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Teen activist Greta Thunberg urges US lawmakers to ‘listen to the scientists’ l ABC News

The 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist appeared before Congress Wednesday. READ MORE:

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  1. Does she not realize that or at least acknowledge that scientists are or can be bought and paid to lie?

  2. If they don’t listen to scientists who knows things, why would they listen to a 16 yo. who don’t know anything?

  3. Wow I wish I lived a life of privilege that allowed me to just skip school to sail around the world speculating about things I read on the internet. Oh right, I forgot she's having a hard life. Or something. That poor privileged girl.

  4. The stupid "well look at China" excuse is so cowardly.

    What if we put it a different context, let's say something as horrible as rape.

    "Well this person is raping more people than I am, so why not accuse them instead and make them the culprit and let me continue doing my work."

  5. First time in history an literate emotional hysterical fool will receive a Nobel peace prize and then laws will be put in place due to her. Same thing what happened during the Salem Witch Trials. Disgusting. Her parents should be put in jail for child abuse!

  6. She does not live in the USA. For once just for once CONGRESS NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THERE HOMES STATES.


  8. My name is Greta Thunberg..I'm 16 years old, but feel I've got the life experience and wisdom of a 77 year old. So I'm here to tell you what to do…

  9. Greta should hook up with David Hogg. They could reproduce a whole new race of progressive pinheads.

  10. The final part of the video is much louder than the rest! I wouldn't expect that from ABC News, it's like a homemade video…

  11. Right wing fuckwits will literally hate on a child before lifting a finger to help the environment

  12. This little shit absolutely went to the AOC school of how to be a puppet actor for someone elses agenda,,,,she is cute and knows how to express her words well……Ill bet she is an over achiever and has great hopes of being in politics. But in the end, she is over reacting and over dramatising what she is reading from the script she is given…..THEY ALL say they know what is happening, but then its only what they are being told. Teach her a good history lesson about all the things she is spewing. Go back in time and hear the words of those who have spewed the same rhetoric….yet none on what THEY said has happened…..Talk about taking advantage of children… is a prime example. Lets all go out for an ice cream eh ?

  13. Do they just let anyone go to Congress? Why don’t more people do this lol

  14. “Listen to the scientists” who say global warming is crap. The planet is 1.5 degrees hotter because of all the hot air coming out of the Democrats. Or maybe there are global temperature trends? Back in the 70’s “they” said we were heading into an ice age. Then came Al Gore. I look forward to laughing at these people in 12 years when we are still here with the exception of those who have been wiped out by something far worse than global warming, trying to disarm American citizens. That action is far worse for the future of your health than global warming.

  15. Swedish jew potato whose parents use her to spread propaganda. gg good luck with this gretard

  16. Exploiting a mentally ill child how dare YOU

  17. I’m really getting sick of this kid and her dysfunctional parents

  18. Everything has an expiration date. The earth is no exception. Climate shifts and mass extinctions are cyclical. They happened before we were here and they'll continue to happen when we are gone. Humankind has likely ushered in a premature climate shift, but it would have happened eventually, even in our absence. We cannot save the earth. If it's God's will, the earth will repair itself once we are gone.


  20. Yes, I take my lead by an ignorant child being used by the cowardly left that seeks to hide behind the banner title "Don't challenge children."

  21. Oh man. I know the trillionaire elite that are promoting this climate change hoax love her which it should come as no surprise that she’s be given a platform. Quoting scientific lies and nonsense. The end game is a global carbon tax for YOU that will bring you into bondage and utter poverty and make the billionaires like bill gates richer. You will be taxed for breathing because YES you emit carbon dioxide. You have to be complete moron to believe in this garbage.

  22. How come ALL OF A SUDDEN we're hearing of this child activist?

  23. Well, seeing as others are but their opinions in the comment section i think i will too. Listen, this isn't about 'brainwashing' this isn't about Carbon tax, this isn't about you, or me. This is about the planet this is about our home. Stop looking into the cracks stop being so skeptical, this isn't some little scam or hoax, this a real thing, this is a thing that will affect everyone eventually, it will affect you, your family, your home, and your life. Personally, I believe we just have to stop asking so much questions, because every question has been asked and answered, and people just continue to re ask these questions. Youth aren't the ones that need to be involved, its adults, youth don't run the economy, youth don't run NASA, youth don't run the government, it is all done by adults, adults are the ones that need to be active, and yeah sure there are some, but not enough. The only reason why youth are starting to get involved is because they're tired of seeing nothing being done, their's a few, educated youth that see whats happening to the planet, those educated youth are the ones stepping up. I am 15 years old, I've been doing my best to educate and change not just my peers but adults as well, I don't care if Greta isn't speaking her own voice, to me many youth are stepping up not because someone told them to, because they know they need to. This isn't propaganda these are facts.

  24. Why isn't Joe Biden and his son under investigation?I have lost all faith in the honesty of our congress…all crooks

  25. Ugh how retarded do kids get these days

  26. She doesn't understand what she is saying. She is reading the script she was given by the liberals.

  27. Shocking, a foreign national has more access to congress than the average US citizen

  28. I'm hate to be the guy to say it, but there has to be that guy because it's a real issue that will cause a lot of trouble. Climate change isn't nearly the most important thing to worry about right now, I'm not saying we shouldn't be trying to make it better, because we should, but there is a much more pressing matter now. Our antibiotics are starting to not work as well as bacteria keeps becoming immune due to use constantly giving them out for everything. Just finding new antibiotics isn't the solution either because it takes years to find them. This is the real issue, antibiotics were a miracle drug but there effectiveness is dwindling. We will go right on back to the days where a cut can mean death and a common cold is deadly. This is the real issue.

  29. The bitch is lying we are #3! China, India and US. Don't fall for this scam its all about quilting this republic into submission.

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