Monday , January 25 2021
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Stimulus will probably include $600 per person, unemployment boosts: Rep. Wenstrup

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, discusses what the stimulus package will most likely include and making vaccinations mandatory. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Wondering why people ages 17-26 are being left out of the stimulus packages, they're either fully supporting themselves or they're a dependent, it makes absolutely no sense they'd be left out, if anything they should get double this time. Is the govt trying to keep the college aged kids upset so they'll keep raising hell. Something shady going on.
    I believe the money that's going to other countries isn't part of the $900,000,000.00 covid stimulus deal, it's beening added to the yearly budget then they added the covid stuff making the total bill a 2.3 trillion dollar deal in order to get it passed sooner & keeps the government from shutting down.
    Idk why they're sending so much money out of the country when our own people are starving, bunch of idiots. Maybe some of the money's for loan payments or could just be right in our face thievery. Why does the Smithsonian need a billion dollars right now when people are going hungry & losing everything. Bunch of bs. Many others beside the Smithsonian getting money before we the people. I don't think that museums going to starve but we the people are going without 😎


  3. Nancy Pelosi got the illegals there $600 stimulus because they had the ITM Card And left out the senior dependents that’s why you didn’t get the whole 1200

  4. It took them months 2 give $600 ,I could have done that sleeping

  5. They will have a real fight if they try and make that poison mandatory. There was no need to grant emergency use for these vaccines when there’s plenty of medicine that works that they ignored to give us this gift of poison when the recovery rate is 99. %

  6. So many are out of work and you give them barley a months rent?

  7. Nasty selfish greedy jerks!!!! Killing Americans! Where is retroactive?????????

  8. I want an immunity to socialism pill with mine.

  9. Don’t give in! Do not get the vaccine!

  10. You can thank Wisconsin politician RON JOHNSON for blocking the $1200 checks. That's why it's $600 instead.

  11. 600? They should close the congress and pay zero to Nancy and gang there. We pay their salary to help people and the only thing they do is crewing us. Unbelievable!!!!


  13. This $600 direct payment is only good as a 'good will' gesture but unless its $1200+ or a follow up stimulus is passed in January, the market is going to fall out to the foundation and the jobs market along with it. You could try and work for yourself but what good would it do when nobody has the means to pay you for whatever your business may apply and government is knocking on your vehicle window, taking your only means to work, because you lack updated tags and mountains of required insurances/bonds that cant be afforded.

  14. About the $1,200 stimulus checks

  15. I DONT WANT A STIMULAS!!! I WANT MY BUSINESS OPEN!!!! ..good God..I have had enough

  16. I've never taken the flu shot and I will not take Corona shot, mandatory or not. Why is it called a shot anyway? Very suspicious. Isn't it an inoculation?

  17. My maths comes out to 2,500 per American. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Where’s the rest going?

  18. Make it mandatory to take the vax AND also sterilize all those who are the highest consumers of resources (the mechanism of higher education and their doctrines upon graduation) Society does not need people who can count past 100 of make six figs. Or so the logic goes.

  19. Pelosi is absolutely guilty of not having stimulus check out to the people.

  20. I'm donating my vaccine to Hillary…

  21. The only hard times we have right now is that the Democrats are still out in public offices

  22. Ron Johnson, The Senator with a net worth of over $10,000,000 doesn't want to pass $1200 stimulus checks for people who are facing eviction from their homes.
    What a guy !!!

  23. I don’t trust anything the government does period idiots

  24. 4 trillion and counting.. over a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate… this is a money grab by our elected officials… Might as well toss some quarters on the sidewalk and tell us to pick it up.

  25. No mandatory vaccinations. Ever!

  26. We got a vaccine can we open up the country now?
    Can we go back to normal?

  27. This bill does not give the $300 weekly boost to anyone receiving PEUC or PUA. I thought the $300 boost was for all people who were unemployed not just those on regular unemployment.

  28. You and your family take it then

  29. Come on they have had 9 months to get this done tell me what they been doing,,Nothing is right ✅

  30. Oh Im going to help the american people. Keep on playing around.5 monthes no money now the never 600.00 only. Greedy omg….Pelosi 38 billion stoelen for bs impeachment. But all you can do is nothing. Well eat, pay partail Mortgage. Christmas. Skip that also. Butch of Grinches.

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