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SUMMER OCCASIONWEAR DRESSES // Bridesmaid + Prom Lookbook // Fashion Mumblr

SUMMER OCCASIONWEAR DRESSES- Five Summer Occasionwear dresses to wear to weddings, prom, garden parties & more!

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❤ What I Wore ❤

Dress One
Pink Dress –
Blush Metallic Heels –

Dress Two
Blue Dress –
Pearl Sandals –

Dress Three
White Dress –
Pink Bag –

Dress Four
White Dress –
Pink Bag –

Dress Five
Pink Lace Dress –
White Flat Shoes –

Worn Throughout :

Rose Gold Bangle –
Rose Gold Bracelets –
Heart Necklace –

Earrings :
Necklace :
Ring :
Bracelet :



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  1. Josie is basically our fairy godmother in this video 😉

  2. You looked gorgeous in all of these outfits Josie!!! xxx

  3. Where can i find the pink bag you wear with dress 4? Its stunning

  4. Not just the dresses are gorgeous but also the background is amazing😍 your videos are always so inspiring ❤️ I love them😊

  5. Oh the first dress! I wish we could dress like that all of the time! It was so beautiful. Too much fabric for our summers but Fall is coming soon 🙂

  6. The soundtrack throughout the video is very nice ☺️ I loved it. Great job and fab dresses. Xoxo

  7. They are all beautiful but the pink lace dress is also my favourite.

  8. Ps,Josie my iPad wouldn't let me put any full stops ect.Night from Susan &family 😘

  9. I actually think this is a stunningly beautiful look at timeless pieces that are perfect for different occasions.The very first dress so intricate,delicate, caught my eye.Each dress was described &filmed with such beautiful poise& the delicate accessories you pared them always elegant always a true lady thanks Josie Susan

  10. Loving your new studio and the presentation of all the dresses.

  11. Loved the first and the fourth!! Just gorgeous!!!

  12. Always Beautiful!!!Dress one my favorite!!!

  13. May I also say…you always look like a lady and quite beautiful as well❣️

  14. I was just going to say the same thing Stephanie C…I do believe she is a bit fidgety and it distracts me from what a lovely outfit she is wearing…

  15. Slipping a macaron in your bag for later on 3:01 haha! The first dress, the needle & thread was my favourite, will definately be purchasing for an upcoming wedding <3

  16. in loooove with the last dress!

  17. Hi gorgeous! Congrats on an absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring channel. The link to the hand bag in look 4 goes to net a porter and they don't stock Pedraza, that I could find ? Just to let you know. Keep up the great work am about to check you out on Instagram. xx

  18. Both the pink ones are absolutely amazing 😍

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