Friday , January 15 2021
Home / News / Teachers Union Authorizes Strikes Over School Reopening Plans | NBC Nightly News

Teachers Union Authorizes Strikes Over School Reopening Plans | NBC Nightly News

The nation’s second-largest teachers union authorized its 1.7 million members to strike in districts and states where certain safety standards are not met. One Connecticut summer program thinks they figured out how to reopen safely with small classes, masks, outdoor learning and partitions between teachers and students.
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Teachers Union Authorizes Strikes Over School Reopening Plans | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I miss my old friends 😭😭, darn this pandemic

  2. Do teachers do anything in this country? The union picks the laziest people or turns good into lazy. Many attempts to raise teachers’ wages to 6 figures at the cost of their tenure (for accountability) have been rejected multiple times by the union. Embarassing. And they complain they dont get paid enough or that we are behind other countries. Its all about them and never the children.

  3. Strike! Fine, charter schools are
    Better. No radicalized flakes and kids actually have a chance of getting a job. School union is the the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Were all in this together ❤ we can do this

  5. Image all the time it would/will take to test every student every day all the time i can't see the time to study or work

  6. School unions are very immoral and anti America, just look at their obnoxious propagandas. Teaching the kids that, If they have white skin color they must be raciest, it’s highly shameful behavior.

  7. Why don’t people want there kids at school school is fun 😃

  8. My school Isn't even social distancing, and they're ignoring the media saying ''SCHOOL SHOULD BE CLOSED''

  9. I feel like with the right precautions it would be safe to reopen, but it looks so miserable in there.

  10. Bruh the teachers don’t wanna work they just wanna get paid if they really do care about kids this much they heck just let us get home schooled

  11. Cv19 isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when they go back to school. They have a full Marxist , socialism and communist agenda waiting for even you primary school kids

  12. How did i get here ? Well let's go back 6 months ago when everything was fine

  13. Will the Union take a pay reduction for not doing their job?

  14. Here's a plan to reopen schools. Asynchronous onsite and satellite schoolhouses.

  15. The teacher unions are radical leftist psychos. They demand blm activism in school, homosexual endorsement and claim systemic racism all be addressed to reopen schools after a pandemic?! Pure lunacy and we wont have it. Purge leftist radicals from our public school systems.

  16. Child life insurance increasing . New policy on children increase. If a parent send their child out too school Believe me they have a policy on them just in case . That why you see these small groups of parents trying to send THEIR children back to school if something happens they have life insurance on them. May not be a bad idea

  17. Why is there always a R after a politicians name when I hear stupid careless decision making going on regarding this virus. Congratulations, this is one reason this Independent, who always voted Republican, is changing to Democrat.

  18. Wow, that’s a lot. How many were hospitalized and how many fatalities? Why don’t they tell us?

  19. If schools do not open what happens to the kids that dont have a non working parent to educate them? What happens to the ones that dont have internet? Where I live internet could be low cost for lower income people but there is no infrastructure here for it. These kids are not getting proper nutrition either so dont kid yourselves into thinking they are. My district is in an area with very poor people. The schools provided meals for awhile but since you had to drive there in a 2 hour window to get your meals it wasn't being utilized by those that really needed it. Those kids are home alone. The only car in the family if there even is one goes with the essential worker to work. Not to mention that worker has already been exposing their child daily since it started so you can have your red bull and coffee hand delivered to your door. Computers and laptops are very expensive …many families do not have those and cannot afford them. They wouldn't do much good without internet anyway. My kids use a prepaid phone for their work. It's way too small and the terrain in my area makes getting a signal a nightmare but it's better than nothing. Then the coldest truth to exist about schools being closed is we are neglecting child abuse victims.
    Schools are the biggest defense we have against child abuse. Calls to child services have gone way down. That's not because people are being better parents since the pandemic. Now, no one is seeing the affects of this pandemic on those most vulnerable. The poor and rural communities that work hard so you can feed and cloth your families.. Those kids are being set up for failure and that needs to be dealt with. My kids will go to school because I work. I am poor and have always worked hard to provide. The fact I have to try and be everything for my kids in the 3 hours I get between work and their bedtime is wearing me down. 3 hours to teach, clean, cook, educate, nurture, discipline, groom and finally put to bed. I will do it everyday because that's my job. But I know there are other kids with real wifi and computers and a parent home to teach them all day. I know those kids will be further ahead than mine. That bothers me and keeps me up at night. Dont shame parents for wanting/needing schools to open.
    Like I said most of us that would be considered low income have already been exposed to the risk. Everyday they go home from work they are very aware they are also putting their kids at risk. They have no choice in the matter. I cant believe I work in a place that sells energy drinks and alcohol but my job is essential.
    I would think educators would far more essential than me.. a general store clerk.
    These are thoughts I keep having and I do know and believe schools being open could spread the virus. What are people like me supposed to do? How can we make sure our most vulnerable population of kids isnt being sacrificed?
    It should be a parents choice to send their kids. We have to demand schools find a way to open for those that need it. If we dont we are telling an entire population of Americans that they are expendable.
    This is how I feel sometimes about what's going on with the schools.
    I just wanted to share it somewhere, its therapeutic to let it out. I dont mean to offend.

  20. Noo cancel school it's dangerous

  21. 2019: You’re going to school. Education is important for you
    2020: You won’t be going to school. It’s not safe for you to go.

  22. Trump, the GOP, and Betsy DeVos's back to school policy is killing our children.

    "Ideally," with "masks" and strick "social distancing," testing should be completed in a rapid,
    reliable way with contact tracing prior to opening schools.
    The goal is to be able to declare schools as "sterile" and "COVID-free."

  23. If school can’t stop fights then how y’all gonna keep us “safe” 🤣

  24. Pls dont open schools for only what to bury our teachers and kids.

  25. Let's see as a teacher I have to trust that the building is sanitized, assume each student is feeling well, remind kids to keep their mask over their nose and mouth, remind kids to stay apart in the hallways, repeat myself because voices are muffled by masks. Yea, sounds like a "great" job. The schools will be closing again before the first grading period ends.

  26. You can find real quality masks here on my website.
    Hi! Please support my small business 🙏
    Stay healthy! Happy weekend!

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