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'Sway' podcast host Kara Swisher discusses Twitter, Facebook banning Trump | ABC News

On “This Week” Kara Swisher discusses the bans of President Donald Trump’s social media accounts.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. A Dictator controls the media and the whole world, and shuts up all the mouths that say anything against his orders.

    A Solo-Voice's world

    The freedom failed down under the Dictator's Shoes

  2. No matter your politics, this should concern you deeply.

  3. Those people who claim Democracy, free speech are the first to have Antidemocratic acts! Over these years I have seen people on Facebook (I never joined Twitter or Instagram) posting so violence with their post and never got banned!

  4. Banned in the USA, banned in the USA, like the song of 2live crew

  5. Facebook is terrible! They pick and choose what you're friends can see, you'll see it on your page but with no likes that is because nobody can see it.

  6. Suspend Swisher . She is far more dangerous than Trump .

  7. Everyone delete you're social media accounts now, EVERYONE.

  8. Id be careful about rejoicing when someone gets silenced. Eventually it will happen to you.

  9. Democrats preach unity while they openly practice revenge. They call for freedom of speech while their lapdog leftist media crushes all voices of dissent or even voices that dare to question the media narrative. That's not what this nation is all about. Democrats are reflexive totalitarians. It is obvious when you give them power or when they just take it. They demand more. They demand all.

  10. The best part of free speech is my ability to freely ignore what you say.

  11. "They're not after me, They're after you. I'm just in their way." – President Donald Trump 🙏🏼🇺🇸

  12. Now we will see true fascism. They are companies with no competition. And they have become the only option for communication of all types. No more print news..

  13. @ …….. These American journalists should be ashamed of their reporting and supporting such lies and injustice to the Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICAN where in which we have to right to FREEDOM of SPEECH and you censor the leader of our Free World!! HOW DARE YOU!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  14. And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall NOT stand; When the overflowing Scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it. From the time that it goeth forth it shall take you: for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night: and it shall be a vexation only to understand the report. The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, let us break their bands asunder, cast away their cords from us.

  15. Monopolies must be broken up and their powers must be checked

  16. Social media companies sat back for 4 fuckin years. Now in the last few minutes these bitches wan stand up and act like they been playin the game WITH US. Burning down the plantation is good for all slave, it's the week ones that think they're free and wanna live in the house like their masters, working WITH THEM. Those are the pigs george orwell talks about in animal farm. Soon after they elect themselves as leaders.


  18. We cannot ban nor stop Twitter nor Facebook suspending anyone. But we can block out our relatives or guest coming to our house using our routers to access a Social Media App that's offensive to us. Fair enough !

  19. New episodes for the show called "United states of America " in 2021. Season 4
    Episode 1. The invasion of democracy.
    Episode 2. Where my Twitter gone? (Part 1)
    Episode 3. Where my social media gone ? (Part 2)
    Episode 4. Gone Golfing.
    Episode 5. Im a peach again.

  20. and the violence thats allowed to perpetuate here on youtube my my my. Google should ban itself instead.

  21. Censorship is a good thing. Once there are no more conservatives to censor, they can censor the Liberals. ALL HAIL COMMUNISM AND THE CCP🇨🇳

  22. BOYCOTT TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. It's time for these fascist companies to go the way of the Dodo.

  24. Lol trump posts a video condemning violence… and THATS when Twitter blocks him and then bans him… lol


  26. This is not just an election issue, it is an attack on democracy. No leader left or right along with the millions of free people of the U.S. should be censored. Big Tech cannot be allowed to decide who can speak and who cannot! I believe drastic measures need to be taken ASAP to secure the future of the western world here and abroad!

  27. Twitter loses $5 billion in market value after Trump is permanently barred from the platform according to the Business Insider. Well deserved.

    Defund Twitter!

    Permanently leave the socialist platform. Let it be an echo chamber for the leftist twits and Iranian Ayatollahs.

  28. Wait until they censor you and then see how you feel about it.
    Trump party 2024!

  29. Nice speech, but there can be no confidence in future elections after what just took place.

    I'm never voting again, and for TWO VERY REAL AND VERY BIG REASONS: 1. Our vote simply DOES NOT COUNT based on the MASSIVE election fraud that just squashed us like bugs, and 2. The UTTER AND COMPLETE BETRAYAL of Republicans, the V.P., and the Judicial Branch of the United States of America. There are ONLY two paths from here: 1. Submission to Communism, or 2. Revolution. This is the crossroads we are at.

    Please tell me there is a 3rd (winnable) option, that does not include either the Republican or Democrat party, and the voting system is COMPLETELY FREE of corruptibility?!…

  30. Rick Klein the Political Commissar at ABC tweeted that supporters of President Trump needed "cleansing". Is this not a threat proposing genocide? And the media cannot figure out why no one trusts them.

  31. This is an interesting moment. While I am a progressive, and am often appalled by what the Trump says, I find this a dangerous precedent to set for the progressive movement.

    We need to be wary of the late-stage capitalist, techno authoritarian trend this heads towards. As soon as progressive ideas become inconvenient for the techno-corporatists, we shall face the same fate, and it will happen even quicker. As I progressive I stand for the rights of all individuals, and want our system to maximize those rights, and I worry this is a ominous spectre of things to come that will hurt us as a people and limit our freedoms. In the end, everything the corporatists do serve their interests, and our politicians are bought out by them.

    Let us not be their useful idiots.

  32. "It must be difficult.. those who have taken authority as truth rather than truth as authority" ~G. Massey

  33. Right on. By these crazy people not having social media America can focus on healing from crazy

  34. Good he deserved the yeet! Bye Bye 👋

  35. Awesome it's starting to look like we're going to have President Donald J Trump for 4 to 8 more years great job Mr President☺️🇺🇸🤗 glad it was a no joe plus swap rats disappearing

  36. Also still waiting on these companies to do something about the group officially labeled by all our security agencies as a terrorist group antifa

  37. The problem is twitter, turn it off, make the world happier.

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