Thursday , June 4 2020
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  1. You are seriously such a bight ray of sunshine to me everytime I see a video. Thank you for being such a lovely positive influence to so many people.

  2. Loved this! So organized and on point. I’ve only recently figured out that its not really the color but tone of the color that determines if a piece suits me. It’s been a long and frustrating journey, but I finally know what to be on the look out for🤍

  3. Loved the tips. Thank you. I have been eyeing up this blouse but really didn't know what you can wear underneath that won't show through as one of your tips says. Any concrete suggestions?

  4. Thank you for wondrous styling tips.. some of these were rather gobsmacking! In a good way! You are so entertaining and intelligent.

    If you have time and desire, perhaps you could delight us with some more styling outfit videos? It seems to have been a while. I enjoyed your thigh-high boots styling methods for example very very mush.

    An example idea: how to style short skirts, long skirts, trousers, shorts and other types of bottoms? Or perhaps something simple like ‘10 ways to style a blazer.’ I would love to see some blazer styling that pretty signature pastel & neutral palette of yours!

    I also really enjoy the way you compose your very elegantly stylish outfits and share your perspective and thought process regarding color coordination and shape silhouettes. I think you are very intelligent and creative.

    Thank you for fashion content today, you are so dedicated! It must take a lot or effort to create such good content and deliver every day. bows

  5. Thank you Jolie Josie 🙏 we are so lucky to have you … everyday … especially at this moment ❣️ stay safe 💖 🌸

  6. I love my pear shape and tiny waste so I always love to show that off

  7. You are telling about to us real things in life with all of your kindness.. so so much thank you💛

  8. You and Freddy have the same tops, great minds think alike💗

  9. "These are going to be my next level tips"
    1st tip: InVeSt iN StApLeS

  10. You uploding so much is just amazing! I enjoy it so much to see you talking about fashion, I could listen for hours… in the last time I somehow had problems with my style but you always help me to get over them! Thank you Josie! I know how hard working you are…

    Much love and kisses from Germany<3

  11. Lovely tips X thank you ❤️

    I had set out my spring go to, but it's still too cold to wear it 🙈

  12. Loved this video Josie. Lots to think about, and I especially like the last one of finding my go to outfit and creating similar ones on a daily basis 👍😍 guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?! 😊xx

  13. Great video. Thanks Jose!

  14. Really well said Josie! So informative and a good remind for many of us! You are really chic my darling!

  15. Do a video on Audrey Hepburn or breakfast in Tiffany kind of style… Or just how to make the style look a bit Audrey'ish with your spin on it with ur existing wardrobe… Might be a cool idea for a video and will help us look more chic with clothes u influenced us to buy…

    Ps- love ur style and videos

  16. Yaaaaaaayyyy another video from Josie!!!!! Soo happy! Thank you girl for providing this excellent entertainment! I moved to an area with a huge shopping centre – literally next door and because of the covid 19 crisis I can’t go shopping!!! ;( and my wardrobe needs a refresh

  17. When will you upload you decluttered clothing on depop? I’m so eager to get some!

  18. I think you and Freddy have the same shirt.

  19. People will compliment you when colors look good on you. Pay attention.

  20. You’re wearing the same blouse as Freddy, aren’t you? 🙂

  21. Thank-you Josie, I absolutely love your style so classy and beautiful 😘😘😘

  22. Thank you❤️good advise

  23. Can I ask which body shaper you mentioned? Thanks

  24. By the way have you tried triumph? I think is the best undergarments company

  25. Hi Josie, keep up the good work! 🐈

  26. Hi! I love your style so much and I always get inspired by your ideas! I have a question though: Do you do fashion design (sew clothes)?

  27. I am so happy to watch your videos everyday Josie! You are such an inspiration and you helped me so much in many different ways!

  28. Great tips! Thank you for the daily uploads, they really brighten the day.

  29. Love your personality your vlogs and the way you are putting so much efforts for us 😍 love from USA here ❤️

  30. Could you make a video on how to wear related to different body types? Could you add examples as well? Just an idea.. 😊 nice video!

  31. I look forward to you videos everyday! Thank you for taking the extra time to make these videos for us in such a stressful time!

  32. I just had an a-ha moment watching this video!! I have a Neutral Complexion (except summer). I can wear Charcoal Gray, but any lighter gray washes me out. Blues in the winter are a no go too. I would LOVE to see a What Colors looks good on who video. When I shop online, I see a beautiful top on a model & order it, only to find It doesn't compliment me. TYFT

  33. Could you please make a video on your updated home tour I'm waiting for it

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