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Thank U, NEXT! 💗 TRENDS I'M DUMPING FOR 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

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Pastel trainers:
Pearl bag:
Valentino sunglasses:
Fendi sunglasses:
Chloe Tess bag:
Mulberry Hampstead bag:
Club Monaco coat:

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Jumper –
Sausage Dog Mug –


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  1. I only like neon on a bikini, for example. Love your video.

  2. Nobody gives a fuck about any of these, in the long run, none of it matters – shallow.

  3. The ugly trainers are horrible. I agree!

  4. Hi dear Josie.
    Totally agree with see-through handbags. No woman would have created that design!!!

  5. I think Americans tend to embrace fitness of all kinds, including trainers. It's not a fashion, but a lifestyle statement.

  6. Consumerism needs to go away, and people need to hold onto their stuff. Buy quality material that will last a long time.

  7. I am forma Panama, we are sumergida and rainny sumergida but love your style and videos! 💕

  8. Love the white and feathers swueter

  9. I also like shoes in old rose …

  10. You are a sweetie, I usually hate these kind of videos but I loved yours. I agreed with all the trends, hated them all, except the sun glasses. Only problem they were useless, I actually wear sunglasses for eye protection from the sun and if the sun is over head I'd be squinting from the glare. If they have no real purpose, who needs them?

  11. I just want the obsession with sports casual to END!!! I’m sick of seeing people walking around like chavs, sick of all the clothes shops just showing unflattering, baggy sports crap…I want flattering, feminine clothes to make a return. Tired of people walking around like they just threw shit on.

    Also sick and tired of the ugly, unflattering oversize, boxy Scandi look. Androgyny can be attractive, but not the way they do it. More baggy, shapeless, unattractive clothes all over the place. That whole style pushed by ‘man repeller’ is just so over and done with. Next!!

  12. Good to know I'm not the only one who hates the dad trainer trend.

  13. Would be nice if all influencers would stop travelling and consuming so much for ”the gram”, and start opening the discussion for a more sustainable ”influencer lifestyle”

  14. my darling..i'm watching your posta for some time… love love love your style!!..but let me tell You that i have stomach pain..i laughed so much when your dogs entered în the show😂😂😍😘

  15. This is Donna, not Jim. What does "going to High street mean? I'm from America, and don't know what you are doing about!

  16. OMG mE TOO! two dachshunds! Love them!

  17. those glasses are very big on your face i guess..

  18. I absolutely love your very classy and lady like style. I wish all young ladies were as stylish as you! I am 68 years old and you are a wonderful breath of fresh air! And, an incredible stylist! Thank you!

  19. I'm so happy the tiny glasses will be a thing of the past.

  20. Neon should be left to 25 and younger even in lipstick. Neon green with navy if your 25 or younger.

  21. Like you are a classy woman from the past

  22. You are the most classiest person i have ever seen

  23. Love your dog and coffee mug

  24. I don't want to say this but speak less darling you describe alot… Be brief.

  25. Sorry i hit thumb down. Two and a half minutes of intro is waaaaay too long

  26. If you don't like trends, then why do you buy them? It seems kinda dishonest that you would use the trends for likes on insagram when you don't actually like them and use them in everyday life.

  27. Thank you for bringing us into 2019 and giving us an opportunity to clear out any fad items that were not part of a solid classic design and that are ultimate timeless in are closets. There are really few people we can trust to be that Go To Person that gives it to us straight on. We know they are knowledgeable in the fashion industry and saves us the time, energy and also the money to do all the research for are valued purchases. I so appreciate your experience in fashion and that you are so very willing to share it with all of us. May you continued to have a passion driven success in 2019. Warmly ~ Fran from the Palm Beaches of Florida

  28. The trainers you have are very nice.

  29. I love your style. Thanks for the video

  30. I love your style. So timeless and elegant. I find it hilarious though that you're saying thank you next to all trends Kim K has been pioneering 🤔😂

  31. Less of you and more clothes would make a better video thanks.

  32. Question? Would you consider going fur free?

  33. I really like bodycon dresses, but I would like to see a trend that incorporates them into a more modest style, such as worn over leggings and with pretty scarves and sweaters on top instead of everything just hanging out. I wear my bodycon dresses this way, and I feel that it gives me the best of both worlds- the sexiness of bodycon and the subtlety of coverage. That's just my preference, though. If other people want more exposure, I won't criticize. Dress however you want. I agree with your transparent bag comment. My handbag is always a pandemonium, despite my best efforts. Maybe a transparent bag with little cosmetic bags and the like, bags that match or blend with each other and keep items inside hidden from view, would work, though.

  34. Unfortunately, having a clear bag ….at least 1….is a must if you are going to a lot of public conventions….it's either no bag or a clear bag. But obviously you would only want to keep the barest necessities

  35. Noo! Not the ugly trainers! I've bought 2 pairs (high street of course) and they've been the comfiest item I've ever owned! My wardrobe consists of black, white and grey, so the pop of colour really gave an edge to my overall look. Oh well… might as well stock up for the moment they go out of fashion! 😂😂😂 New subscriber, love your content! 💖💖💖

  36. 3:30 true most of the trends in this video only look good on instagram and not irl

  37. god bless ariana for blessing us and popculture with that iconic line

  38. LOL with the PVC bag… I do use one everyday and that's because I HAVE TO since I work at a prison. I WOULD GLADLY say good bye to my ugly PVC prison bag if I could. Please don't judge I do this out of necessity…. lol

  39. Everything bought this year that we are saying “thankyou hello” to will be on the January 2020 “thankyou next pile…

  40. Have a neon Touchscreen pen because I can find it in My handbag! And brightly colored socks which ill keep – apart from that My complexion and neon…. ehum NO!

  41. Grew up with dachshounds and our oldest reached 18 years old ! they were My true family and to this day I pretty much love animals more than humans with some exceptions inkl the more general humanity =)

  42. I’m soooooooooo happy you see the light! I thought I was the only one! The ugly trainers has my blood pressure up! 👌🏻🙌🏻

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