Thursday , August 11 2022

Stuart Varney: Generational change is coming to US politics

FOX Business host Stuart Varney argues for the country’s ‘aging leadership, the biological clock is ticking.’

STUART VARNEY: Change at the top for both parties! Here it comes.

For Democrats, it’s a straightforward fight to challenge the socialists.

For the Republicans, a bit more complex: who can keep Trump’s successful policies, without Trump’s style.

For those of us who enjoy politics, and I do, this is fascinating and exciting.

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  1. Biden looks like the mummy from the pyramids.


  3. trump
    the guy who surrendered to the Taliban Terrorists and abandoned 10,000 members of the US military behind Enemy Lines is going to be President again
    sure he is

  4. Biden's approval is 38% in his dreams. HOW DARE YOU FOX SCUM REPORT JANUARY 6TH BS LIES AS TRUTH, DONE WITH YOU.

  5. Tulsi Will get the leadership

  6. To he'll with the Biden administration.

  7. I want my President Trump to have another go if he chooses. He was cheated out of it, and I still say no President could do it better. After the mess this joker put us in, I want President Trump.

  8. Our? Too many British people on Fox News 😂😂 it ain’t your politics!

  9. 2022 recall POTUS Biden election… Bring Trump back.

  10. only Trump can handle what is coming. No Trump, then socialism and probably civil war. I'm not kidding; movers and shakers (what these idiots are calling "influencers" ) in the normal world, have had enough of this trendy, woke BS. Mark my words. SHTF is real.
    If you have any doubts whatsoever about the woke bureaucracy today –look at what the California AG just did. Jerk.


  12. Cant trust words only empirical data, Trump accelerated GDP per capita growth with borders & tariffs then Biden undid it with inflation higher than wage growth from open borders & tariff removal. Getting a Trump mimic who pursues Biden policies helps no one but the very richest who benefit from cruushing US average real wage. Let me be clear, before Trump NO REPUBLICAN WAS PROMISING PURPLE (NOBLE) AVERAGE REAL WAGE RAISING POLICIES.
    America has 1 chance, if old Republicans deprive them of that chance its all the way down into developing world failed state. When creditors impose hi taxes & low state spending because Mitch McTurtlehead took a Blue (Capitalist) average real wage cruusher bribe to carry on Bidens Blue (Capitalist) average real wage cruushing work while pretending he isnt there really will be a civil War because people with arms dont starve to De@th quietly like 1m Greeks have since they were cruushed by free trade deficit colonialism into creditor administration.

    "The harder Blue (Capitalist) owned media pushes back on Trump, the easier i sleep"

    The Civil Wars – Devil's Backbone

  13. Trump's style is what kept those foreign dictators in check. He is rough and crude and they didn't run over him.

  14. Thank you Fox business for sharing this news.

  15. World was a safer, more prosperous, healthy, educational, happy place.

  16. Perfect analysis, I believe Trump will keep up his strong presence and in 2024 announce the candidate he supports! He was and will always be one of this nation's greatest patriots since Theodore Roosevelt.

  17. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how.

  18. I don't care WHO is President, as long as EVERYONE in the country can prosper, and the country prospers, and you had 'some' of your freedoms back, but the only one in the last 4 decades (since Reagan) that has been able to accomplish that has been Trump! We had 4 good years, how long will it be before we can have another good 4 yr run? I say never! They're all too worried about getting filthy rich off the' electric economy' that they've all situated themselves into. They'll be Trillionaires, and all the peons will be so poor they won't be able to afford grocery's. Oh, I guess we're already there! Just KEEP voting these idiots into office, because the end is almost here for America.

  19. We want Trump! Stuart I usually like your segments but this was bad. All that stuff yesterday is fake not sure why you acting like it's gospel

  20. The proof is in the pudding. Trump. 2024.

  21. I’m a Trump man my self.

  22. Nooo say it ain't so! There must be a way we can keep Mitch and Nancy ruining Congress from beyond the grave!

  23. Yadda Yadda Yadda, TRUMP style is the winning style. Look at his abilities and achievements. See what America got when they voted for joke Biden who appeared all nice and dandy in the last Presidential election.

  24. Because they are all pedos.. Thats why they hate him

  25. No RINOs.Trump2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  26. You’re spot on, no chance of TRUMP Vs. Biden. I voted Trump x2 and I’m ready to move on, go Ron DeSantis.

  27. Time for President Trump to come back and clean this mess…………

  28. not generational but world order changes, we will pay !debt" with payback, nato squeezed china and russia too far, so now prepare ww3, if you ban gold, then we will shock you, thanks for handing the new order to russia and china, the yuan is getting too strong, so we buy rubles now, and rands, and russia gives us cheap oil, so we capitalize, and please buy btc, tesla, apple, and amazon, so our factories keep pumping, we on giga 4 now, all you need, and order with features, so we we see you better, leave africa to russia and china bz it is ours, you can have leftist south america for free

  29. Tax cuts for the rich. A big change. 👍😂

  30. If change at the top is coming, let's hope that Jim Jordan replaces McCarthy, and either Paul or Cruz replace McConnell.

  31. Looks like fox news is gearing up to help Trump lose in 2024 just like they did last time!

  32. I'm done sitting tight for the award advance since I acquire$23,000 every 12 days of my investment.

  33. You’re crazy Varney! Varney, apparently your too old to be on the news now!President Trump will win again! God bless President Trump.

  34. Lock Biden up in an old age home!

  35. Biden is too dangerous

  36. Selling out Trump that's why I don't watch Fox News anymore

  37. It's only 18 months…you just ruined my night!

  38. I would love to have Trump back because he did a great job even when so many didn't want to give the man a chance. The main "ABSOLUTE", though, is to remove Democrat Disaster from the White House at all costs.

  39. Now we have anti-Trump propaganda from Varney who has outlived his usefulness in the media. Back across the pond for you old Varney!