Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Tammy Bruce: We don’t know who Joe Biden is at this point

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce discusses Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s town hall comments and his demeanor as a candidate. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Trump 2020 ….no one else will do

  2. Creepy Joe is a narcissistic pervert . He will get his judgement day and I can only hope he is sent straight to hell. Disgusting piece of trash.

  3. Doesn't look like he drew much of a crowd.. if you call a bunch of sheep a crowd. I guess I'm just so used to seeing Trump draw overflow crowds into arena and stadiums that I always wonder who is left for the Bidens of the world. But I love it !!!.

  4. Joe's a joke. He's caught with his pants down and everyone knows it….he still thinks he's bullet-proof. The ship is sinking and the rats are in a panic.

  5. Biden said FAT PLAY IT OVER AND OVER EVERY TIME IT`S FAT and it`s not in a sentence

  6. Joes “wanna be” elitist attitude about himself is catching up with him. This will cause him to lose. He has zero interest in the people who could actually put him in the WH. Good riddance!!! Don’t let the door hit you in the rear as you go, Joe.

  7. @0:45 watch red haired boy and group. they heard "look fat".

  8. I think that Creepy Joe wants Mayor Pete to sit on his lap. Pete would probably like that too. And those two are Dem 2020 front runners?

  9. I do too. Joe Biden is piece of shi#

  10. Biden is toast. And he knows it.

  11. He's a street gangster known as Shakedown Joe.

  12. Joe doesn't know who Joe is. He's got age related dementia.

  13. CORRUPT lying pandering PARACITE just like Pelosi and son kerry and son…clinton and daughter and son in law

  14. Well, as long as old Joe keeps punching at it, I'm sure the truth will emerge!😁

  15. 46 min He called the man "Look Fat" surely the people by him heard this.

  16. Hairy legs roaches fat jokes come on dude in the lap dances what’s with the lap dances

  17. Even at 83 years old. I would have put my money on that guy over Biden. In all 4 of the challenges Biden proposed

  18. Update:

    Joe and the audience member had a push-up contest. They are tied at 2 each 45 minutes into the contest.

  19. I’ve been circling the Sun now for 67 yrs and Joe is acting like an old guy, at the company picnic who had too many beers.

  20. What a looser Geez. & this fool is the democrat's hope 😂🤣

  21. we can all see joe is a washed up burned out mental pygmy attempting to cling to some feigned masculinity. self righteousness is a poor smoke screen to hide behind when one is so corrupted.

  22. bidens burning down the house

  23. Congratulations , Trump won the election lol

  24. Anybody but Trump 2020

  25. This lady nails it. I keep seeing comments like "Where's the outrage when Trump does this??"…

    It's not the same thing. Trump has ALWAYS been loud and boisterous. Do I like Trump's personality? Not always, but he has my respect because he's being himself and his actions speak louder than his words.
    Biden on the other hand has shown how much of a hypocrite bully he is, and honestly is a corrupt career politician.

    I guess he fits right in with the Democratic party, the party of Hypocrites.

  26. Biden is just a distraction. Adam Schiff’s Whistleblower is an illegal wire tap.

  27. Joe can't stand being actually confronted about something he can't change the facts on, something he knows he already admitted doing in one of his story sessions about his life. It seems to make him very angry, just like the other dems causing trouble.

  28. I know who Sniff Pro Joe is! He is the CREEPY quid pro Joe that wants to give kids head and shoulders… shampoo

  29. He’s a two time loser going for #3 and that’s no malarkey lol

  30. Look fat, here’s how it goes? He did say fat! Yes and he was talking to a voter too. He’s falling apart at the seams.


    WOW….CRAZY JOE….👏👏👏👏😞😞😞😞

  32. This just screwed Biden’s chance at the Iowa caucus. Looking forward to joes announcement of dropping out. I’m an Iowan. He might as well leave “Ohio” I mean Iowa.

  33. Biden is Absolutely guilty, and going to Gitmo. Tic Toc Tic Toc declassification is coming lol.

  34. Joe Biden is a Criminal protecting him self not answering the question of this man.

  35. Biden is such a looser, Lololololol Lololololol and a putz

  36. I’m starting to think Biden’s “no malarkey” tour is his new traveling comedy tour. Because he has no career in politics anymore.

  37. Joe Biden is a worker of Satan the ancient serpent

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