to raise up a people, not at the cost of anyone else, but to truly raise them up. I believe that is part of why he was killed. Now in effigy, he is a faceless lump, stripped of identity, and even gender. Naturally a heterosexual embrace cannot be celebrated in the current "Pride" culture. When you have to desecrate, strip away and obliterate someone with a message as powerful and wonderful as Dr. King, you're on the wrong side of things.

  17. From the back end it looks like she is holding and embracing MLK D***…I can't take that out of my mind at all once I seen that

  18. It shows what PRIDE they have

  19. That is [without ANY doubt] the most bizarre "work of art" I have ever seen.

  20. I have a dream, that one day someone will make a statue of my arms holding a giant limp penis

  21. The artist who made this must have been pretty high and drunk at the time. Lol

  22. I had no idea MLK was so well endowed.