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Teacher gifts first birthday party to 30-year-old former student with special needs

Teacher gifts first birthday party to 30-year-old former student with special needs Chris Barrington celebrated his birthday for the first time two months after police found him wandering the streets.




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  1. Bless his heart. I'm overjoyed he remembered this wonderful teachers name.
    He will truly be loved, cared for and appreciated at her home.
    I thank God for the way he put this young man in a safe home. With a teacher who already knew him. She must have made quite an impression on him.
    That's heartwarming I know she is excited to host him for his first " real" thanksgiving and Christmas celebration. I wish I could see his face during those celebrations.
    Bless his heart. He will finally receive the love and family he deserves.

  2. Love see more updates about him. Would like to help donate to him 😁❤

  3. That is so sweet of her!!!❤️❤️😽

  4. such a sad story with a happy ending. He looks like a grown man but he’s nothing more than a child. He needs someone to care for him and love him. This teacher must have meant so much to him if it was the only name he could remember after so many years 😢 teachers are heroes

  5. she might me retired, she still taught us something today.

  6. Omg I am in Gatesville! I had no idea this went on. I will say that we moved here 9 years ago and fell in love with the small town and the big hearts of people here. When my husbands military time was done we stayed! We bought a house and planted our own roots here. This little community is full of love and good people. My daughter started kindergarten here, and our teachers/ school staff are all around the most caring people. Kudos to everyone involved! You are a blessing.

  7. PLEASE, more stories like this, and less of what we all normally get, which makes me cry for different reasons. God Bless this special women & this special young man, all the best to you both!

  8. Gives me some hope watching these

  9. Thank you for being more than a teacher.

  10. Happy news is touching news. Always breaks a tear in my eyes.

  11. God bless you all!!! He looked so happy!!

  12. Kindness is a choice.
    Be the change you want to see.

  13. This is what the news should be about and stop mainstreaming violence

  14. Oh my god God bless her truly! My mom is a special ed aide and she would totally do this. Gives me hope for a better nation and society.

  15. Great story .. puts a knot in my throat ..

  16. Teacher should be one of the highest paid professions in the nation. They do so so much even when they dont have to

  17. So many children grow up not ever going to Disneyland or an amusement park.

  18. Very uplifting and encouraging. The world needs more stories like these and praiseworthy people like this teacher needs notoriety. Thanks ABC and God bless!

  19. That’s so sweet 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Why would anyone downvote this video!!??! It doesn't even make sense

  21. So sad that he's never had a birthday, Christmas, or celebrated any holidays. I don't know his whole story but being part of special needs support groups I have noticed some families do exclude their special needs kids from daily life, it's heartbreaking. Bless him & the teacher

  22. The kind of behavior that makes America, or any country, great. Admirable person, the teacher and blessed, the young man.

  23. Where is Fredo? Fredo is the real Star!!

  24. Who could abandon this man like that? 😭

  25. Where in the world is his family? I hope they are okay, because someone has been caring for this man for the past thirty years. She had to have shown extraordinary kindness to him as his middle school teacher for him to remember her and no one else. She is blessed and a real blessing.🔅

  26. Dude.

    Some teachers are awesome and I hope for the very best for them.

  27. Dangit… this makes my heart cry! Wtf is wrong with people, how you gonna never give your baby a birthday party or presents 😢 that teacher lady seems amazing and i suppose its never to late to make people feel special. There is however im sure a special place in hell for the others who treated this man poorly in his early years. 💔

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