The anatomy of ‘Scandoval’

“Impact x Nightline” takes a look at how millions are getting hooked after the twists and turns of the cheating scandal involving the stars of “Vanderpump Rules.”

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Lala's hair makes her look like 50 years old 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Perez Hilton is vile.

  3. U know Lala was so pretty before now she looks like a China doll with all those fillers. She should have been happy with her looks because she looks so China doll now

  4. Wow this is really on abc huh? 😅

  5. Love her intro. These are dreamer kids thrust into reality tv insanity

  6. whats this sewer rat talkin about they are all huge Hypocrites and CHEATERS all of em Tom is a single guy he can date or see whoever he likes Raquel is a single gorgeous woman not her fault if all the men on show fall in love with her

  7. Megan King- I’m sooo distracted by your face changes that I forgot what I was watching!

  8. These people are Not Celebrities…Kandi Buress…Kenya Moore…people like that who were in the public eye prior to Reality Tv are true celebs…We know why reality shows are so popular….Never ending content & the shows are fairly cheap to produce….

  9. Perez Hilton is toxic trash

  10. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today…..

  11. What did Meghan do to her face? Nearly unrecognizable.

  12. Who are they trying to kid here? NOBODY believes reality t.v is anything but dross! But you've got to waste the hours somehow. It beats being an alcoholic…just.

  13. The point about gender was really rather astute–I used to refrain from reality tv, but vanderpump this season was hard not to watch


  15. This is the dumbest thing I have ever watched 😂

  16. LaLa cannot pull off the natural beauty look off at all.
    She has a face that has been injected and everything else meant to wear 10 pounds of makeup over.
    I’m so sick of the Scandoval saga. I still try to keep up with the story though, if anything new comes out. It’s like a car crash.

  17. She deeply regrets hurting Ariana but no regrets on screwing Tom😅

  18. Perez us the most ANNOYING commentator

  19. The Super Bowl and all sports are also scripted. Nothing is reality. Reality TV is not even reality.

  20. I have watched every episode of VPR. But come on…

  21. cannot believe nightline did a story on vanderpump….surreal…then again Donald Trump was the leader of the free world so 🤷‍♀️ Also, Andy Cohen /Bravo missed tv gold by not having Jax, Stassi, & Kristen be surprise guests at the reunion. Sandoval would have 💩 himself

  22. ABC News should consider interviewing Michael Seifert, CEO of PublicSq.

  23. What chaotic mix of shenanigans did I just watch. I mean thanks for catching me up ..I think. Lol … I got lost in all the cut scenes 🤣 but it was fun.

  24. Just a small note, Ariana owns a sandwich shop, not a cafe ❤

  25. Lala is a cheater…talk about growing stones from a glass house.

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  27. I adore LaLa Kent. She's special. As far as Scandoval,judging from past behavior of both Tom and Ariana, was only a matter of time!

  28. “You can care about what’s happening in Ukraine and also what’s happening at Sur” lmao what a line

  29. It’s goofy, they all cheat…

  30. I know i don't feel guilty.

  31. It's a phenomenon!! There was Dynasty in the 80s, Melrose Place in the 90s, and Vanderpump Rules is the present day nighttime soap obsession except it's reality

  32. Nuts are not good examples to others!

  33. I feel Lala has done much worse than Rachel