Saturday , July 4 2020
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Stephanie Grisham: Dems want to 'divide America' with impeachment

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham discusses the partisanship surrounding the Democrats’ impeachment efforts, the strong U.S. economy and the ‘soaring’ stock market.

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  1. President Trump feels like it's a lynching and he's absolutely understandable. The ones that need to be lynched are Pelosi, Schiff, Hillary, Schumer, Biden, Obama, Omar, Tliab, Waters and Cortez that have worked to divide America. They all need to be sent to a prison in Russia!

  2. The dicey part of 2020 is that the Dems are defending twelve Senate seats while we defend twenty-three. Neither California nor New York have a senate seat up. That means all their money can be used to meddle in other States. That means everyone has to man their oar and row together. Now, not in November.


  4. Idiotic Democrats are being shown by Trump how to run an economy and they just can't stand it. The American people made the right choice at the last election.

  5. Lou Dobbs a man of integrity love ya Lou

  6. The Ukrainian nothing burger comes with no drink and no fries

  7. just have to fight fire with fire, pummel the left

  8. JOIN THE “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  Communist Putin’s Russian Security Services promote propaganda (Undermining Democracies Worldwide) through President Trump, Trump Administration, Fox News Commentators, Republican Party. They create doubt, reservations, practice denial, avoidance, rationalization, innuendo, and spin of facts, truth, and reality. The reality is they are the hoax, deep state, swamp, and quicksand.  Just read Heida Blake’s “From Russia with Blood”.  Let’s empower ourselves Americans by stepping up with our “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  All of them mentioned above need to go home to Communist Putin’s Russia today!  They can all live in Trump Tower Moscow. We the people no longer want them in our country. “GET OUT NOW”!

  9. Schiff's "Treason 2020" is a remake of George Michael's "Freedom 90" hit song.

    "I won't let let you down" (impeachment Democrats)

    "I will not give you up" (unending false accusations)

    "Gotta have some faith in the sound" (entrust pathological liar)

    "It's the one good thing that I've got" (complete lack of ethics or morals)

    "So please don't give me up" (keep me as head of the House Intelligence Committee)

    "Because I would really, really love to stick around" (please don't remove me for treason, my chambers of corruption are necessary for the 'swamp' to survive)

    "Oh, yeah" (join Satan for Lord anyone)

    "All we have to do now
    " (leads the fraudulent whistle blowers, witnesses, impeachment hearings – complete Hollywood production)
    "Is take these lies and make them true somehow" (false narratives and hearsay accusations while protecting Corrupt 'Quid Pro Joe')

    "All we have to see" (believe fake news, discard truth)

    "Is that I don't belong to you" (Pelosi – "Trump is imposter President")

    "And you don't belong to me" (Democrats – "Trump is not our President")


    Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Divide the nation and conquer no matter the consequences "Civil War?". Schiff's conviction for Treason 2020!

  10. I like this lady Stephanie Grisham well spoken we the people understand the dems want socialism we don't F Pelosi and her radical agenda.


  12. Stating the obvious but bet Trump collects a lot of people in the centre along the way!

  13. Dem Socialist Party are nothing but domestic terrorist, staged in the highest offices in our Govt. We the ppl have to clean house. Enough of their BS!

  14. If Trump's working, I'm working.,-)

  15. why don't you all report to all of US on Pelosi's son. As well as Biden's son. I have heard that Pelosi's son is getting PAID via corrupt Ukraine and possibly Chinese businesses too! We all voted Trump in office to Drain the Swamp and to Build that Wall. POTUS is doing that. The Swamp is fighting him left and right. That's what this is about.

  16. All Dems have accomplished is pissing off 63 million gun owners…..sleep well pelosi, schumer, schiff, and nadler…….sleep tight

  17. This coup attempt will fail again , a lot of my democrat friends and family will vote for Trump 2020

  18. Hey Stephanie do you know why President Trump does not wear glasses?? Because he’s got 2020… vision!!! Lol ya baby!

  19. DEMOC rats are destroying America

  20. If they devide the country they can all go live in New California. Where Dems go to to retire and think they are ruling the WORLD. 😅😅😅🤪

  21. I just don’t understand how these DemoRats could get away with such blatant lies and nonsense all because they are determined to overthrow a duly elected President which should be a crime,and they should be held accountable ! These people from day one said they were going to “ Impeach 45 “ insight riots etc yet they can now get away with doing exactly what they said they were going to do without any reason, so they planted their “ Insurance policy “ in the White House to trap the President,but it did not work, because God is in charge ,and they are all going “to fall on their swords” talk on themselves. May God continue to protect ,guide and bless our great President .

  22. Obama already divided Americans, that happened during HIS time in office.

  23. Pelosi has adopted the Russians scorched earth policy they acted on in WWII to stop the German invasion she means to trash the economy rather than give Trump another win for America.
    There's no reason why USMCA shouldn't pass Americans care about jobs Nancy your already rich we need to work.

  24. Putin 2020 we don’t need trump Putin is the boss

  25. I think it will be much more interesting in the senate during the swamp draining.

  26. Daycare Democrats raised without the morals or love of their families.

  27. How can one party of these rats keep doing this to America splitting people into tribes causing division and maybe a civil war if they are not stopped.

  28. GREAT Economy – JOBS more than people to fill them and the Demu-COMMUNIST keep saying how horrible that is what a SHAM!!!

  29. JOBS for AMERICANS is bad for the Deum-COMMUNIST as they want the economy to crash how horrible is that???? TRUMP 2020

  30. The Impeacement is going to be the downfall of the entire Democratic party!!
    Look at our economy and then you can can give ALL the credit to PRESIDENT TRUMP 🙏 💓
    Unemployment is down lower than any other President this is Historical!!

  31. Stephanie you are right he is the 1st president who has kept his promise and the1st to put America first in a very long time. It's almost like he has Ab Lincoln's bloodline in him. Go Trump🇺🇲

  32. TRUMP Is blocking their NWO agenda plans that Hillary was going to fulfill but that plan backfired to.😂

  33. Thank you for honest journalism. Much different from some of your Fox Friends….

  34. Hey Nadler……WAKE UP…….your missing the clowns.

  35. If you meet a person who is a very clear drug addict and he asks you for $10 do you think he just might use it to buy more drugs, he will of course so why would you give aid to a corrupt country, it would be abused right. Now if your addict gets clean and needs $10 to help pay his rent that might be ok as long as you know he is being truthful, so you do a few checks on the new situation and you find it is worth the risk so you give them aid, that of course was the Ukraine situation.

  36. LOL….Most understated headline ever… let me help out… if they ouster Trump…the civil war is on. The Republicans better GTFO of the way because you will be to blame for letting our nation get to this point ON YOUR WATCH. If they do not succeed, there us NOT going to be any kissing and making up. Republicans ate to blame for that as well. Now you have at least an idea why we elected Trump over ALL the others. Because you stood by and wstchwd this develop, some even participated. Pray we keep our attention on the most immediate threat, csuse you're next. You have the opportunity to fix your mess. Do it.

  37. Wtf😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. She's gorgeous. Thats all I got.

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