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The Briefing Room: El Paso and Dayton shootings, China trade war, 2020 election latest| ABC News

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  1. Maybe the latinos shouldnt have came here and should move to mexico if they dont like it here? Yea thats what I thought

  2. They need to send ice to el paso .

  3. Waisted days and waisted nights

  4. Right Take Guns Like They have Taken Away Drugs Same People Supply Both! A Myzer That's Stealing Christmas Large National Corporate Retail That's Buying in Low Cost Markets And Sales In Inflation Markets like the United States of America can expect Shareholders, Employees And most importantly The Consumer WILL Be Paying for it Now Since They Have Squeezed out The Small Retail Companies Over The Last Decades!

  5. All this news pisses me off and it's FUCKING not Trump's fault ! He wasn't there with a gun shooting people, its the FUCKING young BRAINWASHED kids !!!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ–•

  6. we're is the Walmart survalliance video, I hear there was more than one shooter we need to demand that video

  7. hmmm…..aren't you whining farmers the fucktards who elected the orange daughter raping old trust fund brat???? Yeah fuck you………….how about you grow food for Americans only, period.

  8. It will be a good thing that he goes to the hospitals and visit the victims and then the same time he can apologize President Trump's logo he went to Orlando why not with the El Paso

  9. This man, "Dwyer(?)" wanted to argue with the behavioral health professional – insisting that mental illness is a factor in these mass murders. I am a licensed mental health professional with a Masters in Science degree from the University of Texas. This news anchor does not know what he is talking about. In the past 20 years, there have been 2 (two) mass shootings committed by people with command hallucinations. There are many persons diagnosed with Schizophrenia. .99.99% of them are harmless. People with diagnosed Depression commit suicide, not homicide. Neither man in the weekend shootings were diagnosed with any sort of mental illness. They were Trump-fueled haters!! This so-called news anchor is only contributing to bias against the truly mentally ill who deserve compassion! I cannot say that I wish profound mental illness on him.

  10. Mexico is the ideal landing location for aliens; an equatoral land mass surrounded by two major oceans. Aliens that enter into our world who have thousands of years of the knowledge in mind controlling and manipulative techniques cause these problems to occur. A mental health issue is just a way to describe and cover the real root cause. The truth is that interdimensional entities are attacking people. If the 'possessed' person does have a gun it makes the alien attack much easier. Humans killing humans would be the strategic solution for an alien invasion.

  11. It is not the President's fault. If he said that he is talking about illegal people that have broken our laws by coming here without going through the process. This is all BS. This is our President and we Americans don't like this crap.

  12. Dayton shooter is an anime fan ๐Ÿฅถ

  13. I think we are all going to find out about why many many witnesses saw multiple shooters ( dressed in all black with masks ) …. These county and city officials working with the deep state cabal, same cabal operatives under investigation for treason against the US will be held accountable for their role in this operation that killed innocent people.

  14. If you start deporting immigrants you better start with Melania Trump.

  15. How come you are not reporting the shooting at the Walmart in Baton Rouge?

  16. All politicians are the head of the snake . The evil,racism, materialism, and Hate all stems from them. We dont need left or right anymore we need to stand together as 1. It's the only way out……….white house home of the beast.

  17. I believe the Government is responsible for all of these shootings. To disarm us and to keep us racially devided because together we are strong.

  18. Trump, the GOP, and right wing media should be indicted as co-conspirators in this crime. Their constant hate speech and blocking of common sense gun control laws are major contributors.

  19. The shooter in Dayton was espousing beliefs of Elizabeth Warren [he even named her!] and Bernie Sanders, yet you LEFT THAT OUT, ABC!

  20. We all know this mass shooting are related to Trump๐Ÿค” racist comments

  21. Wow. Every single thing this guy just said about Trump and all events was an utter lie. Everything. Shocking the disconnect with the truth. Guess he listens to deepstate media. Way to go ABC. This is exactly why we are at this place. Media like ABC. That's why this country is divided. The media is the tool of the deep state trying to control and kill the population. We are not taking it anymore. People who are even diehard dems are escaping the hold this propaganda has had on them since birth. The propaganda runs deep. But we are stronger and smarter than this.

  22. Did they tell you they linked the Dayton shooter to antifa and Elizabeth Warren hmmm?

  23. At 0:16 it sounds about white๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ’‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ต

  24. The gunman in El Paso was NOT right wing he was LEFT WING. He was espousing the same values of the fake socialist left that Ocasio-Cortez and now the whole Democrat party espouses!! Why did the media carefully edit what they presented of the manifesto?? I'm a Dem and I can clearly see what's going on here! Shame on you ABC! YOU are the problem!

  25. trump wipes the floor with protesters.

  26. they failed read all the manifesto the ass hole was a climate change nut job. funny how there's no mention of the manifesto now.

  27. I hope he does meet with the good people of El Paso. And I hope he's met with lots of loud, justifiably angry protestors.

  28. How can he say it has correlation when he said the crimes against white people has risen over the last 5 years?

  29. The guy in Dayton was a big Elizabeth Warren supporter who also retweeted ANTIFA. The guy in El Paso had Democrat listed on his social media. Then a few hours after the shooting it was taken down and replaced with Republican. He posted mainly on Instagram and he didn't post on 8 Chan at all. But shortly after the shooting someone uploaded his manifesto to 8 Chan – likely with the express purpose of getting 8 Chan taken down.

  30. Oh come on, anyone who targets innocent individuals to make a point is unhinged. Domestic terrorism is correct! Background checks and restrictions on semiautomatic guns also!!!! I'm deeply sympathetic to all victims their extended families and their communities. The damage an individual can cause could be minimised by blocking of access to semiautomatic guns.

  31. Your kidding right? You are actually calling for open season on Latinos in America? No Less from embolden white supremacists/nationals.

  32. Folks wake up in El Paso the photograph of the guy in the store is at a different location, that photograph does not match the photograph of the man they arrested, evidently after he gave up calmly quietly peacefully unrealistically after such a heinous crime. Neither of the two the photographs of the one in the store and the one they arrested are wearing the same brand or type of pants. How does one go on a shooting spree for over 10 minutes doing that much damage with a single 30 round magazine wake up false flag gun grab media narrative..

  33. The more reason to get strap

  34. Trump never called "all" Mexicans rapists and murderers. He said "some" of the illegals that get in are rapists and murderers. Get it right, stop spinning your lies to fit your agenda. Shame on you ABC News

  35. I am hearing a lot about vulnerable people needing mental health. I do not doubt this but I think they are going about it strange. Reparations do not
    fix the problem. The United States cannot treat mental illness from around the world. Immigrants are going to be classed as needing mental health
    with the way media portrays them. Mental illness will not be a free ticket.

  36. Why on earth would they want Donald Trump there? He is a hypocrite and a liar and racist and played a part in this happening! Also what would help them would be the news media being totally honest about Donald Trump! Itโ€™s all political on trumps part!

  37. Trump is not racist but the liberal media and Democrats are for race baiting and lying

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