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The Briefing Room: Impeachment showdown, Louisiana abortion case heads to Supreme Court | ABC News

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  1. FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!! Like the child molester who went to prison INSTANTLY and hung himself? I don't believe at all. That child rapist walked in the prison and out the back door. The Elite cover the Elite. Fake News again. Why was there no hype about his funeral? There was no funeral!!!!

  2. Profiting from Americans is as American as apple pie? Apple pie? Really? All gov agencies get paid very good from taxes taken out of our paychecks, property taxes, buy dog or cat food + taxes. A gift and we have all should be given many gifts. Taxed. We are all born as slaves to give taxes we ALL have paid to the gov. God won't care for them if not saved. Why argue? Get creative and push your limits to learn. Don't just hear, "AMERICA AND JOBS AND INSURANCE promises to be fixed. THEY CAN FIX ALL THIS RIGHT NOW. Hire humans to answer phone calls. Not automated robotic answering machines. Ect. Don't argue of people who would never be YOUR FRIEND. Just bc some people are boot lickers to authorities. Who don't pay taxes? THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They live off our money. They are not Gods' to defend as if in WAR!!!!!!!

  3. How about the people vote on it? This is America right?

  4. Trump:
    And I’m a Republican!

  5. A million man march should have been at the foot of the Supreme Court years ago. The SCOTUS has become entirely factional, with no regard for the nation's interest or the Constitution. Just the corporations. With some Justices appointed just to protect Trump! This crowd today is voicing what American democracy is really supposed to be (and hasn't ever been quite yet, as long as we've had the Electoral College instead of the Popular vote deciding our races), and any right-wingers out there decrying their words have no business calling themselves patriots, or believers in democracy. Fascism has sunk its teeth into all 3 branches of our government – now to the point of compromising national security by outsourcing our system to enemy foreign powers! – and we the People have to remove those teeth!


  6. Enjoy arguing Banchodes! Trump is an Angel. lol for Satan maybe. lol Your Kuro lickers.

  7. Right now hundreds of militias Across America are gearing up for Civil War

  8. You can't trust that little turd burger Schiff. He is out to get the President because the democrats are scared of what is coming over their involvement in Obamagate.

  9. Watch the corrupt idiot laugh at people who dare to take down him. People like him don’t understand the strength and resolve of morality and integrity. Every time he threatens or he and his supporters continue on their dark path, the rest of us become stronger and more united to save our country.

  10. Abortion should be legal everywhere Jesus Christ..

  11. Could you pls. stop waving your hands around. I am getting triggered with the hands. If they would just stop talking and moving I would be ok.

  12. ABC World News Tonight says the text messages implicate Trump, Rush Limbaugh says it's the exact opposite. So which is it?

  13. Impeachment the American loser president

  14. Impeachment ? For what ? Nobody knows .

  15. Profitting from politics is as American as apple pie.

  16. I'm a dem but I think we should give Trump a chance but I still don't agree with the wall

  17. Where is the billion plus U.S. tax dollars given to the Ukraine under the last administration?

  18. The media should be neutral not take demonrats side

  19. The briefing room???
    A better name would be the bullshit room.
    This is nothing but liberal propaganda.

  20. Marc Ching (In California) FOR PRESIDENT.

  21. That is ALOT of tax money. Apple pie??????????

  22. Sen. Ben Sasse is telling us a very important adult message. Good one!

  23. I don't care about the politics. hahahahaha

  24. They all are bad. Evil…………

  25. They were fighting all along against the poor.calling them liers to terrorist.

    Now.they fighting against each other.

    Chaos amd beyond.
    All this and still we haven't seen nothing yet.
    The begin of gov ufc show is about to start.

    Rest of the world taking advantage trowing dollar into the trash.
    While every one making comedy show on what trump said or act.

    Corp commercials making their adds.

    And the rest think they talking fact and that will solve their crap.

    When crap exist.
    Time to clean
    And less bull talk non sense that will make thing right..

  26. My honest review.
    You could get more views if used things in context. I only made it 3 minutes into it Before I had to paulse it to type this.. At Least MSBN is so stupid they are comical. you guys are just SAD…
    4 mins How is bringing attention to old corruption bad.. the only way its dug up is you guys respected the old presidents and buried it. Now your saleouts ready to end the world to get your way.
    5mins in I feel nauseous..I'm out…

  27. Wtf do you think Adam Schiff was doing?.. Anyone who doesn't know what's going on may i direct you to JUDICIAL WATCH..they have a channel right here..

  28. The President did nothing wrong you idiots..

  29. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi will no doubt have many questions coming in the near future for the Trump Sibling's including Barron who's identity may have been used to funnel or channel illegal funds while an infant. Tax records will come forth what they reveal may tell the true story.

  30. What hillery said after getting off the debate floor at nbc was: I WANT THAT F–ING LAUER FIRED. IF THAT F–ING BASTARD WINS WE ALL HANG FROM NOOSES. then throws a glass of water into loretta lynche's face n' yells: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, YOU BRAIN DEAD BUFFALO, FIX THIS SHIT. she lost her temper really bad, but I'm surprised at how she kept her composure while looking at Matt while he ask her the unvetted question.

  31. They don’t want to make sure Biden isn’t corrupt??????

  32. Only trump could come up with it being ok for another country to interfere with our elections.
    The sooner we get this little putin outta our white house, the sooner we take back our country. Trump is not,(NOT) am American. The oath of office he took was his joke on us believing in him.
    Answers to the question that puzzles me. Is there a all white country? Where. There has never ever been a all white country . The only all white country is the one that lives in all white minds. This is where it lives, this is where it will die. When the history books are rewritten by truthful historians. then and only then will the story of the builders of the place we call America be told. Our creator did bless this land we call America.
    Remember this America's.

  33. Issue subpoenas, not letters that can be ignored, state the crime and vote to Impeach Trump NOW! How long are you going to hang onto all the evidence on hand? VOTE!

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