Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Stuart Varney calls out the 'hypocrisy' among California officials

‘Varney & Co.’ host Stuart Varney calls out California officials for breaking their coronavirus restrictions.

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  1. Please bring back California from the 70s to 80s

  2. Apparently the rules apply to everyone except those who are in power.

  3. I didn’t know politicians took the “Hypocrisy Oath” when taking office. It’s the ONLY thing they seem to be good at.

  4. Getting ready for Civil War

  5. Let's see if Americans really stand up and fight back. My guess is they wont until it gets worse, until it's too late.

  6. On the same floor

    Dominion Voting Systems Corporation

    215 Spadina Ave, Suite 200 Toronto,

    ON M5T 2C7 Canada

    Tides Canada

    360-215 Spadina Ave

    Toronto, ON M5T 2C7, CA

  7. Once we take back CA from the Dems we’ll turn it into another West Virginia or Mississippi

  8. people of california should send newsome to iran

  9. birds of a feather flock together

  10. Resistance is necessary against tyranny!

  11. If fraudulent fraud it’s not a crime. Than carry on cheating kept on cheating all fellow American 🇺🇸 all the way as long if you re happy…. I going to Europe

  12. Who cares who the AP called for the Presidential Race? What is going on
    with the You Tube censors? Is free speech now outlawed? It is the
    Constitution and Electoral College that count. We are being trained to be
    punished for dissent. Wake up. If you agree, copy and comment. A
    movement for freedom requires courage, please stand up.

  13. Very TYPICAL of California Commie politicians. Who the FOOK is voting for these crooks?!!

  14. Impossible Dream… Nabor.
    American's SEE… AMERICANS TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK… POLITICIANs on both sides are destroying our county…

  15. It's amazing to see respectable businessmen like Varney rail against the man while leftist punks demand more government control of every facet of our lives

  16. So now the A$$ licker Varney cares about Covid

  17. Do they want a revolution? We are not take this

  18. People just need to ignore and go about thier business

  19. Stop acting like & step down all you hypocrisy

  20. The more I delve into this, the more I see the contours of a typical classical Chinese multi-pronged war plan, designed to hit at the only vulnerable spot of the US, its civil society: The Corona virus. It was created in a Chinese military virus lab in Wuhan, let loose, and, worse, let loose on the world. And with the US, the bulwark of freedom, as its final target. This is intended to cripple the industrial output of the US, and to sink its dollar — with their agents already in place, to do China's bidding, Biden&Co.
    Thank God we have President Trump.

  21. YEAH!!!! love it , newsome, you moron, pelosi's pet. I hope cal. just falls apart and everybody leaves, maybe this is where all the leftists can go to start their own country, cal ccp.or cccp

  22. Rules for thee not for me


  24. Don’t forget she let her career criminal brother out of jail and wiped his record clean.

  25. Seeing reports the police arrest restaurant owners, ministers (on an anonymous tip no less) and a guy all aloan in the ocean I have to ask why are we against defunding them?

  26. doublespeak "sanctuary city" and "french laundry"- at $350 a plate – means the socialist Opposite.

  27. Asch Conformity Experiments –  series of psychological experiments conducted by Solomon Asch during the 1950s. The experiments revealed the degree to which a person's own opinions are influenced by those of groups. Asch found that people were willing to ignore reality and give an incorrect answer in order to conform to the rest of the group.

  28. Trump gave up a Billionaire lifestyle For America…
    Biden gave up America for a Billionaire Lifestyle.
    Trump won the election… Who agrees with me?

  29. This could be a silicone valley coup. Has to be someone with power and money. Media Companies regulate now. Update our federal government. Come up with a state operating procedure to stipulate how election will be done. All states follow this guide lines for running a Election. This SOP show procedures, checks and balances. Go back to in person voting and Absentee voting only. Require proper ID to match to voter registration. There was no reason to had mail in ballots. Could extended voting days.

  30. in mid 1968 to early 1969 Hong Kong flu killed millions globally but the MSM ignored it and prefered to talk about the Vietnam war and now they are doing the's preposterous

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