The Chinese regime has a momentum: Gordon Chang

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang gives his take on responding to China’s threat on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. Replace the word China with America…

  2. Gordon Chang China expert? Ha ha ha. China collapse? Ha ha ha.

  3. Goddam Chang has been compromised.

  4. Gordon Chang is really funny to watch! Wow! The Chinese have domestic problems they have no solution for? Where does he get such ideas! Of course there will be a war. China knows everything about the US. It is the US, with people like Gordon Chang, who knows nothing about China. China's IPs are way ahead of the USA. Ch8na expects nothing from the USA! China just have to prepare for all eventualities. A future war must be fought on American soil.

  5. The world thinks it's China against the U.S..Its more than that.Its China against the world."""!!!.

  6. Certainly if US continues to provoke China, like it has done with Russia, we will get a conflict…..I am sure MIC will be looking forward to it….

  7. The world is no longer unipolar and the US is afraid of that reality

  8. If Biden can't pull out of a war, what makes you think he can fight one?

  9. Gordon Chang told everyone in a book 20 years ago that china would soon collapse. This guy makes a living by saying what we want to hear.


  11. Gordon is a Chinese insider, try to confuse American people with false claims

  12. Зачем звонят и представляются сотрудниками мвд?

    Мошенники делают это, чтобы вы начали паниковать и не могли критически мыслить. По 51-й статье Конституции РФ вы имеете право не свидетельствовать против себя. Это значит, что даже настоящим сотрудникам вы можете ничего о себе не говорить. Есть несколько факторов, на которые нужно обратить внимание во время разговора.31 янв. 2023 г.

  13. Always a good comedy show Fox isnt it

  14. Fox "News" paid $787.5 million so they can continue spoon-feeding you idiots these false narratives.🤔

  15. Xi moved against Myanmar the couup that toppled a democracy in a country where a major communist China pipeline is, poses a threat to China's movements to control Southeast Asian countries bearing an epicycle of further movement, China's replacement was a military authorization ,if China has the latitude now it has the means everywhere,Taiwan is a sitting duck politically speaking,at the center of China's takeover plan in Taiwan are the elections,there is where China has this new latitude to infiltrate another overthrow of the democratic government process,China's tactics are unchanging positions as to what they say
    is going to be,how does China influence elections? How many mainland communists would be necessary to move to Taiwan?Sadly this infiltrating epicycle is in full swing its been moving in for as long as China's been conducting these ever increasing mitary assault drills,accordingly the reasons behind the military threats are the regular movement orders separate by unseen ocular terrain that shows no sign of movement,but movement of another still
    irregular psychology understood by the in routes it has departed upon and as it is known by the Chinese military nearing full circle of that epicycle

  16. What is going on with USA? US is cracking Hong Kong News spreading National Security Law misinformations and massive false arrests on US citizenship that violates U.S diplomatic immunity. Youtube give China media(CCTV, South China Morning, TVB, etc) warning about Hong Kong National Security Law misinformation or spreading fake news arrests that could spill dirty beans on U.S Universities Law schools. Misinterpretation arrest. College professors could ban Communist Chinese students from entering U.S Law School; Pressuring Chinese government to study fair trial for Chinese students. Not arbitrary arrest or playing political football. Dozens Journalists Jailed in Hong Kong for subversion rather than freedom of speech enjoyment.
    Chinese got themselves into trouble and huge embarrassment after China Arrests U.S citizens charged with spies. US in New York City found not guilty but faces person nona grata for impersonating police officers. Misinformation arrest is big problem in Hong Kong. Misused Hong Kong national security in false arrest or playing dirty and sub political cards with US government.

  17. China blames the World for their currency manipulation


    In a Nutshell

    It’s not the United States 🇺🇸

  18. Stope trading with China and make it here…

  19. Both men are extremely stupid. How do you deter a country about its core interest? Truly stupid.

  20. The biggest determinant in China’s invasion of Taiwan is the one thing no one is talking about, their food supply. The US shuts off all food supply to China (and not just soy). End of story.

  21. This guy is predicting the fall of China since the 80's, keep on buying his books!

  22. China will NOT collapse. The RED DRAGON will be the WORLD POWER for YEARS to come. Plus….the DRAGON is going to the stars LITERALLY. PLUS Red China WILL grab Taiwan and KEEP IT.


  24. It’s crazy that the US Government works for China! When will we take our country back from these Democrat traitors!

  25. Gordon fucker mother with the pim

  26. The USA is the weakest in history. This is a Great time to invade Taiwan. We have a HORRIBLE president, We have a WOKE military. We care more about Ukraine !!!! No peace TALKS yet, Just here are more weapons.. The United States is in BAD SHAPE !!!! EVERYONE FIRST & AMERICAN'S LAST !!!!! EFF YOU BIDEN !!!!

  27. The Collapse of these banks has torn into global markets, with investors ripping up their forecasts for further rises in interest rates and dumping bank stocks around the world. I'm at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my dipping $780k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  28. Gordon is not a pal to talk about china. He told us china is collapsing- he even wrote a book about it ….And I wait it for over 20 years and seems they get stronger ! 😂😂😂😂

  29. I found this very interesting and informative…. Good cable news segment

  30. Fox loves to promote China and crap on America. Why do so called “patriots” watch this garbage? Fox isn’t just lying to Americans they’re actively working to separate Americans.

  31. China builds there strength up all over the globe ,the USA has the weakest president in modern history! How can the USA protect us !? Can anybody help us !?

  32. Isn't this guy who says China will collapse for the past decade?

  33. Afghanistan pullout is small potatoes compared to a us
    2016 – 2020 president dealing with the Taliban.
    That's where it all started….

  34. This vid is on another level. You're killin' the game, my friend. 👏

  35. OMG..Gordon again…he's been on the show like 20X…apparently he knows about about China than anyone !!! An expert that predicted the collapse of China in 2012….and now,,they're a superpower !!! Guess he is lacking attention elsewhere..

  36. Still waiting for Gordon's prediction of coming collapse of China since like ages ago…

  37. Once I saw Gordon Chang was the guest, I right away realized the quality of this host and program must be not very good!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Gordon, when will China collapse? I can not hold my breath that long! I am getting old!

  39. Sour grapes 🍇🍇🍇

  40. I feel incredibly fortunate for having made wise financial choices that have had a life-altering impact. As a single mother residing in Toronto, Canada, I successfully purchased my second home in September. If everything continues to progress positively, my aspiration is to retire next year at the age of 50.

  41. Are we coming up to another December 7,1941 or September 11,2001?Gordom Chang totally understands China today.Phase One tgrade deal has to cancelled.We do not need to have the American farmer feeding this malignant cancer china with their beef,pork,wheat,chicken,corn,soybeans

  42. RINO'S are our biggest weakness

  43. The US has a perception of weakness in 2023 and China thinks they have the upper hand. The Chinese have a wrong perception of American power. They truly underestimate us. If it comes to war our air power will smother them. The US learned that lesson in WWII.

  44. National governors association partnership with WEF= treason

  45. 'Grandpop used to say, Joey, someday you're going to meet a Chinaman, he's going to be old, wise, and very Chinese looking!!'
    -Joe Brandon

  46. Gordan Chang has been wrong on everything for 30 years. Now Fox is his go to guy?