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'The best I've ever hit a cricket ball in my life'

Liam Livingstone reflects on some of his biggest hits from his first KFC BBL season, and also a low point from his match against the Renegades in Geelong


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  1. This man had got tremendous power

  2. Well he has hit the cricket balls with his two balls.. twice. 😂

  3. Sneaky content planners wanted an update on the nutshot & masqueraded the interview as a sixes package analysis. Well done!

  4. That OH NO with northern accent was unfortunate quite funny for all of us

  5. Unfortunately 3rd time this evening 😭🤣

  6. I commented to make the number of comments 200 . lol

  7. Nobody seems to notice what is the video title about hahaha

  8. "iske toh akhrot gye" Akshay Kumar's voice

  9. Ok forget about the shot
    I'm genuinely feeling bad for Billy Stanlake😂

  10. Nicest six I've ever seen..keep gng..❤️

  11. Did Livingstone played ipl for any team?

  12. Sahi talente ki kami Livingston 💯 hottar hai

  13. When dhoni hits a 112m one
    – that's nothing I have hit bigger ones

  14. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

  15. Livingstone balls became Deadstones after that delivery 😂

  16. Jaha cricket waha indian bc, ye h ky

  17. I have experienced that "Oh No" moment in my life. It isn't funny at all 🙁

  18. Shocked that you were not in IPL

  19. “Are we all okay, no long term damage?” 😂

  20. LivingStone's dead stones!!

  21. Why not liam livingston
    he is in ipl🤔

  22. That shot was so smooth, I've watched it ten times and it's not enough

  23. Livingstone sounded Aussie when he said, "Oh no!".

  24. It was with the same shot that he got hit in the box a million times.

  25. Can't wait to see some more Liam Livingstone action in Perth colours this year!!!!!

  26. What a bunch of hero's, real hero's who play for a living while the rest work non stop. Would love all the pleasures these hero's get for having fun. Sportsman, politicians, police, actors, big buisness, fraudulent medical industry are apparently all hero's while the other %99 of us who keep them having fun while we work our guts out just to be, are considered stupid by these people & deserve nothing in equivalency of them yet we put in more hours by 10 fold in a year for the hope to maybe one day own our house to be rent free a right of castle or home taken from us & what we own when we die government & lawyers try to get as much of as they can before our family's & half the time wills are not honoured. Where will they all live when the tide turns & it will soon.

  27. BBL Commentators are from WWE.

  28. what about ohhhh noooo😊😊😊😊😊

  29. Changed petty quickly from hardest I have hit the ball to hardest my balls were hit!

  30. Thats what happen when You get Internet at lower price than water
    1 Liter Water Bottle =20 Rs.
    1 GB Data = 9 Rs.
    80%Viewers are from India 😂

  31. This video is all about balls getting hit

  32. Honestly thought that was Root from the thumbnail

  33. cricket ball hits any other part of the body
    commentators :*concerned faces* is he okay? hope he is not hurt..

    When it hits the balls .

    Commentators : hahahahaha..lmao..rofl 😂😂

  34. Can’t have the good without the bad it seems, nadded

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