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Stoinis punishes Thunder with barnstorming knock | KFC BBL|10 | Dream 11 MVP

Marcus Stoinis was off the mark with a six and didn’t look back, racing to his third-fastest BBL fifty as he torched the Sydney Thunder at Manuka, and finished with a juggling catch off Liam Hatcher.


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  1. Melbourne Stars: Lets make Stoinis an opener.
    Stoinis: Always gets fifty

  2. To The Early Squad Reading this: Sending Virtual Hugs to everyone who need it always stay safe read my name❣️

  3. Note no delhi capitals where harm during this inning 😂

  4. Marcus stoinis batting are so funny stayle 😂👍

  5. Ye stoinis ftoinis vi Bbl Mai e khel skte ai…ipl Mai to bs ki ni kuch inki…

  6. Akshay Kumar ka tattie ad hata kar rahul Dravid ka ad daal diya mast kaam kiya

  7. Who is irritated by watching Akshay ADD starting of this video..

  8. And Ponting persisted with Prithwi Shaw😶😶😶

  9. 0.1℅ People who are helping me to reach 3K 😢, i wish their parents still alive for more 100 years ❤ God bless you…

  10. He is always in form wherever he goes..
    Ipl or Bbl..❤️🥰

  11. Fed up with car dekho add

  12. All bbl players r good

    Except for 1 stoinis who is an absolute gun

  13. Australian se jyada Indian logon ke comments hai 😁

  14. zampa will like it 🤷‍♂️

  15. prithvi shaw after watching stoinis bat
    future is in danger😢😢😢

  16. In between 1:25 to 1:29 … Thunders changed the ball🙀

  17. Everyone: hold my beer

    Ravi Shastri : OKAY

  18. The Akshay Kumar ad is so disgusting

  19. who all are irritated by AKSHAY KUMAR car dekho ad

  20. कौन-कौन भाई इस क्रिकेर को देख रहा है प्लीज हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब

  21. Marcus Stoinis is one of the best all rounder of Australia.😚😙

  22. "One of the people who like this you will be a billionaire one day"
    "Good luck….😂😂😂……..

  23. Prithvi shaw after watching this : career sankat me Hain

  24. Marcus Stoinis is the only Australian to play good in both ipl and bbl 💪💪

  25. How is a true fan of cricket. Com
    u. and watches him daily

  26. 😎Apka favorite kya hain
    🇮🇳Ipl -like👍
    🇦🇺bbl- comment ☢

  27. 1:21, even cameraman didn't see where the ball is. Wow… Amazing timing!!👍👍

  28. Anybody got irritated by akshay Kumar add

  29. I'm just like sleeping in my bed and watching it😂😂😂I'm a lazy boi

  30. kon kon dekh raha hai :-
    1) Student = 🤔 Like
    2) Other = Comments

  31. excellent….love from Bangladesh…….

  32. ""Any School and College Students here ….

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