Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Teachers Sounding The Alarm Over ‘Room Clear’ Method | NBC Nightly News

One of the methods often used to control a child having a meltdown, “room clear” leaves the disruptive child in the classroom, while the other kids are moved out. The result can be classrooms torn apart, desk and tables upended.
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Teachers Sounding The Alarm Over ‘Room Clear’ Method | NBC Nightly News


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  1. This is what happens when kids aren't taught that there are consequences for bad behaviour. It is not the teacher and/or school's responsibility to raise people's kids. They send their spoiled, little darlings off to school then when it hits the fan, the parents blame the teachers. It's just another excuse for a money grab.

  2. I can't take anyone serious that goes to college for 4 years to earn $40,000 a year. A high school dropout trucker driver with 3 weeks of CDL training brings home $40,000 a year. Good luck with your college debt and poor decision making skills.

  3. Just a DECADE ago, teachers celebrated CCSS as a way to metric students' advancement, with the latest Superintendent of Public Instruction curriculum. There was so much hope. But there were already cracks showing. That was also the point where students started carrying smart phones, states began legalizing med/rec and opioids flooded our communities. Today it's total chaos, students app gaming in class, fights, shouting, no 'microaggression' discipline allowed, 'preferred pronouns', belligerent parents, … and school teachers are just 'instructors' now.

  4. This is what happens when people are afraid to spank children

  5. These little psychopaths need to be immediately removed from the classroom, put on drugs, and sent to a psych hospital. If the parents won't parent their kids than fine them, if it still continues than sterilize the parents so bad parents can't have kids…

  6. For those females who think they can do it all I call BS on you sickos. This video shows what little terror devil you failed to raise.

  7. call the police. stabbing a teacher with anything is ASSAULT!

  8. If some kid stabbed me with something, I would kick that child. Just sayin.

  9. The parents should be ashamed and embarrassed. When I see young child misbehaving in unbelievable manner I always blame the parents. Apparently the child don't know no better and are not being taught to do better.

  10. These parents are worthless garbage. Look at how their children are, trash.

  11. People need to get a grip on their kids my kids have respect for people

  12. And people wonder why this new generation is so lazy, combative & uneducated. I am not for ANY sort of abuse but a good spanking for bs like this used to be a deterrent for most kids. Not the pain but the humiliation. Sick that adults are afraid of kids because they are either getting abuse from THEM or social services tells them they have to take it. Wow.

  13. Oh wait, y'all don't call the cops and lock them up?
    Hmmmm. I know quite a few schools who do.

  14. School is not a civil right.. It's not free. The lunch is not free.. The is liberalism.. Darwinism and abortionist Antichrist movement.. It's brainwashing techniques used by the CIA satanist deep State cult of Hollywood. . Theses kids are nothing but monsters in training… The class room has no Bible no prayer no flag no pledge of allegiance no art no music no realistic form of communication where the lunch is NOT FREE… ✌👽✌

  15. Fine the parents make parents more responsible and accountable for this seed they brought in the world. The expectation for treachers is too high. Teachers are so busy discipline kids and redirecting behaviors no education is happening. If I kid poked with a pencil I would poke them back. Now how does that feel u evil brat!!!! Lol

  16. Goo look what there being injected with when you vaccinate those poor kids

  17. Keep vaccinating them moroness

  18. Time outs doesn't work. Slapping at home needs to make a come back

  19. Is there any pattern ? It appears in your story the problem is mainly with "white kids" ….Must be a race issue , Is so glad people cant point and say "Black Kids" are the PRIMARY problem , we all KNOW that CANT be the issue right ?

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