Texas Gov. Abbott is 'going to win' gubernatorial race: Rep. Van Drew

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., discusses the gubernatorial race in Texas amid the border crisis and surging crime ahead of the 2022 midterms.

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  1. Everyone shd have a gun!


  3. Abbott plays the victim, ignores most Texans. Where was the audience ?
    As Texas continues to run out of water, why is it not an issue ? Thirsty for change.

  4. Hopefully millions of deportations are coming soon

  5. Governor Abbott is the best man for the Job!!! He has proven he can and will get the Job done!!

  6. Abbott is bad for Texas economy and property values, In order to stay competitive with other states, Texas needs to attract highly educated workers for the tech industry, financial services industry and energy in places like Austin, Dallas and Houston, we have already seen a sharp decline in home values, More Than Half of U.S. Homebuyers and Sellers Want to Live Somewhere With Legal Abortion, Up From 40% a Year Ago (instead of Two-Thirds of U.S. Homebuyers and Sellers Want to Live Somewhere With Legal Abortion, Up From 40% a Year Ago), data taken from Redfin – I’m a Republican voting for Beto

  7. Governor Abbott is a true American patriot. Intelligent and gutsy. What America needs. God bless you Mr. Governor.

  8. Pelosi rule of law. I refuse to travel democrat states or cities.

  9. God comes first then change

  10. Abbott has my vote (F)beto

  11. 1 st is enough Democrat are destroying America its invasion criminal it's very high every where my niece just died of fennel

  12. For the power outage that left Texans without power two winters ago, for that alone, Abbott should be fired. Drop him like a bad Abbott.

  13. Stand your ground Governor Abbott the Texans are going to vote for you Beto is a joke ! Nancy is a joke saying that they need to keep them in the south to pick the fields oh my God how does this lady stay in office ? keep up the good work governor Abbet I support you 110% !

  14. “It could have been worse” can you imagine a worse thing to say to grieving parents?

  15. The plan of the dems was to flood the border states with illegal immigrants and have immigrants vote blue , was the plan 100 percent, that’s why they don’t want abbot to bud them out

  16. I'm voting for Abbott. In fact I don't know of anyone who isn't.

  17. Van Drew's head looks huge compared to his body. Like a bobblehead figure.

  18. This man is a great friend of the people that knows what he has done for us all and now we will pray and support him for all god’s blessings to be safe and happy 😊 we can do god’s word for him the more you pray 🙏 and god’s love

  19. Abbott's opponent Bobby Frank Orourke is a persistent oxygen thief who has never held a real job. Another demomarxist with a solution to nothing and has worked a con on the simple minds of Texas.



  22. During Trump's tenure, migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border reached a 21-year high. From 2015 to 2020, Republican Donald 'Bone Spurs' Trump promised to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it. Predictably like many promises made by Trump, he did not build a border wall and did not make Mexico pay for it. The Trump administration pulled $271 million in funding from the Department of Homeland Security, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Disaster Relief Fund, to pay for immigration detention space and temporary hearing locations for asylum-seekers. Texas has set aside $1.05 billion for border barriers but hasn't revealed where it plans to build them.

  23. Beta is pro-open borders and anti-Second Amendment. Within a year Fentanyl and illegals will be taking over even small country towns in Texas with no way to defend yourselves. We’re off to NW Florida when Beta wins.

  24. your 'votes' don't mean anything. we plainly saw this for ourselves in '20. you're going to have marxist, deep-state appointees, and Only marxist, deep-state appointees, stinking up your hallways of government and moving this nation closer and closer to a one-world, totalitarian Socialist government.

  25. It is ridicules that the election could even be close Beto O’Rourke is a sick man

  26. With all this crisis happening in the world one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in forex and crypto which are really profitable.

  27. geez shut up after you ask a question!

  28. beto

    how can moronic leftists lile such a hypocrite

    my god, spanish people dont like the fake pos

    good lord

    what scum democrats are, to chaneg your name to grift on the spanish vote

    wgat a pos

  29. It's gonna be a slaughter of alot of Dems in this November's midterm elections. Alot of seats in the House and a slight majority in the Senate. But enough to slow the bleeding that America's suffering from until we get Trump re-elected in 24.

  30. Abbot is a true American.And true American always WIN !!!!!

  31. Dallas Texas needs help with the homeless people bad and then I heard on another channel that Dallas Texas was not going to get no help why


  33. Those super rich white libs in Martha's Vineyard should have found a why to help those migrants imo. They millions and live in $20-$50 million dollar mansions and refused to share a tiny bit with these desperate Venezuelans.

  34. Down with Hochul the Tyrant! She is destroying our beautiful state. Vote Lee Zeldin! I can stand to watch this anymore. Now we are like Cali and have that ridiculous bill passed to go electric vehicle all the way by 2035. We need the blatant abuse of power to cease and restore our freedoms and lower taxation. Fund our police and save our beautiful NYC. Remove these ridiculous gun laws preventing innocent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. This is also how Lee Zeldin feels. Just like the rest of us. I have faith in this one.

  35. Love Governor Abbot He sure has a great heart ❤️…. Praying for all he has been doing.🇺🇸🙏👍🏻👏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  36. Beto and Biden – bringing the third world to a neighborhood near you ⛺️🏕🎪⛺️🏕⛺️⛺️🎪🏕⛺️🏕⛺️🏕🎪⛺️🏕⛺️🎪⛺️⛺️🏕

  37. Love my gov god bless Texas

  38. anyone that votes for beto should go right to mental health professional for help

  39. Hope u run for president.

  40. Fox is like the Oath Keepers on television.

  41. Governor Abbott is a hero in my eyes.

  42. What A Pathetic Speech Weekend For Joe Biden Who Doesn't Care About My Country Anymore

  43. Republicans Are Sick And Tired Of Biden's Pathetic Speech Over the Weekend Folks