Surprising inflation report

From rent to groceries, even the experts are shocked at the prices we’ve been paying. ABC’s Derricke Dennis reports on why Wall Street is so worried.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Inflation is a myth created by Trump supporters to make President Biden look bad and I'm shocked that you guys at ABC would report on this fake news. The only reason groceries are more expensive is because of the rich grocery store owners looking to profit off the poor. Spreading disinformation like this claiming inflation is real is dangerous and you should have a channel strike for this.

  2. We so broke, we can't pay attention

  3. Will America vote to continue this unbearable path caused by the democrats or use common sense and vote for America first representatives???

  4. 0% transitory inflation 🤣🤣🤣thanks #DarkBrandon

  5. Disaster Biden is still confused. He needs to open the oil fields he closed and revive the Keystone Pipeline.

  6. the same people that are complaining about high cost , voted for Biden

  7. The Democrats can try sugarcoating this all they want.The fact is things are BAD BAD.MAGA Replublicans aren’t a threat to me,this inflation is.People are now racking up massive credit card debts just to get by and eat.And what do you expect when the Democrats spend trillions of dollars .Food banks are suffering,low and middle income families are hurting .Can we go back to the good old days of mean tweets about Rosie O Donnell and low prices?Not even the Carter years were this bad

  8. I'm done sitting tight for the award advance since i acquire$23,000 every 12 days of my investment..

  9. Food is too expensive in gonna starve to death 🥺

  10. Shocker @!!!!!! Biden is more worried about Trump than crime , immigration, Inflation and diaper changes

  11. Biden is not in control. Plus he crapped his pants again

  12. Worse than expected inflation by who? OBVIOUSLY the ivory towers are a LONG way from main street. These fools aren't paying at the register.

  13. Winter home heating fuel is going to be expensive, but gas prices have fallen!

  14. Literally not a shocker. It's expected from the worst administration in US history

  15. Biden voters deserve this. Everyone else does not


  17. Also what if the Biden administration gets inflation under control and inflation is 0% next month. What about high prices of everything? Inflation may stop but what if prices of everything that have risen to new highs just stay the same? Let’s say inflation has driven up the price of a loaf of bread at the supermarket from $2 a loaf to $7 a loaf. What if inflation stops and the price of that loaf of bread stays $7 a loaf and the high record prices of everything else just stays the same. I don’t see things getting any better if that happens. Who cares if prices stop going up if they stay sky high and you still can’t afford anything. Who cares about the Democrats Inflation Reduction act and inflation goes to 0% if prices of everything remain sky high and you can’t afford food or anything else.

  18. I had a great week in stock and fx market. Earning over $10k from my investment every single week is overwhelming…

  19. Yeah, Biden and the dems are celebrating this. Under democrat leadership, it’s poverty, destruction and death for you, riches for them, their donors and global elite partners.

  20. Hilarious 😂 Biden was celebrating his inflation reduction while this report came out!

    “Inflation is our strength” -Biden

  22. Watch those fuel prices go up after the elections

  23. This isn’t a shocker, anyone with an IQ above 10 knew this was coming. Not to worry, i’m sure that “Inflation reduction act” will help stop the bleeding.

  24. In between in Central Europe. Hey, we have 17.1 instead of 17.3. What a progress…

  25. When a president celebrates when so many people suffering, need to ask yourself what is going on. Especially since economists say the inflation reduction act will do nothing to address the inflation problem.

  26. You are being lied to by the Biden administration, and the news media. After several years of excessive federal spending, regulating, taxing and money-printing, the highest inflation in 40 years is deeply embedded in the economy and it is spreading. The only significant decline came with gasoline prices. There's more in the reply section.

  27. Remember the story about chicken little – in modern times and Government terms – we call those 'analysts'.

  28. Shocker??? Democrats are playing stupid as they destroy the economy

  29. I just learned something about the essential Ed’s of Coca Cola, while looking into the ladies shopping cart, I didn’t see only the essentials, heck I didn’t see generic cola… I saw Warren Buffets brand… and Like Dave Chappell Says, “they taste the same” surprise!!

  30. And the MAGA Fascists trot out their standard lies. Everybody with an IQ over room temperature knows inflation is happening all over the world and is a result of the pandemic. Everybody who was paying attention knows that when that bill was passed we were warned that inflation would continue to climb some before going down. And we all know that if Republicans were in charge their only "solution" would be more tax cuts for the rich and corporations, and taking a hatchet to laws regulating corporations. One of the Russian trolls we are all familiar with trotted out the lie that hiring more IRS agents was a bad thing. The only reason the Orange Sack'o Feces and his criminal henchmen cut the number of IRS agents was to stop them from auditing and catching rich tax cheats. Bottom line, President Biden and Democrats are the only ones trying to fix these problems, while Treasonist, Fascist Republicans keep trying to block all their efforts.

  31. At least we don’t have mean tweets right DemocRats? 😂😂

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  33. And this evening is only a Sporrcaly calling!

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  37. Gas is down because Biden passed a law so they can use 15% Ethanol now instead of 10% of course it's down now watch your mpg go out the window

  38. Thank you Brandon for the highest inflation in over 40 years & hiring 87,000 armed IRS agents 🙏

  39. Spending 5 trillion dollars in less than 2 years didn't work?
    We just need to spend more.