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THE BOYFRIEND TAG! Q&A with Charlie – Marriage, More Dogs & Charlie's Blog! | AD

We’ve finally filmed The Boyfriend Tag!! Find out all about our relationship – where we met, our dorky traditions and our mad love for dogs! We were inspired to film this after watching The Choice – the new Nicholas Sparks film, out on DVD on July 4th!

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This video is in collaboration with Lionsgate Films!

The Choice is out on DVD & Digital Download Monday 4th July! *

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  1. I hope Charlie ALWAYS is nice to you…you're a great lady..chic and beautiful

  2. I've been binge watching your videos! They are great! Loved this one. May I ask is there a link to the bracelets you both are wearing? Thanks in advance! ❤

  3. You and Charlie are such a beautiful couple

  4. Omg Finland mentioned 🇫🇮😍 greetings from here! 😂💛

  5. I’ve been binge watching your videos for the past few weeks! I didn’t realise you were from Gloucestershire, that’s where I’m from! X

  6. Fantastic I think you two are a great combination.

  7. Josie & Charlie ~ Now that's the Best video so far … with the two of you and Dexter.
    I just Love the Humor you two have together. Yes~ that was the ultimate!!! You should do this teamed up more often. Fran from the Palm Beaches of Florida

  8. I love the notebook movie 💕

  9. And a attractive, lovely couple.

  10. I think One word for you is STYLISH 24/7: Charley. He seems like his mind never shuts down,
    You do seem like a great team.

  11. Enjoy America’s south prepare for lotsa mosquitos.

  12. All Nicholas Sparks books are much better. I thought Charley was reading The Game by Tom Woods.

  13. Loved watching this, wish you love and happiness always such a darling couple 😗🤗

  14. Hi Josie, what’s Charlie’s YouTube channel? My boyfriend said today he wants some fashion inspiration

  15. I had a good cuckle with this one. You both were and still are super cute.

  16. So amazing together!!! Just an American observation; Charlie has more of a UK specific vernacular (not a bad thing!). It was kind of fun to rewind a few times to try & catch the exact nuance of his comments. You two are a wonderful couple 💕

  17. You must go to Charleston sc is so gorgeous there and romantic

  18. You two are totally adorable. I have enjoyed your videos Josie and this was so cute. We live in South Carolina so you are welcome to stay with us if you ever visit. We are about 4 hours from Jacksonville Florida and 12 hours from Miami so we are in a perfect location. Nothing weird about total strangers halfway around the world inviting you to stay with them…definitely not!

  19. He's a good boyfriend if he watches notebook with you, but if he says it's one of his favorite movies, he's a keeper 😉

  20. Oh Josie, Charlie is such a catch! 😀 You are one lucky girl, and what an enchanting way to meet! I wish you all the best! Do you have your wedding vid available, or….?

  21. You two are absolutely gorgeous and beyond beautiful together. Unfortunately, I find Charlie's manner in this and many videos to be insensitive, disrespectful, and seriously cringey. Best wishes to you both!

  22. You and Charlie make a great couple…and his glasses are cool!
    Josie…don't worry so much about the lights etc…
    You are lucky to have such a classy dude like Charlie…he's considerate, and caring

  23. such a cute couple! come check out my boyfriend tag video! xx

  24. I can't believe I'm just seeing this!!!! 😱😍😍😍

  25. I'm so so so sorry!!! …. but i've been binge watching your chanel for 2 weeks now, and I have to say …. I absolutly do NOT like "Charlie".
    Everything i have seen from him was absolutly upseting. He's rude, he's grumpy, he is not sensitiv and loving very passiv and cold anwers you like:'i dont give a shit' and … A drinker?!? (From what i've heared)
    I feel like he seems to be quite antisocial and nearly not as joyful and jolly as you, I really would want someone more fiting for you.
    I see you being so lovely towards him and he being so cold and untouched. That upsets me horrilby.

  26. You are so cute together!! Being with your best friend is THE most important thing.

  27. He’s prob nice when he wants to be I used to work in Chelsea and served many guys like him, until they started drinking they turned into snobs. I know.

  28. You make a lovely couple. Very natural and clearly made for each other. You have certainly made me want to watch that film. 😃👍🏼

  29. I dont see a rin better put a rin on it before se ets away!

  30. Your bf looks just like my husband 😄

  31. Love Charlie's cockney accent, also no way would my boyfriend watch Notebook. Well done you are both lovely.

  32. What a great bf you have! Good couple.

  33. This was lovely. 🙂 Charlie said he works for a Finnish tech startup. I thought you were posting a link to his blog, but I don’t see it. Can you tell me the name of the startup?

  34. very nice tag…u should considered doing promotions for movies if u are not doing it already…..if u decide to have children u will have beautiful babies u both are beautiful…thanks for sharing

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