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The #1 Weight Loss Tips from Reddit (r/AskReddit)

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  1. For those with BED and depression, getting medicated may help. Rebalancing your brain chemistry can help you balance your mood and prevent emotional eating, plus some medications like Bupropion can help reduce your appetite.
    Also figure out what kind of food your body needs and what kind is harmful for you as an individual. Some need some things more than others, some need fewer or none of certain foods. I can't eat meat except fish or my body bloats and I feel horribly sick. Calorie counting is important. It doesn't have to be 100% precise but a tough estimate can really help.

  2. For my big girls who want to lose weight: cardio is good, but weightlifting is WAY BETTER for us. We do not loose weigh like men because of our hormones and weightlifting helps us control the weight fluctuations a lot better than cardio. ALSO, cardio will not give you that perfectly built body, with the nice curves and all……

  3. I was expecting a robot voice. Pleasingly surprised.

  4. The ONLY soda I ever drink (maybe three a week) is diet coke. No sugar, no calories, no fat. Other sodas make my teeth hurt `_0_/`

    I always thought that I eat so little on a big full plate, but god I wasn't. So it s better to eat a full small plate than a large on.

  6. A lot of old people say the “ don’t leave your plate till it’s empty” because of when they grew up,

  7. I refuse to give up on potatos

  8. “i went a little crazy , walking two hours a day”

    me who walks 5-7h a day :🤨

  9. I JUST now realised that you don’t use the robot voice you use your own voice.

  10. Youtube knows what I want and what I need better than anybody else

  11. nah im a skinny asian and eat white rice three times everyday. yall americans just eat a whole family size of it

  12. treat calories like money. Get a limit (talk to a nutritionist first) and stick to that budget of calories and at first, if it’s in your budget eat it no matter how unhealthy, after a couple days start eating 1 meal that’s super healthy and the rest can be whatever as long as it fits in your calorie budget. Slowly bring that 1 healthy meal to 3 healthy meals. If it’s still hard then, eat unhealthy snacks and slowly transition to all your food being healthy. It has to be a life style change. To never be able to eat ice cream again in your life is a distorted mind set that isn’t sustainable. Find food you love and make it with substitution and try to make it as healthy as you can. If you accidentally “spend” too many of your calorie budget, walk and burn some calories. The bigger you are the more you burn with all exercise. Aim to burn 500 calories a day every week. Walk 10,000 steps if you can. If your focused on loosing fast it won’t work because you want to keep the weight off. If you can’t see yourself following your diet in 1 year from now it’s not sustainable. Eat chips, just learn self control. You CAN eat 1 oreo a day and loose weight. Let yourself have pasta once a month. If you like a food reward yourself with it on a cheat day. I’ve lost 15lbs doing this and i’m only In the 2nd month. I eat 1,200 calories a day and i’m eating more than I used too. Don’t give up at first. The first 1-2 weeks your body has to get used to your diet so don’t give up if you’re a little hungry one day (DONT starve yourself) It’s all psychological.

  13. Is soda a popular substitute for water in America? As an Australian, the amount of tips to 'cut out soda' is crazy to me!

  14. Keto diet (or, cut out sugar)

  15. Just don't eat in general

    There you go (don't correct me please, it makes me feel stupid)

  16. Breakfast: 3 eggs (harder boiled, scrambled, etc…just no butter, oil and spices sadly) + green tea
    Lunch: 3 eggs + 1 apple + green tea
    Dinner: 1 cup of oats + green tea
    and water of course in between. An apple is also good for a snack if you find yourself still hungry.
    I did this for a week and lost 15lbs. Probably not the healthiest diet but it was a lot healthier than what i was doing before when trying to lose weight.
    I also find that it helps to keep a log on the things you eat everyday and how much water you have been drinking. There is an app called Lifesum and you can log the thinks you eat and can even scan the bar code of the food you are eating and helps count your calories. There are many other things to the app but i always use it and it is very helpful.

  17. Size up and wear clothes that actually fit. If clothes are too tight you'll feel like shit all day. It'll lead you to starve all day or jump on a bad fad diet leading to over eating.

  18. Me: watching this… eating Nekot cookies

  19. I'm guessing these posts are mostly American. In Britain a serving of any cereal is actually 40g

  20. if you just want to chew something, get some ice cubes lol. it’s just frozen water and water is good for u 😉

  21. GUYS PLEASE SPREAD THIS THIS IS LITTERALLY ONE TIP THAT WORKS FOR ALL, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. If you feel hungry, drink water and keep drinking until you feel bloated. With this you wont even feel hungry

  22. Love your body. It goes through so much s@&t , and you don’t need more room for negativity and self-pity. Better said than done, but its a good habit to develop to the best of your ability. Often weight loss starts when you change your attitude. And besides, when you love something, don’t you wanna take care of it? 😉

  23. The biggest thing for me is not drinking my calories and eating three balanced meals a day.

  24. the whole eat until your full thing only works if you are not already overweight. Trusting your hunger isn't always the best thing to do, I'd say if you want to lose weight, at least at first, you should get comfortable with hunger and realise that you can survive quite some time without eating. The way I lost weight was I fasted for 2 days and then resumed a low carb diet with the occasional treat so that I wouldn't binge. During that time I realised that hunger was a response to your body's habit of getting constant food, but it's not even necessary to eat so much! Your body has stored fat for that very reason!

  25. I cut out sugar last year. But immediately went to chips. This year. My only goals are to stop eating bread/pasta chips and rice. No corn and more green vegetables.

  26. most of us are here because of our ed

  27. I'm going to cheat and list 2 things:
    1. Drink water, nothing else.
    2. Don't eat past feeling full.

    This alone made me drop more than 70 pounds in 2019.

  28. For me, whenever I feel like snacking when I know I shouldn't, I just eat ice. It may not sound great to some, but it keeps my hands busy and I can watch TV without feeling like I could have a snack. Especially since I've made it a habit to eat after school, switching to ice really helped cutting back how much I eat every day!

  29. No sugar no carbs
    I was so lean actually too lean I only did this for 7 days went from 164 to 150
    Also worked out twice a day (kick boxing then gym)
    Now I’m 154 which is my goal weight,
    With a moderate diet working out once a day looking to put on muscle 💪🏽 5’5

  30. Some of this… "Be extremely strict about calories" "lost 80 lbs in 13 weeks".. Y'all, that's incredibly unhealthy. That could lead to disordered eating.

  31. The eating to match your spouse thing is so real. Took me a while to realize if I eat as much as him, I'll be as big as him. 190 lbs looks much better on a 6ft tall body than it does on a 5ft 3" body 😬.

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