Monday , August 2 2021



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Missoma pieces:

Missoma twisted link pearl necklace –
Missoma pearl necklace –
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Missoma multicoloured beaded bracelet –
Missoma white beaded necklace –
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Gold hoop earrings –

What I’m Wearing:

Floral dress (similar) –
(US) Floral dress (similar) –
Espadrille wedges –

Raffia slides –
(US) Raffia slides –
Seen On Her cardigan –

Bluebella robe –
Bluebella bra –

Outdazl straw hat –
Zimmermann maxi dress (similar) * –
(US) Zimmermann maxi dress (similar) * –

White Zimmermann dress (similar) * –
(US) White Zimmermann dress (similar) * –

Olive sports bra –
Olive leggings –

Blue halterneck dress (similar) –

White sports bra –
(US) White sports bra –

Wildflower dress –
(US) Wildflower dress (similar) –


Bluebella white lace bra –
Bluebella black bra –
Bluebella white embroidered bra –

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  1. Hope you can achieve your dream car josie xxx

  2. Where is your sunglasses from again please? Love them 🥰

  3. Hi Josie 😊 – The retreat looked amazing, I am sure you would have picked up great tips for better health. Lovely that you were able to take Dexter and Dickens. They certainly enjoyed themselves 💖👑

  4. As lovely as it is, that car isn’t an investment,… its value depreciates instantly and greatly as soon as your drive it out of the car yard. That money would be better spent on other things, such as a wedding, stocks, shares, property etc.

  5. The wildflower field is looking beautiful! My Kitten Indigo is so snuggly – she’s a Ragdoll basically a huge, fluffy, soppy kitty 💓

  6. The car is not child friendly. If your planning on having a baby in the near future.

  7. Josie where are your sunglasses from? The ones you had on in the Bentley 🙏🏻♥️

  8. The dress looks beautiful. I’ve also had to adjust the straps (inspired by your adjustment of the other pieces!) Fabulous vlog Josie! 💗

  9. How nice Josie if one of your followers to offer you the dress that you wanted from H&M that had sold out. It is very pretty and looks good on you. That was kind of you to give Charlie your half hour massage. I hope that he’s feeling better now.

  10. Hoping the car becomes yours! Looks gorge! However, I have to add: buying a car is not an investment. An investment is when you get more money from something than what you spend on it. Cars are no such things. It’s a huge cost yes, but by any means no investment. As soon as you leave the garage your car would have already lost 10% of its value.

  11. Omg, love the Bentley, really suits you 🥰 My sister and i followed the good weather to the Cotswolds yesterday, just over an hours drive to leave behind the rain in west Berkshire for a glorious day in Stow On The Wold and Daylesford. So good for the soul driving around this stunning part of the uk. Back to the rain today but hope the weather is still good there. Hope all is well 😊

  12. Before you buy your new car watch Theresa Roemer on you tube. She lives in Texas and is thinking about buying a Bentley. She gives some excellent advise. Cars in general are not investments and it will loose value the moment you drive off the forecourt. Take her advise.

  13. I have to say that Bentley is a cute little ride! 😍🥰😘🤩 I’m certain I could get used to driving one in no time! I love all the luxurious details! So glad you could include the boys on your little work retreat! I’m sure they didn’t want for attention!

  14. Hi Josie gosh that Bentley is gorgeous. The green will be even better, good on you getting another car.Really enjoyed going with you and Charlie and Dexter and Dickens to the Yoga Retreat, looked so good. Food looked delicious what a wonderful time.Thanks so much for sharing.💞💙

  15. you are the best tubettan wonderful

  16. when you get a trip, you should travel to Finland

  17. You are always going on about sustainability but want to contribute to polution by driving this around all day everyday? Grow all the lettuce you like this isnt going to help is it

  18. Jodie a car is definitely not an investment…. unfortunately.they lose value immediately after you drive them out of the shiwroom . The Bentley had an amazing interior and obviously high quality finish but the exterior is very disappointing. They have aimed for an upbeat modern look which does not suit such a classic car. It looks like any other car. I would have thought that an SUV was more suited to the country life of the Cotswolds. Don't waste your money ! 😳

  19. Tell you did not purchase a Bentley because of these U tube videos? That’s serious money.

  20. I find myself so jealous of all you have. I shop at thrift stores and my clothing never exceeds $10.00 an item. I could never afford even one piece of jewelry that you wear. You are very blessed and I'm sure work hard for all you have.

  21. If lady luck is on your side your dream car is yours good luck…:)

  22. What a beautiful garden! Unfortunately, we can't cultivate any of those flowers in the tropics where I am! I love your style also, Josie. The only thing is that the mirror makes it really difficult to see the full outfit & details properly.

  23. Your dress is one of the softest prints ever. And the choice of vehicle is perfect. That company has the most gorgeous 💚 greens. Absolutely, would be a well worth investment.

  24. Josie you guys have worked very hard and should drive whatever car you love!!! Live what you love. Charlie please wear crocs while driving the new Bentley 😃

  25. 22:45 …..the interiors remind me of the Lincoln navigator. Nice luxe SUV.

  26. Josie …what a fun video. Stay safe n well 🥰

  27. The Bentley looks fabilis! Good health to enjoy x

  28. Wonderful vlog. Love the peacocks. My, my, a Bentley! – marvelous marketing coup!! Definitely upped the ante for the "young female entrepreneur du jour"! Ashwaghanda, Charlie! – Ayurvedic adaptogen. Do love the pearl jewelry, but more delicate closures would be better. One negative – just me, so feel free to disagree – can't wait for the pistachio nails to wear off – so unflattering. Also, suggest shortening the ties on your sundresses and learn to tie the "perfect bow" for a more finished look.

  29. I am eating a mochi 🤗😉

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